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message 1: by Triss (new)

Triss (goodreadscomtriss123101) | 36 comments Mod
Perfection. Everyone's always talking about perfection. Why does everyone always want it? No one seems to be happy with their imperfections. Shouldn’t just being yourself be good enough? People are always striving to be better, and that’s good, but striving to be perfect is unachievable. Maybe even unhealthy. People work so hard to be something else, that they forget who they are. At least that’s the message that almost all the movies and shows ever made have said. Nothing is ever how it shows on the TV screen.
Every famous person and good actor out there always tells us to be different. It seems like everything out there is screaming BE DIFFERENT! BE UNIQUE! BE YOURSELF! But then they turn back and bite you if you aren’t the right kind of different. Perfection is a worthless art.

message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana (vumblereads) | 18 comments So there's only 24 hours in a day. I work 12 hour shifts. That gives me 12 hours left to do non-work related things. Oh no wait, I have to count in 1 hour of travel time, back and forth. That leaves me with 11 hours left. Recommended sleep time is 8 hours a day (I only get 4 on average). So we'll go with 7 hours left in my day. That's not a lot of time left to just cover every skill you want to improve, every imperfection you want to get rid of. Body fat? You go to the gym or do yoga. That takes what an hour at least? Oh and now you want to be well-read too. You have an ebook that says you have around 5 hours left of reading this book. And let's not forget about my work continuing education wherein I have to constantly keep myself keep up with the latest medical research to be updated all the time.

Being perfect is impossible! But it sells, and social media doesn't help anyone at all. Nikki Minaj encourages all the girls out there to love your body, but had plastic surgery done. Most media personalities say whatever gets them the highest number of likes, or whatever drives up sales. That's just the way things are. But the idiot behind the digital screen hangs on to every shallow word and thus of course fuel this type of mentality.

I always tell everyone that being imperfect is extraordinary. Imperfection is what drives us to interesting conversations. Without imperfection, there wouldn't be misunderstandings or intellectual arguments or even as simple as finding solutions to every day life. There wouldn't be different types of governments if everything around you was perfect. If people were content with whatever they had centuries ago, we wouldn't be were we are right now. There wouldn't be an industrial revolution, the renaissance - which by the way was an era wherein "real women" aka "women with curves," were considered beautiful.

In the end, perfection or imperfection really is subjective. What makes a man perfect for you? What makes this book perfect for a summer read? What is in you that you find imperfect that you would like to improve on?

As human beings, we have a need for imperfection because it's really the only thing that keeps us innovative, keeps us moving forward. Want to have smoother, uneven skin? Try this new serum that we're selling for $$$. Yes it does make the rest of us feel like shit. But we're really looking at it at the wrong angle. These innovations that fuel the wrong type of mentality are providing more job opportunities to the world's growing population. So the question that we should ask is, should we really hate social media for fueling such shallow beliefs and encouraging the youth to have shallow ideals? The woman who works behind the make up counter needs to go home and either study so she can finish her bachelor's degree. The lash lady that just clocked out needs to leave early to get to her real full time job.

It really is just a matter of if you allow these things to get to you or not. We live in a flexible, ever-changing atmosphere of self-doubt. Do we let other people's opinions make us or break us?

message 3: by Triss (new)

Triss (goodreadscomtriss123101) | 36 comments Mod
Well said. I completely agree. Perfection is different for each person and how they see themselves and others. Peoples opinions often stem from their own imperfections or their ideas of perfection. I often like to think perfection was simply a word made to portray something unachievable or something of everyone's wishes. I like to believe that perfection isn't real. But you are completely right. Perfection sells.

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