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A sᴍᴀʟʟ ɢʀᴀssʏ ᴄʟᴇᴀʀɪɴɢ ɴᴇᴀʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsᴋɪʀs ᴏꜰ Bᴀsᴇ Cᴀᴍᴘ, ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʀᴇᴇs ᴘʀᴏᴠɪᴅᴇ ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ sʜᴀᴅᴇ. Iᴛs ᴀ ɴɪᴄᴇ ǫᴜɪᴇᴛ ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢᴇᴛ ᴀᴡᴀʏ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴜsᴛʟᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴄᴀᴍᴘ ꜰᴏʀ ᴀ ꜰᴇᴡ ʜᴏᴜʀs.

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Aww yes that would be so cute :3 !! And they would try to set them up like classic push one into the other thing to try make them get together. ))

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Katie huffed waving off his question.
She was pretty sure it was just nettle. Gosh knows what weird plants were out there that they didn’t know about yet. Either way it looked very much like nettle and it felt like it too. Not that she had a nettle sting before but it was how she imagined it. Beside surely if she was wrong Isa would be able to tell her. She would hope anyway being there were many medical things she was likely wrong about. Including patching up her own wounds. But she wasn’t going to say anything. This wasn’t meant to be a time for patching up Katie cause she fought with a plant. No this was meant to be more calming than anything else.

To be honest Katie liked the comfortable silence that seemed to linger as they found their destination. She didn’t mind waiting while Isa took in the surrounding forest. She made a mental note that Isa clearly did like being outdoors but, as she guessed, didn’t have time to fully appreciate it. So she just waited patiently, her request still waiting for a reply. But she didn’t press it letting him take in the everything in. It was nice to see him more or less relaxed for once. It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, one he probably didn’t know he was carrying. At the same time she also noticed his freckles. Somehow she had never noticed them before but now they stood out harshly against his pale cheeks. However despite that they looked rather cute, the little dusting of them scattered across his cheeks looked rather similar to her brothers. In comparison hers were much more prominent than his. Which was both a blessing and a curse depending on what you thought of them.

Despite the fact he nodded he had to add another fighting with plants comment in.
“Next time remind me to punch it harder.” She replied not being able to help the slight laugh that followed.
It was rather pathetic really. Of all the things she did getting so beaten up by a plant was the most feeble. Especially when the only damage the plant suffered was being slightly crumpled.
“Isa. It’s fine.” She said as his eyes once again flicked over her rash.
She did not want him worrying about her. The antihistamine ointment was slowly doing it’s thing in numbing the pain meaning she would be fine. Thankfully he seemed to decided it was still ok, despite the fact she already knew that. Katie rolled her eyes playfully as he beckoned her to sit beside him. Being an obedient baby deer, Katie flopped down beside him. She settled behind him in the soft moss before proceeding to cross her legs like a good school child. The silence linger again before Isa spoke seeming to pick the most relevant topic to talk about. Wild plants.
“Convenient.” She muttered having a feeling Isa would not let her live this down for a long while.
Problem was if Isa started picking on her about it she had a feeling Tyrus would also start, resulting in her not getting any peace until the red blemish faded. However she didn’t mind, to be fair it was a rather relevant topic being how often she was out in the wilderness.

Katie listened, finding most of the information intriguing. As he went on Katie lay back letting a beam of light fall on her face. One hand rested on her chest the other fiddled with a mindlessly with a tiny stick, turning it between her fingers while slowly rubbing the bark off. Her soft green eyes fluttered close so she wasn’t squinting into the sun. However, eyes closed or not she was still alert , her ears focusing on what Isa was saying but also on the surrounding forest. Just in case. There was often nothing in the forest this close to base camp but she always had an ear on it, because you never knew.

Truth be told Isa was quite interesting. Sure she processed the information kinda slow being she was awkwardly multitasking between listening to him and the forest but everything he said made its way into her head. Until he went on and used technical words Katie had never heard before and had no clue what meant. However she didn’t tell him to stop, she just slowly tried to figure out what me meant by what he said next. Sometimes he completely lost her making her fight to stifle at giggle at how uninformed she was, this was exactly why she needed Isa telling her these things. In those situations she just gave waiting until he said something that made sense to her before once again following along on his teachings.

