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Dark Promise (NightBorne, #1)
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Title: Dark Promise
Author: Nikki Landis
Genre: Dark PNR, Vampires
Pages Count: 240
Formats Available: MOBI, EPUB, PDF
Review Due Date: August 9

Book Description: A love story between two people who live in two very different worlds; is it right to keep a promise when it hurts the one you love? Can the darkness survive in the light?

Mare's life is in danger. An unknown enemy seeks to destroy her, only months after her mother's brutal death. When a handsome stranger saves her life everything she has ever known will be put to the test. Dare she trust her life - and her heart - with a man who walks the endless night?

Andre stumbles upon Mare's attack, saving her life, immediately drawn to the innocent beauty. Cursed and soulless, his existence has never meant so much or brought him so close to salvation. His dark promise, hidden in the deep recesses of his heart, becomes his only objective. Can he save Mare in time? Or will he be lost, forever damned, in his pursuit to have her at any cost? Can love survive the impossible?

The first in the NightWalkers series, a paranormal romance with vampires, shifters, and supernatural beings.

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K.S. Marsden (ksmarsden) | 34 comments I'd love a mobi copy.

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Sent you a copy K.S.!

Linda Romer | 74 comments I would like to review Dark Promise by Nikki Landis. Thank you
Linda Romer

Nikki Landis (nikkilandis) | 10 comments My apologies - I don't think the most up to date copy was sent. If you'd like the one that's available on Amazon without any minor errors please send an email to or on here at Goodreads and I can send it to you right away! :)

Nikki Landis (nikkilandis) | 10 comments Linda and K.S. I sent to you just in case. :)

Linda Romer | 74 comments Nikki wrote: "Linda and K.S. I sent to you just in case. :)"

Thank you Nikki!

Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ (wolffaerie17) | 247 comments

epub please

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Sent you an email Angie!

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