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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Here is the basic setup:

Role: (Valkyrie (Female and Alive), Einherjar (Any gender/race (Aka Dwarfs, Elves, and Humans special cases will be accepted if I see fit) and dead))

Age: (Anything above twelve)

Year of Death: (Go nuts since you can probably find a Enerji from the beginning of time)

Story of death: (Only for Einherjar) (You must die without planning it and have a weapon in your hand and honorably. Have yourself fight for your life but fail.)




Fun fact:

Best skills:

Worst skill:



Favorite Subject:

(You can add any thing you feel is needed)

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Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell

Role: Einherjar
Age: 15

Year of Death: 2017

Story of death: Yuki's death was nothing to significant. She was just wandering around when her best friend stabbed her in the back–Literally. They were just walking around the city when it happened and her friend was feeling a bit blood thirsty. Not giving Yuki a single warning, she killed her on the day of her birthday. To Yuki, that was the biggest betrayal ever.

History: Yuki grew up as the youngest child. Her father was in the army and her mother was martial arts instructor, so naturally she was taught self defense. Most kids at her school either were afraid of her or they bullied her. One day she met a girl about 2 years older than her in the park. She and the girl became quick friends and often hung out. They knew each other for 3 years before Yuki's death. Yuki had completely dropped her gaurd, and her friend, whom was a known murderer, stabbed Yuki in the back. By the time someone found her, she was dead. The weird thing was, Yuki knew her best friend was a murderer and that she'd probably kill her. Yuki just didn't think her best friend would do it then, on her birthday and the day her father was finally coming home. To Yuki, that was the biggest betrayal that could of happen to her, especially since she had been so excited for that day for months.

Appearance: description


Fun fact: Yuki is terrified of the dark.

Best skills: She's good at martial arts and sword fighting.

Worst skill: Swimming, cooking,

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: None

Favorite Subject: None

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Denied sorry. Valkyries are the pickers of the dead for Odin. They are alive and select who goes to Valhalla. Einherjar are the ones who die. And just a note all Valkyries are female so keep that in mind everyone.

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Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments Name:Winter Grace-Christ


Age:14 |Gender: Female

Year of Death: She died in 2018(Because if she didn't she wouldn't be 14 lol)

Story of death:Winter was fighting a monster, a hydra(I think that's how one spells it) when her plan back fired as another monster came from behind her, the weapon in her hand was her favorite sword that came from her grandfather, it was pure black with a silver handle.

History: Well Winter is a Greek demigod, her parents being Caleb Grace and Amethyst Rose but Amethyst cheated on Caleb so Adam(All of these people but Greek gods and Adam are mine, Adam is a friends oc but I have permission to use him) told Caleb his feelings a few years after Winter, Adam and Caleb soon married after a few years and trained Winter to be the best but Winter doesn't think that worked since she kinda died.

Appearance: Winter has long wavey black hair with a Daughter of Hades pale skin, and her fathers kind brown eyes.

Hobbies: Writing, fighting, reading, doing her makeup.

Fun fact: Winter's the granddaughter of Hades and Aphrodite.

Best skills: Working a sword or dagger

Worst skill: Showing emotion

Sexuality: Winter is Lesbian

Relationship: She has none as of right now

Favorite Subject: Seeing as she never went to Mortal School it would have to be fighting.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
How is her worse skill showing emotions? Does she show them to easily? Does she not hide them? Or what?

message 6: by Ash (new)

Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments She can’t show them and at times she seems

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Okay just checking.

message 8: by Ash (new)

Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments Thank chu

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Hotel Lobby is made incase you want to throw Winter into the Hotel.

message 10: by Ash (new)

Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments Oki

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Also she could be 14 when she died and she would still look the same age as when she died.

message 12: by Ash (new)

Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments I know it’s just Winter is a oc from one of my books and I really don’t want to change her birthday just so she could die earlier.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Just letting everyone know.

message 14: by Ash (new)

Ash (lizzie1109) | 14 comments Mk well thank you

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Name: Zander Son-of-Andrew

Role: Einherjar

Age: 17

Year of Death: 1358

Story of death: Zander was walking around the now Norway countryside. He was attempting to go to his father’s house when he was attacked by a group of highway bandits. Following tradition the bandits allowed Zander to draw his seax and his shield to defend himself. Upon drawing his seax the leader of the bandits charged at Zander with his axe ready to attack. Zander quickly raised his shield and blocked the swing before stabbing the man thru the gut before throwing him aside and charging the other five bandits. Throughout the battle Zander took several glancing blows but the one that would ultimately end his life was from the leader of the bandits after Zander had incapacitated his group. The man grabbed a sword and ran at Zander not giving him time to react or defend himself as he ran Zander thru the chest with the sword. Zander turned around and beheaded the man before he fell to his knees from the chest wound and bleeding out.

