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Here we are

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CallmeTony Sorry I disappeared. I got a little busy.

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Don’t feel bad I do that too okay time to make my character sheet now

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((Right now is hard to type my damn pregnant cat lay right in front of me >.< ))

Name: Luke Evan

Age: 22





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CallmeTony Name: Tobio Kurosawa

Age: 18



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Hey would you to start or you want me too

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CallmeTony Can I? I had an idea that it start somewhere with their families meeting in a place kind of like a cafe but with soups and salads and sandwiches instead of just coffee.

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CallmeTony Tobio was sitting at a table with his parents. He was wearing a dark grey, almost black button up shirt with a pair of black jeans and his all black chucks. He hadn't planned on the button up at all but his mother had insisted. He was tugging gently at his lip ring, waiting apprehensively for the Evans to come.
"I wish you'd had at least taken out the eyebrow piercing." His mother said quietly.
"It would have looked weird. A hole on either side of his eyebrow? It's better that he left it in." His father responded. Tobio didn't bother chiming in, he just watched the door and sipped his mocha.

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Luke look at himself on the mirror and sigh. He button up all his buttons. He look at himself one more time noting stain, no strings sticking out, and make sure everything in his place. He look down looking at the time knew he was running late but, he want to make sure he want to make sure he look good. He put his very long hair in a ponytail and his bangs feel really sexy like on his side of his face.

After a little awhile he walk out going to the place where the meeting was with Tobio and his mother would be too. When he arrive everyone one point where to go.

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((Hey not a good entrance))

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CallmeTony ((Sorry. Just,the whole thing is kind of hard to read. Is English your first language?))

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((im sorry it tooke me long to reply. It is sadly just that I learn to even speak at the age of 8. English and grammar isn't at all my strong point but, I try to redo it and make more sense.))

Luke got out of his house knowing he was suppose to have the meeting with the other family. He wasn't at all ready for this and kind of wish it wasn't happening. But, business is business. He arrive where the meeting spot was. He sigh walk inside trying to find them. When he saw Tobio. He lightly blush. This boy is a bit cute. His thoughts was running wild. Shake his head fixing his long hair. Trying to compose himself like a mature and businessmen.

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