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message 1: by James (new)

James | 3 comments The human tapestry that blankets the earth on which we live is colorful and dreadful. Some threads are short. Some are long. Some are colorful and vibrant. Some are tattered and beaten. Few are perfect. Most are a little bit of everything, changing over time. Some threads start off beautiful and strong but fade into tatters. Others start off weak and nearly break but become strong and robust.
Each thread is a unique story.
This is a story about one man, one thread of the vast human tapestry.
John begins his life in what appears as a typical mundane way. A baby is welcomed into a family, but the happy family facade doesn't last long. As John grows, he faces many demons…including one he calls Mother. Forces try to pull him down into a life of drugs and crime. Not all is bleak, though. He finds love, what he believes is true love.  
And yet, through it all, somehow, John's thread becomes one of the strongest of all.
This is a story of one boy who becomes a man.

Looking for someone interested in reading and commenting. Book is complete.

Message me if interested.

message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob Rich | 38 comments James, I am in urgent need of a beta for a science fiction story. Am happy to do a swap with you.
If interested, contact me on

How can one person save a doomed planet, a doomed humanity? This is the task the alien sets Bill.
Look around our world. We are now in Earth’s 6th great extinction event. Galloping climate change is only one of the reasons, but the deadliest.
The global economic system is designed to do two things: rob the 99% to further enrich the super-wealthy, and is a device for turning nature into pollution, in order to increase the number of zeros in certain computers. How sane is that?
The alien, whom Bill has named Merlin, tells him there are millions of other places of sentient life within our galaxy. However, over its billions of years of existence, Merlin has never observed certain things that happen on earth. Examples are:
Nuclear war.
The deliberate killing of noncombatants in wars.
Sexual abuse of children.
The accumulation of wealth to the point where the owner cannot possibly benefit from it.
Merlin’s conclusion is that there must something unique about us: a force that is deliberately driving us to extinction.
And yes, Bill is the person who is required to reverse all this.
But then, the alien had specially bred him. And there is an Enemy, who knows Bill’s real identity, although Bill doesn’t.

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