History: Zander was the son of the low nobleman Andrew and was commonly referred to as Zander Son-of-Andrew. He was trained with his father’s men to be a fighter because his father didn’t want his sound to be weak. He trained for many summers before he was finally allowed to go into combat. When he was finally allowed to fight his father’s kingdom was invaded by a rival lord who wanted to improve his kingdom. Zander was assigned to the flank guard so he would serve with his trainers and friends in combat. When the fighting started though the so before thought of safe flank guard was struck hard by the enemy and Zander was forced to fight for his life. He witnessed his friends and trainers get impaled on pikes, cut apart by axes and swords. During the fighting Zander was knocked unconscious. Thinking he had died his friends attempted to drag his body from the fighting to bury him in his families graveyard. By doing this they piled their bodies until his and once the battle ended no one could find him. Unpond waking up Zander had to scavenge from the dead for weapons and armor and treak to his father’s keep. The rest of his story is his death.

Appearance: Zander has shoulder length dirty blonde hair that he has kept over the years occasionally tying it into a bun when he needed to do something that his hair could mess up.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, stone carving, vase building, archery, blacksmithing, metal weaving, and horseback riding.

Fun fact: He hates dragons.

Best skills: Sword fighting, horseback riding, and javelin throwing.

Worst skill: Archery, pottery, and drinking responsibly.

Sexuality: Pansexual (It changed over the years)

Relationship: Single

Favorite Subject: History


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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Again. Valkyries are alive.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Approved and I will assign a floor once you arrive in the lobby. Be aware Zander is already there.

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Weird And Odd ||•| Name |•|| Acelin Jade Alain
||•| Nick Name |•|| Many aliases she often gives out
||•| Gender |•|| Female
||•| Age |•|| 19
||•| Date of Death |•|| 2018
||•| Race |•|| Einherjar

||•| Appearance |•||

|• Hair •| Pitch black
|• Eyes •| Dark gray
|• Skin Color •| Pale
|• Height •| 5'5"
|• Markings •| None

||•| Personality |•||

Acelin is kind, gentle, caring, and easily concerns herself with other peoples well being. She will go out of her way to help others, whether it be solving a puzzle, or getting them something. She has sympathy galore and can understand people's difficult situation. She works hard, and is patient with those who need help, doing her best to help people grow and develop as humans, and overcome weaknesses. If she knows she can do something to help, she will do her best to do it, and she won't stop until she is finished.
Acelin is also ruthless. If you attack any innocent, she will make sure you pay. She has made sure she has perfected a deadly aim with her knives, and she will not tolerate needless violence. She will protect her allies with her life, even if that means bringing herself to the brink of death. If you so much as even say something suspicious she will monitor everything you say and do, making it very hard to hide any true evil intentions. She will hunt down anyone that threatens her friends' livelihoods, or those that they care about. She isn't afraid to get bloody, and she also isn't afraid to follow them down to Hell if need be.
Acelin also loves reading, solving puzzles, and overall intellectual work. If you put a puzzle in front of her she won't stop or take a break until it's done. If it's an impossible puzzle, then she will either solve it or figure out it's impossible and make it to where it is possible. She likes 'reading' people, figuring out aspects of their life through their physical and verbal cues. If she is faced with a problem or fact, she will solve the problem and fact check. Often she doesn't believe something for a long period of time until she can make 100% sure it is right.
Acelin is a complex person, but very few people know her as well as she knows herself. She is shy and rarely talks to anyone unless it's crucial for her to help them, or harm them. She usually does solitary activities and avoids social gatherings like a swarm of angry hornets. Because of her social disadvantage, she often has a hard time conversing with people without being misunderstood or having her point completely missed altogether. She usually just gets ignored and doesn't talk at all.