Because it was taking Katie awhile to process his information she took her ages to actually realise he stopped talking.
“Mmm?” She questioned once finally noticing the pause.
Her eyes flicked open again before deciding that was a bad idea and shutting them again. Twisting around so she was lying diagonal her feet sticking out in front of Isa, Katie reopened her eyes this time actually being able to see him. She cocked her head slightly to the side in question before coming to terms with why he had stopped.
“Nah it’s all goods Isa.” She replied with a soft smile. “Now, most plants can harm you in one of two ways. Either by skin irritation, like the nettle, or by lacer… cutting the skin, like with a thorn bush. Stinging nettle has little hairs that irritate the skin which is where I got my rash from. In other words that silly little plant stuck it’s little hairs on me and made my skin rash.” She said rattling off the information he told her substituting the long weird words for the easier translation her brain put in its place.
She smirked at him hoping her memorization of what he said was proof enough for her listening and actually caring.

“However," she started. "If you want to do something else then there's a rivers just down there that's connected to this clearing.” She pointed towards the direction where you could hear the faint trickle of water as he fell down the rocks. “There is also a largish field over that way,” She pointed diagonally to the left of the river without even needing to look where she pointed. “It has heaps of plants that truthfully I don’t recognize. There is also a cliff rock hill thing a few meters past the river but it’s unlikely we will still be able to hear the camp from there.” She said still not looking where he hand was pointing but knowing it was close enough. In all honesty she was still watching Isa, seeing how he would react with the options. How far would he let her push him into the actually-having-a-bit-of-fun area of relaxing. She didn’t mind his teachings, they were highly helpful but was teaching people really relaxing compared to… well a few things came to mind including the question of if Isa liked water and if nettle rashes liked water.

Yes, It was her full intention to take him to all those places eventually. All of them were different and to be honest she loved them all. The river was good at warm days and was a place where she spent a lot of time. There was also a little hill that she often jumped from into the deep water below. In fact this clearing was almost part of the river, lake things ending. The hill was good for watching clouds go past and to get fully away from everything being it was quite far away. A few hills were around there meaning if you felt extremely sporty you could climb a rock face. She and Tyrus often went there if there happened to be a time when both were off for long times. The field was pretty much only good for flowers of plants of random kinds. Also a good food place where a lot of their prey was found. She caught a bunny there once being it had never seen a human before. She called it Thumper and now she has a half pet bunny being she feeds him every time she goes though the field.
“Either way we could test my field knowledge, see if everything you told me actually helped. Or we could stay here. I bet you could think of another way to mock my fighting with plant skills.” She said that last sentence with a grin so he knew she didn’t really mind.
She deserved the mockery after all. Next time she should learn not to jump onto moss cover rocks.
Now her offers were so she could know more about what he liked being if she was going to be his personal break instructor she had to know a few things to make him do. As well as make him feel like he had slight control over the situation so it wasn’t just her dragging him from one place to the next.

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(( Sounds perfect! I also added a little bit of fluff cause i'm excited and can't ever wait))

Isa huffed slightly in good-humored annoyance when Katie told him off for being concerned about her leg, causing him to roll his eyes and reach out to playfully push the girl’s shoulder. “It’s my job to worry Kat” he replied, glancing over at her with a sheepish look. Isaac knew he was over-protective of the Legacy crew, much to everyone’s annoyance, but he just could not turn off that side of him and it only worsened after his father’s death. Death wasn’t fair, and Isa learned young into his medic career that dancing with death as often as he did, had a cost. Pulling people away from that edge had a cost. One he was willing to pay to insure other’s lives. What is a little lost sleep or self-sacrifice in exchange for someone’s else life? However, Isa also knew that often the injuries around the base camp were not life threatening and rarely came close and his worry wasn’t welcomed. But Isa also buried too many of his friends that night of the crash. He viewed each of their deaths as a personal failure and he didn’t know how many more he could take. The medic sighed, while running a hand down his face, his pale skin coloring back to his normal tint slowly while sitting in the warming sun.

