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Tobi | 5 comments A children's book about a small blue shapeshifting man, that lives in a bucket on wheels,can turn into a blue hummingbird, and does magic. He is friends with a troll who lives in a junkyard. The troll had a pet ant, who can lift a whole cabbage and can communicate by walking on letters in a magazine. The small blue shapeshifter is dared by the troll to go into a mean old man's house and bring him something back.
He befriends the old man and his dog, learning that the myth that the old man killed cats was untrue, the cats just really likdd the dog. The shapeshifter plays chess with the old man and uses a pepper shaker instead of a queen because the old man lost rhe piece when he was a boy.
The shapeshifter goes ti the junkyard to find a replacement for the queen, he finds the peice that the old man lost and is sent bacn in time with the dog that he was riding at the time.
They find the old man-now a child at his home, that is revealed to be an orphanage.
The three run away from the orphanage down to the docks where they sneak onto a ship, on that ship they help work for a traveling circus. They meet a fortune teller and her pregnant daughter, and we find out that the shapeshifter is immortal. There is a storm and the ship is sinking so the shapeshifter uses his magic and teleports the ship to safety. However, the boy, dog and shapeshifter are transported to a different dimension where the dog can talk and there is only dead trees and fog.
Eventually they meet a skeleton like man who tells them they will die, he is like the grim reaper in a suit.
The trio run away and have to fight two giant wolves, then a scarecrow that tricks them into playing a game of their choice then cheating to win l, while the loser dies. The boy tricks the scarecrow into playing solitare and wins by saying that solitare is a single player game and the player loses agaist themselves. They all leave the death dimension and return ti the orphanage. The shapeshifter has to return to the future and when it is time to go the dog decides to stay in the past and keep her young owner company.
In the future the old man had bought the orphanage when he was of age, using the money his parents had left him when they died. He meets the shapeshifter again for the last time when he passes away in his chair, the shapeshifter meets the decendent of the dog that stayed in the past. The shapeshifter finally goes to his troll friends house where he tells his friend about his adventure.

message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean | 24 comments just real quick do you happen to remember the year you read this book? shockingly that could be extremely helpful

message 3: by Tobi (new)

Tobi | 5 comments 2014-15 I borrowed it from the library twice

message 4: by Tobi (new)

Tobi | 5 comments Pretty sure I was published in the early 2000s

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Tobi | 5 comments It also had a brindle lab and a blue hummingbird on the cover. The were on a dirt road with trees on both sides leaning inward

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Kris | 33390 comments Mod
Tobi, please add genre (e.g., children or YA fantasy) and plot details (a summary without spoilers) to your topic header using the small "edit" link on the desktop website (not mobile app). Someone is more likely to recognize your book. Just ask if you'd like help with this.

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Tobi | 5 comments Well, it was fiction, children's novel. That's about it to addition to the summary.

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Rainbowheart | 16178 comments Still looking, Tobi?

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