|• Likes •|
★ The dark
★ Warmth
★ Solitude

|• Dislikes •|
☆ Bright lights
☆ Cold
☆ Loud noises

|• Strengths•|
✓ Clever
✓ Fast
✓ Empathic

|•Weaknesses •|
✗ Not strong
✗ Clumsy as all hell
✗ Trust issues

||•| History |•||

Acelin lived in a bustling city with her dad, and while he wasn't the best dad she wouldn't say so at the time. They had some rough times economically and could barely cling to their tiny apartment once it was over, and even then she had to work odd jobs eeverywhere she could. She died when she was jumped on the street by two men, mostly wanting to just rob her. She was a horrible target and although she ended up disarming one and was able to shoot them, one took longer to bleed out and eventually ended up shooting and killing her for revenge before she could escape and call the cops. Needless to say, she still has a terrible time coping with the fact that she's dead, and is also scared that the man who attacked her could possibly be in Valhalla with her.

|• Family•|
♡ Dad

|• Sexuality •| Panromantic Asexual
|• Status •| Single
|• Ex-Lovers•| None
|• Friends •| None
|• Enemies•| Her family

||•| "Okay...but why?" |•||

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
This made me feel like my own character's personality is bad. Approved.

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Austin Name: Fredriech Reichman

Role: Einherjar

Age: 20

Year of Death: 1944

Story of death: He was an MG42 gunner, his unit was setting up an ambush. He was in a fox hole dug into a wheat field. He waited for days as his comrades would run back an forth from foxhole to foxhole; talking, smoking, drinking. He was joking with his loader when he glanced and saw their officer order them down.
Everyone was ready and in position. A soviet tank drove up their gravel road, it had soldiers sitting on the tank; talking, joking and smiling. Behind it was a trunk full of soldiers. He could see off to the side of the road, in some bushes beyond a roadside ditch. Their new recruit with a Panzerfaust waiting. This boy was only 14 but he was one of the bravest people Fredriech had ever seen. The kid waited until the tank was in the right spot then shot his rocket at it.
The rocket went through the armor, killing the tank as well as most of the men on top of it. The whole column stopped and soldiers started pouring out of the trucks. All of Fredriech's unit open fired on the soldiers. But The kid was quickly killed trying to run away. Fredriech had is Gun blazing as he tore through the enemy ranks. Until his loader got shot in the neck. Fredriech was shocked as he felt the blood of his friend on him. But he quickly returned to the fight, until he ran out of ammo. He picked up a gewehr from a fallen comrade and continued fighting until he got shot 3 times in the chest. He fell back and gasped for breath as blood filled his lungs. He laid in agony for what felt like years, then he heard boot steps. He looked up and saw a commissar pointing a pistol at him. He was too weak to move his rifle. He hated that he was now weak, He glared at the commissar angerly, even as blood seeped from his mouth. The comisar simply raised his pistol and shot Friedrich through the forehead, ending his life.

History: He was born in 1924 in a small town in east prussia. His father was a veteran of WW1, his mother was nice to him and his 4 brothers and 2 sisters. But she was never quite ever able to protect her children from their fathers abuse. When he was 4 his father broke a beer bottle over his head, giving him a permanent scar over his left eye. This made him hate his father. When he entered primary schooling, he was bullied for being an introvert and being not as smart as his fellow classmates. He participated in many fights to defend himself, he was always outnumbered and almost always lost. But not before giving the other people some bruises or cuts. This made him hate those who thought they were better than him. When he got older He was constantly told by his teachers that his people were the ones that started WW1 and that they were the reason for why the world was so screwed up. This made him hate the foreigner who wanted to hold him down. He was eventually drafted and his first post was rear guard during operation Barbarossa. He always knew he was evil, but he never knew his hands could do the many atrocities that he was ordered to do. He killed many people in Russia, some deserved it, some didn't. He didn't care life was cruel and he was going to make it out on top, one way or another. Then things changed his invincible army lost the siege of Stalingrad, then the battle of Kursk. Soon his unit was on the run. He watched as one by one his comrades who he had known for years die or disappear.

Appearance: Friedrich

Hobbies: Smoking and drinking. Shooting at targets or people.

Fun fact: He likes to contemplate when he is both sober and bored

Best skills: Shooting, killing, drinking

Worst skill: People skills, talking to women.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single

Favorite Subject: What happened after he Died. Is there forgiveness? Can People change? Or is he in hell?

