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message 1: by Greg, Muad'Dib (last edited Jul 19, 2018 03:34AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg | 812 comments Mod
This is the discussion thread for the second book of the month, or group read, for July/August. Please remember to use the spoiler tags where necessary.

The other group read topic for this month (The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith) can be found here:

message 2: by Greg, Muad'Dib (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg | 812 comments Mod
Just interested to know who else is reading this book. I've started it this morning and I was struck by the September 11th (2077) date for a catastrophic event in the opening chapter! I think the demographic and economic impacts of this catastrophe are somewhat conservative but then this book was originally published in 1973. (view spoiler)

David Lutkins Greg, I won't be reading this book this month, as I read it only a few years ago, but will follow along with the discussions. I remember being struck with the Sept. 11th date when I read the book, as well.

Here's an interesting little piece about the 9/11 date that mentions Clarke:

 Eldritch Reading Reindeer 2021 In Cobwebs  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 28 comments I'll join in! I was late coming to Sir Arthur, but "fell head over heels" for his writing immediately.

Hope (hopewnz) | 3 comments Started Rendezvous with Rama and enjoying it so far. Really easy to visualise. Good mystery but not too slow paced. Ready to find out what happens next. Just starting chapter 10 now. Was also shocked by the 9/11 date!

message 6: by Hector (new)

Hector Cuadra (hcuadra) | 3 comments The Rama series is a wonderful one. Read all the books and now I am looking for some movie adaptations. Missed that date 9/11. But maybe it was because I read the book before the actual event. The first book is on audiobook in iTunes. Will start reading this series again. Happy reading!

Thorkell Ottarsson | 209 comments I just started reading the book so count me in. :)

Thorkell Ottarsson | 209 comments I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this book.

Here are my problems and yes before I forget: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first problem with the book is that there are no real characters in it. They are all stand ins for the setting. Switch one out for another and it would have little affect on the story.

Now you can get away with such things if you have good enough of a plot. Here the plot is also missing. The whole book is a set up. Much like a strip tease. It is over when a normal story would be starting. The whole book felt like a first act. I know there are more books in the series but still... The whole book is just visuals. Fascinating beautiful scenes but still just visuals.

If this will be made into a film (I see on IMDb that Morgan Freeman is producing a film) then I hope they will put some plot into script and some people made of flesh and blood.

So to those of you who have read the other books. Are they worth the trip or should I just stop here?

message 9: by Hector (new)

Hector Cuadra (hcuadra) | 3 comments I enjoyed the other books. But it is typical A C Clark writing. He is into the science and futuristic environments that are the backdrop for his ideas and concepts of sci-fi events. He is not much into people drama or character development. In the other books, if I remember, the characters are developed more. A few of them are carried out through the books. ✨

message 10: by Hope (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hope (hopewnz) | 3 comments I really enjoyed this book!

Yes, Arthur C. Clark does focus a lot on the science behind his ideas but he really brought those ideas to life. I didn't mind that there wasn't much depth to the characters as I was eager to know what they would discover next. I like that it's ended leaving you half satisfied and half wanting more.

I wonder if this kind of writing for Sci-Fi back then was outside-of-the-box kind of thinking? I think I'll check out the rest of the books in the series - perhaps there will be more character development in those.

David Lutkins Hope wrote: " I didn't mind that there wasn't much depth to the characters as I was eager to know what they would discover next. I like that it's ended leaving you half satisfied and half wanting more...."

I agree with you. Clarke doesn't do characters well, but he more than makes up for it by making the plots and the science so interesting.

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