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Of Mice and Men (contains spoilers)

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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana (vumblereads) | 18 comments SPOILER ALERT

Triss I noticed you’ve read this book. I finished it yesterday. Why do you think George killed Lennie in the end?

message 2: by Triss (new)

Triss (goodreadscomtriss123101) | 36 comments Mod
Forgive me if I'm wrong because I have not read the book in a while: Lennie had accidently killed the girl before and everyone on the farm knew it. George knew that they would come after Lennie and kill him. I've always believed that this was why he did it: Lennie was going to be killed either way. There was no escaping that fate. George had to do it so he could say goodbye. He promises Lennie' s aunt (grandma?) to take care of him and that's sorta what he's doing. Lennid would be so afraid if the others came after him and they would have probably hurt him before killing him. George wanted Lennie to be happy and wanted him to know that he was proud of him. So he gave him the image of their farm with all the bunnies he wanted and then he killed them. Basically George killed Lennie to save him.

message 3: by Ana (new)

Ana (vumblereads) | 18 comments That would make sense!

Why don’t they just run away again? But then maybe this time it would be harder to run away especially since he accidentally killed the woman.

By the way I totally didn’t notice that you replied!!! Sorry about that!

message 4: by Triss (new)

Triss (goodreadscomtriss123101) | 36 comments Mod
It's okay :) I agree, I think they didn't run away because he had killed her and her husband would never have let them live that down.

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