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Taylor | 178 comments Hey everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has read The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor? I recently started it and even though it sounds interesting it is reading, to me, like a cheap knock-off of Stephen King's 'It'. Anyone who has read it, did you enjoy the book and is it worth continuing the read? 'It' is one of my all-time favorite books and I don't want to read something that could 'ruin' the story. Thanks!

Maria | 11 comments Hi! I’ve never read ‘It’ and I’m not really familiar with the plot, but I just finished ‘The Chalk Man’. It was alright, but I wasn’t overly drawn in by the plot and it has quite a few plot lines that aren’t really ever tied up. I enjoyed it, but it definitely wasn’t the best thriller I’ve ever read, if you get what I mean. Hope that helps!

Nadine in NY Jones | 6298 comments Mod
I read The Chalk Man - I've never even read It and I was left feeling like it was derivative, a combo of It and Stand By Me and Stranger Things. I found the ending unsatisfying, I gave it 1.5 stars.

Here is the first paragraph of my review:
"A novel alternating between 1986 and present day ... a group of friends made up of four 12 year old boys and one 12 year old girl in 1986 ... make them misfits of a sort, give them all nicknames, and label one of them the leader ... throw in murder, prophetic dreams, and suggestions of paranormal horror, and you are now very close to It, which was published in 1986, but followed seven children instead of five, and was of course set in Maine. But still. One of the kids in this book even has the same name as one of the "It" kids: Eddie. "

Taylor | 178 comments I'm about 2/3 in now because I have a hard time setting a book aside once I've started it. The similarities between It and The Chalk Man are innumerable and honestly I've just been skim reading it. Oh well. Thanks for the input!

Nadine in NY Jones | 6298 comments Mod
Oh you've gotten that far you might as well finish it now!!!

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