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Jules (Zuliac) | 1 comments I see there is a shortage of non-fiction betas on here. Lucky for you, that's my jam. I also enjoy some good historical and post-apocalyptic fiction.


- I will give you honest, fair, thorough feedback on the overall strengths and weaknesses of your story as well as detailed notes in the margin regarding specific areas where you excel or fall short in communicating your ideas.
- I won’t leave you hanging. If I can not complete your manuscript, I’ll let you know ASAP.
- I will never share your manuscript. That’s just rude.


I'll ask you to send me an email with:
- A five-page sample of the book
- A description of the storyline/premise of your book in 10 words or less
- The length of your manuscript
- A deadline for finishing the notes

I’ll let you know if I think I am a good match for your project. Typically, I look at 3 main areas:

1. Subject matter - I want to make sure I am the most appropriate and qualified reader for your future masterpiece. If I am not part of your target audience or do not have the technical expertise to evaluate your subject, I’ll let you know.

2. Editing level - As a beta reader, I’m here to make sure your writing flows, the story makes sense, and the narrative is consistent. I do not expect your command of the language to be perfect just yet, but pervasive misspellings, punctuation errors, and poor grammar can make your writing confusing, making it difficult to evaluate. If this is the case, I may suggest you run your manuscript through basic Grammarly and get back to me.

3. Availability - I’m here to help, not hold you up. I will let you know if I can not complete your work in the time you have specified.

Once I’ve accepted the project, I’ll ask you to provide:
- A link to your manuscript in Google Docs.
- A paragraph or so describing your goals for the book (What do you want the reader to get out of it? What’s your message). Writing is about effective communication, and I want to make sure your internal idea/vision of the book matches what you are actually putting down– that you are saying what you think you are saying.
- A list of areas to concentrate on (like pacing or character development) or specific questions you would like me to answer (like, “Is the dialogue realistic?” or “How would you describe the voice of the narrative?”)
- Your preferred feedback timeline. Do you want all of my notes at once or periodic updates? - Of course, you may contact me any time during the process with questions or concerns.


I will provide you with 2 kinds of feedback:
1. Comments in the margins of the Google Doc addressing specific areas of the book. I may point out when I got bored or laughed out loud, places where things are unclear, where you made your point particularly well, or minute but important inconsistencies/ anachronisms in your plot or dialogue.
2. An evaluation of specific questions I answered about the manuscript overall. These address larger, overarching issues like flow, pacing, character development, plot, voice, and mood.

My goal is to make you a better writer by pointing out both your strengths and weaknesses. To that end, my notes will be honest, fair, and thorough with both praise and criticism.

I will tell you why I made a specific comment. Hopefully, this will help you evaluate whether my feedback is truly relevant in your next revision.

My comments will often be in the form of a question. I am not here to correct your story, but to give you a look into what your readers are thinking as the story progresses. Not all of my comments will require revision, but rather reflection on your part about whether your readers are feeling the way you want them to at a certain point in the book.

I will not give you specific structural or line edits during a beta read. However, if you like my beta notes and would like help with editing once the beta is complete, we can talk about taking it to the next level.


Hey, I’m just the beta, so you are under no obligation to me. I could ask for a beta swap, but I am not in book writing business myself.

I am, however, interested in breaking into an editing position at a publishing house, and maybe you can help. If you like my work:

- Make me your regular beta
- Allow me to add an excerpt to my portfolio
- Refer me to a friend
- Mention me in your acknowledgements
- Send me a testimonial singing my praises
- Offer yourself as a reference in the future

Cheers and good luck!

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 3 comments Hi Jules,

I'm going to send you a message about beta reading my non-fiction book. Thanks!

message 3: by Q (new)

Q (queline) | 7 comments Hi Jules,
are you still available for beta read? I have written serious/silly set of life lessons for my daughters but because of my age (not saying!) find that they are not the 'target audience' now. Would love help/desperately need help in deciding who IS and wonder if I could send you just one 'lesson' (approx 700 words or so) maybe for initial thoughts. (Whole mss is 36k approx.) Love from Q

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