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message 1: by Stephan (new)

Stephan Hahn | 14 comments I just finished my first novel and am looking to get some feedback on it. By looking at the specific genres listed, I think I may also need help figuring out exactly what genre it is.

The Pearls of Solus

Estolas, heir to the throne is realizing that many of the strange things happening in the Kingdom of Delborish seem to be connected to the legend of the Pearls of Solus. The fabled pearls are said to give ultimate power to the one who unites them. After the disappearance of his father, eleven years earlier, the questions he begins to ask, begin to bring about answers he may not be ready for.

As his journey becomes intertwined with that of a nymph, an elf, and a wolf, all searching for their own place in the world, their ability to work together becomes crucial to their success in finding the pearls.

Unfortunately they are not the only one looking for them.

message 2: by Gemma (new)

Gemma | 8 comments Hi there. I’m new at this but would be very happy to read it and give you some feedback?

message 3: by Stephan (new)

Stephan Hahn | 14 comments Hey, sorry for the delay. Are you still up for doing some reading?

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