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Approved. Just please don't have everything he talk about be based on the Nazi's I couldn't figure out what his division was so I'm just saying this as a warning.

message 22: by Austin (new)

Austin Yeah I'm not going to have him be through and through Nazi, I just wanted him to be clearly evil and tourchered soul. Who should have died, but didn't.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod

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Wolf (Alpha) Name: Rose Winona

Role: Valkyrie

Age: 16

History: She grew up in a great family. Her mother was Valkyrie as well, and loved her. He mother was killed while protecting her, and she knew that she had to continue her Valkyrie duties. Death doesn't bother her at all. She has seen it all.

Hobbies: drawing, reading, practicing her sword fighting skills

Fun fact: She loves sword fighting. She used a short sword crafted by a dwarf. She named her sword Chaos.

Best skills: Throwing knives and spears

Worst skill: Horse riding

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Open

Favorite Subject: History

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Wolf (Alpha) If you need me to change something, just let me know.

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If you could put a bit more detail into the appearance I'd be greatful. Also her style of combat based on her weapon? Rapier, short sword, great sword, Nordic, long sword, broad sword, etc. The blade can influence the user as much as the user influences the blade. Bonus note Valkyries occasionally get dwarf crafted weapons and some of these weapons can actually talk to the user. Go a bit creative make your character your own.

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Wolf (Alpha) I added some. Would you mind taking a look now? Thanks.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
So close combat. Okay. Approved.

message 29: by Wolf (Alpha) (new)

Wolf (Alpha) Yup. Thanks Zan.

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Yuki {Real Name Unknown}~ "Don't question my life choices. Because I won't answer them." wrote: "Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell

Role: Einherjar
Age: 15

Year of Death: 2017

Story of death: Yuki's death was nothing to significant. She was just wandering around when her best friend stabbed her in ..."

I updated it (Sorry, I had no idea what a Valkyrie was, i figured it didn't matter at the time.)

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
I'll check it over again.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Only thing I could request is a more detailed death story. I know it sounds weird but I'd prefer at least a paragraph.

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indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} name: nicole "quinn" fritz

role: einherjar

age: 16

year of death: 2018

story of death: nicole was going to go out to supper with some friends, but was running late and decided to take a shortcut. as she made her way down the alley, a man melded from the shadows and into a solid form. she jumped back and released her pocket knife, raising it in self defense. she tried to defend herself, but he was too quick, and had a larger knife. he stabbed her multiple times in the stomach and arms and legs, causing excruciating pain for nicole. then he slit her throat and stabbed her in the heart, leaving her to bleed out on the street.

her mom found her a few hours later, cold and stiff. the demons had won--but she was in a better place now.

history: nicole was born december 14, 2001. she was raised in the country by her grandparents and mom after her biological father left. her mom eventually found someone, they got married, and moved. nicole eventually got two younger siblings, and was very happy with her family. she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but she was alright.




hobbies: nicole loves any and all music. she plays the flute, saxophone, ukulele, and piano. she also loves to sing, as well as draw. she also loves to read and adores horseback riding.

fun fact: nicole is self taught on piano and ukulele.

best skills: anything art related. is also deadly with a bow, and is a very skilled horsewoman.

worst skill: math.

sexuality: pansexual

relationship: single

favorite subject: history, band, choir, art, and biology

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
Um... suicide doesn't get you into Valhalla. That'd get you to Helhiem.

message 36: by H00DEDRIOT, Creator (new)

H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 148 comments Mod
You have been approved. BTW everyone there will be sons and daughters of the gods. I'm working of putting together a sheet for it.

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Marley C. Martinez | 20 comments Name: Celise Gaeta

Role: Valkyrie

Age: 15

History: born and raised in Southern California pressured to be Catholic by her family even after she was chosen to be a Valkyrie. Family life is decent but stressful having to constantly care for her brothers and sisters on top of her Valkyrie duties. Most of her friends are Demigods that she can be open to about her life. Being a Valkyrie brings her great joy as she loves surprising the recently deceased with the luxuries of Valhalla.

decently tall around 5’6
Darkish strawberry blonde hair
Hazel eyes
Darkish tan Hispanic skin tone
Pretty skinny but not a stick
Glasses(she is pretty much blind)

Hobbies: loves to swim and be in the ocean, plays a viola

Fun fact: wishes to join the Air Force when older

Best skills: archery, close/hand to hand combat, talented equestrian

Worst skills: is a terrible gunsman

Sexuality: straight

Relationship: looking

Favorite subject: woodshop

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