He huffed again when he glanced over to Katie and it didn’t seem like she was listening to him, sprawled out in the sun. Isa found a slight bit of jealousy ping inside him as he saw the easy nature the girl appeared to have. He found his eyebrows raising in astonishment when the girl was able to spout out his whole speech, fully expecting her to be drowning him out at some point. “Very impressive” he smirked, secretly glad he hadn’t bored her too much. Isa watched as she moved out of the sun. Now facing him, with the sun behind her, her whole frame held a soft glow that made her seem angelic. Again, he was quiet for a moment, regarding the girl as she seemingly did the same to him. He marveled at the strange mistress time was, and how changed he felt from young boy he had been when he first met the twins back on the ISC Ship. Realizing for the first time, how beautiful his companion looked in that moment.

Shaking his head to rid himself of the strange notion, Isa found himself glancing in the general direction Katie was pointing out, her scouting skills homed in the thick wilds, effortlessly knowing where different locations where. While Isa also wasn’t completely daft to the world outside his med bay, he again found himself impressed at the shear space the earth’s surface held. He listened to her explanations closely, feeling better and better about being away from the infirmary the longer it was fine without him. His eyes lit up when she mentioned a river near by before he tore away his gaze to turn it towards a small bracelet on his arm. While not a big jewelry guy, Isa did wear a single braided bracelet on his left wrist. He reached out and started to play with it, a nervous habit, twisting it around and around on his wrist. He had remembered the day he was given the simple string adornment fondly. Ellie was one of first patients in his medic residency back when he was barely a teen himself, a girl with a severe case of cancer. She had made him the three-strand bracelet during one of her treatments that Isa often sat with her for. The first two strings were the pair’s favorite colors, purple and green respectfully, while the blue string was a representation of Ellie’s greatest love, the ocean. He could still remember watching all kinds of documentaries with the young girl about various sea life meant to teach the drop ship about what to expect back on earth. He had admired the girl’s deep love of something she only saw in pictures. She would have been one of the youngest members on the Drop-ship had she made it. He had vowed to her to find the ocean and build sand castles with her once she got better. A fact he had forgotten until that moment. His face turned downhearted for a moment.

Pulled out of his thoughts by Katie’s voice a minute later, his eyes flashed back to her face when she mentioned that a set of cliffs were nearby, his face morphing into distaste softly. Knowing that Katie would not be content in just looking at cliffs, and hearing tales of others making a competition of scaling the rocky surface, Isa was hesitant. In an attempt in to be less overbearing, Isa held in the warning about the dangers of free climbing that was forming on his tongue, even though it was difficult. Rolling his eyes at the girl’s little dig at his jokes, Isa grinned back at the girl. “I wasn’t mocking you Kat… Just commenting about how you got into a fight with something that can’t move or talk” Isa joked, although he tilled his head to the side a moment later “…okay, okay…I was mocking you” Isa chimed, grin growing larger. The field was also an attractive place since Isa heard tales of a certain rabbit that was hanging around, much to the chagrin of the Botanists and the trail of chewed crops it left in its wake. Weighing his options, Isa decided to take a page out of Katie’s book for once and truly find out what the large water planet had to offer. “Maybe we can stop by the river?” Isa asked with an eager tone to his voice.

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Xwft | 97 comments (( :3 Hahaha good to know I’m not the only one that gets excited and adds a little fluff to things. But it’s so cute, got to have a bit of fluff XD.

Katie nodded at his choice her mind already racing with the possibilities. Her first though was how cold would water be, the second was how her leg would like swimming and her third was could Isa actually swim? The ISC did have a pool, quite a nice one to be honest. However she also knew many didn’t have the time to actually swim. Especially not Isa who she knew never took any time off despite how necessary it was. Oh well maybe this could be her mission teaching Isa to swim if he didn’t already know. If he did there were some fun things to leap off and gosh knows what else she hadn’t had time to explore. She was determined to find a water cave and nothing would stop her until she found one. She also waved off his 'not mockery' with expectant look followed by a playful elbow to the ribs. Yup she was never going to live this one down.

