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Book 4: Vampire Accountant > Other jobs suitable for Vampires. Or accountants.

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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) Give it your best shot. Maybe once Scott gets settled we can get him to chime in. :)

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 43 comments I have received tracking information for my copy. I look forward to cracking it open upon arrival.

message 3: by matt sercely (new)

matt sercely | 2 comments I'm the one who suggested this book. Hope you guys like it.

message 4: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) matt sercely wrote: "I'm the one who suggested this book. Hope you guys like it."

Indeed he is. And shame on me for not mentioning it.

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris Burns | 2 comments It was brought up in the book, but anything in a casino would be a pretty good gig for a vampire. No natural light and lots of people coming and going.

Blood bank worker and mortician seem good too.

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris Tyler | 2 comments Was this book originally released as a series of short stories? It seems likely.

message 7: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) Funny you should mention that....

message 8: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 43 comments Is it funny?

message 9: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) Kind of...

message 10: by Chris (new)

Chris Tyler | 2 comments I just finished the Vegas story. Dragon contract magic is a thing I'm going to find a way to use in my games sometime.

I think the recapping got me because I'm listening to the book straight through. Or rather, I'm listening in chunks here and there, but not usually pausing at the end of a chapter. So the recap info is fresh as anything when I start the next story.

message 11: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) Cool.

I'll explain better when we discuss the book.

message 12: by Engineer27 (new)

Engineer27 | 15 comments This was pretty short. The audiobook was only 7 hours.
Definitely a well spent 7 hours. The ridiculous premise and even more offbeat situations are held together by likeable characters and more than competent narration.

During each vignette, the tension ratchets up quickly but without completely losing the lightheartedness at the center.

I may check out this author's other series of works, which focuses on a band of NPCs that have to take over a quest when the party of player characters suffers a TPK (that's what the blurb says!).

message 13: by Brian (new)

Brian (fiddleback) Cool. So not a terrible choice is what I am hearing.

message 14: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 43 comments High fives, I suppose

message 15: by Dale (new)

Dale Morrell | 4 comments The more I read, the more I am reminded of Robert Asprin https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rober.... Has he perhaps come back as a parahuman?

message 16: by Engineer27 (new)

Engineer27 | 15 comments Dale wrote: "The more I read, the more I am reminded of Robert Asprin https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rober...."

Gosh, I remember these. We used to eat them up.
Hayes work is less pun-driven, but just as lighthearted in style.

message 17: by matt sercely (new)

matt sercely | 2 comments They do remind my of Asprin, particularly his "Phule" series

Probably why I like Hayes so much as well

message 18: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 43 comments Oddly enough, I do like Asprin [what I have read, which is, admittedly limited], but I was not as keen on Hayes.
Part of that might be dated sensibilities, I don't know.
I am a delicate flower.

message 19: by Tristan (new)

Tristan (omniscitoad) | 5 comments Well, came back after a couple of bad reading months (and my copy of the golem and the jinni was missing 30 pages right near the end ... still haven't finished it yet, though my replacement copy finally came in), decided to jump in here. Listened to the review today, and I'm about on the same page with Brian and Leslie - can't say I liked this one.

I feel like the premise was great, but I don't feel like it lived up (or down?) to it. I was hoping for a sort of 'Arthur Dent' style unlucky hero bumbling through the vampire world. Instead, and despite Fred's boring lonely-nerd exterior, Fred consistently lands in exciting adventures and succeeds almost bravely every time. He makes loads of friends, and even scores a super hot girlfriend with little to no actual effort. There isn't a single negative consequence from any encounter despite seemingly insurmountable odds. And then they all go play scrabble together.

It feels very much like a teen-boy romance/fantasy, and is very much a cotton candy read because of it. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, and indeed I used to enjoy thins kind of thing myself - there are books and series I used to adore that I can't get through now. I guess tastes change :)

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