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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance sport novel where the hero is a twin and has been burned before by a previous relation ship I think it’s college

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen | 9 comments Read this novel a while back only remember that the guy was a twin and had a test for true love etc. Spoiler so he and his twin test the girls they date to see if it’s true love, the twins tested the last girl the hero dated by seeing if she could tell them apart and she didn’t had did something with the twin( I think sex but I can’t remeber) then the guy dated the heroine but she needed to break up with him before the game so she pretended to not being able to tell them apart when she could. I think the hero played football. Also think one of the might have been named Dylan or William but I’m not one hundred percent certain.

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments When did you read this? Was it ebook?

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen | 9 comments It was an ebook and I think a year or two ago

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 110 comments Sacked by Jen Frederick is a strong match!

message 5: by 〰️ (new)

〰️ (claudiakishi) | 6 comments Sacked definitely

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