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message 1: by Persephone (new)

Persephone Jones (pomegranatequeen) | 10 comments Hello,

I have 3 openings this month to beta read novels. I will beta read up to 50,000 words for free. Please dm if interested.

message 2: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments Hi, my novel is 77k words but I can send you the first 50k. It’s dual POV in 1st person.

Seventeen-year-old virology intern Hiromi is racing against time, cultivating a vaccine against the dreaded Konadai virus, a lab-created nightmare of magic and science that turns its victims into flesh-hungry mutants. When the essential testing ingredient, virus-infected tissue, runs critically low, Hiromi ventures to the ruins outside the city walls, where hoards of the infected roam.

Joined by her childhood friend Private Kenji, Hiromi hopes his fire-magic abilities and ragtag military unit will be enough to keep them safe. But when their friend and squadmate Tidus is bitten and appears to be immune to the Konadai virus, Kenji demands they keep it a secret fearing he’ll be dissected and used for experiments.

Hiromi must choose between Kenji's trust, the life of their friend—and the lives of thousands.

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