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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) Fairies, pixies, trolls, werewolves, ogres, goblins . . .

They’re aliens, living in disguise among the "natives"!

. . . vampires, leprechauns, mermaids . . .

For thousands of years this planet has been a penal colony for their races.

. . . demons, angels, elves, gnomes, Sasquatch . . .

But now, they’ve decided the planet's inhabitants are a “terminal species,” and it’s time to end them!

(Well, actually, it’s mainly the werewolves. The fairies and pixies mostly think the native creatures are worth saving. The vampires and leprechauns are undecided.)

message 2: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Crystal-Thurston | 29 comments Hi Dennis,

I'm interested in reading this story. I generally recommend starting with a sample so that we can figure out whether or not we are a good fit. If that sounds good to you, send me a sample ( Feel free to list any concerns you have in the email.

Thank you,

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