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UNSOLVED: One specific book > American girl raised in China just before Boxer Rebellion by parents running a YMCA

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Wendie C. Schumacher | 3 comments I can't remember the title, but I think it has the word "home" in it.

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Kris | 34466 comments Mod
Wendie, I notice your request is marked Solved. Did you find your book?

Wendie C. Schumacher | 3 comments No, I have not. I am just new at this and didn't know what I was doing. Do you know about yhis book?

Wendie C. Schumacher | 3 comments I just removed the Solved and now I can't find the post!

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Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
Moving to Unsolved.

When did you read it?

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Tammy Buchli | 41 comments Moonraker's Bride by Madeline Brent features a girl born in China to missionary parents before the Boxer Rebellion. Her parents died when she was a baby, though. Moonraker's Bride by Madeleine Brent

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Mai | 1220 comments Maybe Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz?
Reader's comments:
- Jean Fritz narrates her youth growing up in China, daughter of YMCA Presbyterian missionaries.
- The depiction of the growing Chinese resistance to European spheres of influence, which exploded in the Boxer Rebellion, creates a feeling of being there at an exciting and dangerous time.

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Rainbowheart | 16979 comments Still out there, Wendie?

I agree with Mai. Homesick is definitely your book.

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