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message 1: by Nikki (last edited Jul 26, 2018 09:41PM) (new)

Nikki Leigh | 2 comments Hi there!
I'm just getting into this, and i'm looking to build a rapport with people in the community for work of this vein, and starting by offering my services for free is how I desire to do so!

--What I enjoy/where my strengths for this work lie;--
As a writer and also a reader, my strengths lie in Romance, Fantasy, Erotica, Mystery, and Drama.

The kind of manuscripts that I would be a fit to read would be more 'adult' themed, as well as involving the themes listed above! I am not so good at other genre's/age groups.

I'm here to help writers achieve their dreams through their writing, and to do my part to help with that.

--My Word to You--
-I will do my best to give you well thought out, thorough feedback which meets your needs as a client, specified before I accept the project!~

I will endeavor to never leave you hanging. If something comes up or I cannot complete your manuscript, I will let you know as soon as possible. Understand that I may have others I am working on, so it may take me some time to get to yours!

What is said and shared stays between us. I will not further share the work you send me, nor will I share the content of what is shared. That is a breach of trust, and one that cannot be rebuilt after it has been broken.

-- Requesting My Services --

I'll ask you to send me an email that includes;
-A short premise of your book. What it's about, what themes, what you wish to convey with your work.
-What work you want me to focus on.
Would you like me to help with spelling/grammatical errors in sentence structure? Help you with the flow of paragraphs? Would you like me to focus on characters and plot? I'm here to help you, so let me know what it is you're after as specifically as possible.
-What you want me to focus on. Realistic dialogue? Strength of voice? Flow of the story?
-The length of your story. So I know what I'm committing to.
-How quickly you would like the work done!
[Please keep in mind that these will not always be possible, but I will be sure to keep in contact with you.]

--What I can provide.--

-Editing Assistance-
Simple, really!
Helping you to make sure words are spelled correctly, sentences flow well, there are no grammatical errors. Very easy.

-The juicy Bits-
The plot, the characters, the juice of your story! I'll help you figure out the flaws in characters, storylines, and the flow of your story. What needs tweaking, and what works well.


As I am hoping to in the future break into the Industry and make this my job, I am fairly available right now! If I am having trouble meeting deadlines, I will be sure to keep in constant contact with you.

--Once I have accepted the project--

I will ask you to provide a google doc with your manuscript/story.
This will allow me to easily give feedback on your story, in almost real time! Please make sure to give me edit permissions on this document, and likely keep a backup copy for yourself!

--What Can You Expect--

My aim when providing services is meeting the needs of my Client.
With this in mind, I will keep my feedback and comments to what you have asked for, before I have accepted the job.

I will do my best to ask questions, to provoke thought, and to provide constructive critique on your story.

--The end bits!--

As I stated previously, I am in the future looking to break into this Industry at large.

-What does that mean?-
If you like my work, I would love it if you would;

-Refer my services to others.
-Send me a testimonial with your feedback on my services
-Offer yourself as a reference in the future, should I need it.

--Email For Work Purposes--

message 2: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments I just sent an email

message 3: by Carolyn (last edited Jul 24, 2018 11:19AM) (new)

Carolyn | 29 comments Sent you an email. Thanks I would be very happy to recommend your services if you accept my novel to read. Testimonial will be done.

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Leigh | 2 comments This is still around! Apologies people, life ran away with me something horrible.

message 5: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hi Nikki,
Glad to have you back and I hope you are okay. I have a 97K YA Fantasy and Science Fiction novel that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. It is the story of war, vengeance and family drama. I would like you to comment on world building, characters and their development, grammar, plot and give me an overall opinion on the story. If you are interested please reach me at
Best of wishes!

message 6: by Garnell (new)

Garnell | 30 comments Hi Nikki,
I'm so glad to know you are still open to beta reading. My current WIP is an erotic romance I'd love to get new eyes on. I'll be finished in a week, two max, and will e-mail the synopsis to see if you're interested.


message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 101 comments Hello!

I'm looking for beta readers with a love for fairy tales. This one, called "A Most Charming Couple," is a fairy tale but with a feminist take. Think of Prince Charming doing all he can for his lady love, but what happens when he leaves her?

If you would like to beta read, please contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kat Devitt

message 8: by Steven (new)

Steven Thiele | 5 comments Hi Nikki, I've just finished a 70k YA Fantasy novel, happy to pm you the synopsis if you are interested

message 9: by PaulBentham (new)

PaulBentham | 25 comments Hi Nikki,
I have completed a 10 k sci-fi ,which involves a maverick alien bounty hunter ,only the search for a missing fellow agent ,who stumbles upon a terrorist plot.
If you could help that would be much appreciated ,u can reach me at for more info or message me here cheers Paul.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (dreamcatcher25) | 9 comments Hey Nikki,

Are you still available? I am looking for a beta reader for my 10k gay erotic romance that's going in an Anthology for Breast Cancer research charity. Need some feedback before July 30th to make the deadline.

Very brief blurb: It’s about Prince Zander who needs protected by his bodyguard, Brayden, when someone is trying to kill all those in line for the throne. It’s set in the United States since he was sent there by his mother after she discovers he’s gay. They have to lay low while Zander’s brother, finds the mole in the Royal Guard. They both fall in love while Brayden protects him.

If you are interested in giving me some feedback and you're still available, message me here at goodreads.

Thank you!

message 11: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (carriehamilton888) | 7 comments Nikki wrote: "Hi there!
I'm just getting into this, and i'm looking to build a rapport with people in the community for work of this vein, and starting by offering my services for free is how I desire to do so!
Nikki, you might just be the beta reader I am looking for. I have written a novel that is very much an “adult” piece of fiction. At the heart of The Lonely Side of Possession is a love story, however, this is not your typical love story. The themes of mental illness, incest, and physical and psychological abuse, including rape, are interwoven throughout the book. It is a long novel, @370,000 words, and is the first installment of a four-book series. It has been revised over and over and over again, and I think will hold your interest throughout. IT HAS NOT BEEN SLAPPED TOGETHER! I am including a brief synopsis. If you are interested I will send a slightly longer synopsis, the first few chapters, or the entire book as requested.
Emma Gadsden knew exactly how she appeared to the world. She was simply a worn-out cliché: exquisite, well-bred, spoiled, and tediously two-dimensional. Her greatest hardship had been choosing between which billionaire brother to marry: the older, who called her princess and loved her unconditionally or the younger, who had been the magic in her story from the moment she understood the word fairytale. To the casual observer, her life was unfolding with sad predictability. There had been a hasty marriage, two children, of course, one boy and one girl, eventual betrayal and a looming divorce. A tale as old as time.
What the world would never see, never understand is that the Emma Gadsden they thought they knew did not exist. In fact, she had never existed. For in the beginning, hidden in the shadows was a secret. A third love, one as unforeseeable as it was unforgivable.

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