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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley | 11 comments SO, I read this book forever ago and can't find it again. I want to say it was called (The) Passenger(s) or something, but there are so many books with this title that, without knowing the author or even if that is the actual title, I'm not getting anywhere trying to search for it.

It was about an unscheduled plane that showed up at the airport. It had no adults on board, just a bunch of infants. Flash forward and these mystery babies are teenagers and have all been adopted by various families in the area. They are then all called to the same place (I think they each got a letter in the mail telling them to meet at this cave or something) and are told that they are all important historical figures that were taken out of the past and need to be returned. They all go back in time to their various eras, where there are ghost versions of them, and are returned to their lives.

That's all I remember. If this rings a bell to anyone, please let me know. Not being able to find this book again is driving me crazy!

message 2: by AttWaq (new)

AttWaq | 72 comments Do you remember what was on the cover and what the genre was??

message 3: by Riley (new)

Riley | 11 comments It was time travel... not sure what was on the cover, though.

message 4: by AttWaq (new)

AttWaq | 72 comments Okay

message 5: by Kyleigh (new)

Kyleigh Ruddy (hedgehogz4lyfe) | 2 comments I believe you're thinking of "Found" by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Great series.

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