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Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod

Breezeway Books provides personal service, editorial excellence, publishing expertise, and setup of distribution for your book in your name. We will set up your publishing account, so that you get ALL the royalties. Book publishing including editing, design, and set up of distribution for you--there is no better deal for authors anywhere. In addition, you'll be able to print your POD book at publisher prices or print offset for greater savings.

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Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod

Breezeway provides the help you need to self-publish your book professionally. We offer professional editorial, publishing, and design services and when your book is ready to compete in the marketplace, it will be the best book it can be. Breezeway also sets up your book, so that YOU, the author, get ALL the royalties.
•Personal Service and Attention – Don't be a number!
•Editorial Excellence – Turn your book into the best book it can be.
•Innovative Distribution – Get your book out there with our strategic partners and keep ALL the royalties.

Personal Service and Attention

Breezeway is dedicated to providing personal service and attention to our authors. We know your book is your baby, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process of making it ready for delivery into the world. Real people answer phones and emails, not just salespeople, and during the publishing process, you will talk to the designers who are working on your book and make sure they understand what you want. Our goal is to provide you with your book the way you want it, and we go out of our way to get to know you and know what you want.

Editorial Excellence

Breezeway Books offers a free edit assessment to see if you need editing. We know how much work goes into writing a manuscript, and we want to make sure that poor editorial quality does not stand in your way. We know what it takes to publish a quality book, and we provide you with the tools to ensure that your book is professionally done, a product you can promote without fear of embarrassment.

Innovative Distribution

Breezeway has forged partnerships with world leaders in distribution and sales of books in order to help you, the author, capture the attention of traditional publishers, host your own signings in bookstores, republish out-of-print titles, and keep ALL the royalties generated by sales of your book. You wrote it; why should anyone else profit? Through relationships with distributors, POD printers, and offset printers, we get you all the benefits of being the publisher without any of the drawbacks, including the ability to buy your own POD books at publisher cost.

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