However despite the fact she heard and agreed with what he said Katie also noticed how he looked at the little bracelet resting on his wrist. She knew some of the story behind it, how the young girl gave it to him before she died, how Isa blamed himself though everyone knew full well it was a thing no one could have stopped. Despite the fancy spaceship they lived in on they were yet to cure cancer. Katie also had a good guess on what the beads meant after all the med bay staff speculating on it. Their two favorite colours green and purple then a blue representing the ocean. She had watched him fiddle with it a far off look in his eyes. They way it seemed to pull him to a darker place one Katie knew best not to tamper with. She had never noticed it but… His bracelet was like her scar. Both things were permit marks of times best left to rest, both things plagued them but couldn’t be forgotten either because of promises or permanence.
“Isa.” She said softly, once again changing positions so she was crossed legged in front of him. “Like you said to me,” She reached forward cupping his hands in hers so her thumb brushed over the bracelet, “it’s only a scar now.” She said hoping he didn’t take it the wrong way. “There was nothing more you could have done for that girl. Everyone knows that and no one blames you so you shouldn’t blame yourself.” Despite not knowing the full extent of the story Katie knew how much time Isa spent with the young girl from treating her, them watching documentaries Katie sometimes sat in one when bored and even making those little bracelets. He had spent so much time with her that Katie admired it.
“And Isa, she would be so proud of you right now.” Katie knew it was slightly cheesy but it was all to true.

Katie let her comment sit awhile her hands still resting on his. She wanted him to know she meant it but also didn’t want to release his hands, not quite yet. There was something strangely nice about having their hands together even if she did it only to make a point. His hands were much softer than Tyrus being his were often calloused and rough, plus Tyrus hands were much larger than hers which sometimes can be very annoying, especially when wrestling, or in the past when she was used as a human punching bag. Both her wrists could fit in his one hand giving him rather an advantage. Katie then realized they couldn’t stay how they were for long and quickly ended her weird train of thought getting back to the more present topic. Not that holding Isas hand wasn’t in present time but that was beside the point.

“Anyway, Is shall introduce you to the river.” She said moving to stand, dragging Isa up as she did so. This was often what she did with her twin when either of them were to lazy to stand up alone. Also because she still hadn’t let his hands go yet. Just as she got to her feel she toppled slightly thankfully catching herself before she actually feel. She figured it was both because of the sudden weight on her damaged leg which, as he learnt hated being stood on after sitting doing nothing for ages, blood rush and also because of Isas added weight.
“I’m fine.” She quickly said using him to re-balance herself. “Remind me to stand slowly next time.” She laughed before finally letting go and moving a few steps away from him.
She had not meant to get so close to him, not that she was complaining. Strangely enough she didn’t really mind the close proximity but felt it might be slightly awkward for Isa so she still backed off. Beside it was much easier to lead when not right in front of the person.
“Come, it’s just a short walk.” She said gesturing slightly for him to follow before starting off though the woods towards the best part river. It was deep a few meters at least with a small cliff at the very base. The river itself was in clearing the dirt turning to a soft moss before small pebbles as it surrounded the river. It was one of the best spots to see the sky being the trees parted enough so you could see clearly up. All in all she rather liked the place, it was peaceful too despite being close to camp and the rapids not far down.

Like expected the walk didn’t take to long and they were there within a few minutes. Katie was delighted to be able to say she didn’t limp once the whole walk and was able to walk mostly like a normal human. Katie had nothing to say while she walked to just stayed silent enjoying the sound of the birds that were oblivious to the dangers of humans. Once arriving to the river Katie stopped slipping off her shoes and leaving them by the base of a tree giving Isa a grin over her shoulder.
“Think it’s cold?” She asked while keeping an eye on his hands seeing if he fiddled with his bracelet. A river was close enough to the ocean so she guessed many memories could be brought back by being here. She wouldn’t pick on him about it, she did the same thing when with her scar but instead she liked avoiding big slaps of metal. Weirdly enough it was one of the reasons she didn’t want to be a scavenger. Knowing she would have to go into broken ship wrecks where there were lots have hanging bits of metal was not on her to do list.
“Now, I know it’s your job to worry being head medic and all but…. You trust me right.” She said turning to face him. “Stay here. I can swim and have done this before so don’t worry.” She said before darting off though the trees again, finding her way up the small cliff overlooking the water. She stood on the very edge the tips of her toes dangling over the side. She waved down at Isa before backing up.
“This will give him a heart attack.” She muttered not meaning to freak him out but in a way he had to know she wasn’t dumb enough to hurt herself. Ignoring the whole inanimate object fighting thing. However she couldn’t help but to think back to his bracelet knowing how it would kill him if she got hurt by the water which he learned to cherish. No, she had done this before she would be fine. Bouncing on the tips of her toes, Katie readied herself before sprinting towards the cliff edge and leaping off plummeting to the water below.

((I'll leave you there cause i'm mean XD))

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