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How do you get out of a reading slump?
Amber Amber Jul 18, 2018 01:01PM
Please share your advice!

I'm kind of in one right now due to depression and other factors. What I do is seek out my comfort genres/authors. And focus on easy simple books that make me feel good. I sometimes find going book shopping gets me excited to read. Changing my environment as well.

First things first. Put down the book you're attempting to read. Then, go to your bookshelf (or the library) and pull out the titles that most grab your attention. Read the back cover descriptions, weed out the ones that make you go 'meh', and open each of the remaining books to the first page and read the hook (first line) - this often helps me decide. Again, weed out the titles that make you go 'meh'. Hopefully you will have at least one book left. If more then one, that's okay - even better. That just means you have a few good options. If you have gone to the library, sign all the books that remain in the "still interested" stack out. Sometimes you may have to read a paragraph to decide "hot or not". Sometimes, what I do, is ask someone else's opinion. But then, with the stack you have, if the book you try to get into just isn't doing it for you, you've still got all those other ones. Hopefully ONE of them will you get back into the reading game!😊
This is a system I always try when I don't know what I want to read next. It's always worked for me. Hopefully it helps you.
If not, then Google "reading slump". There'll be WAY more ideas of how to get out of one there.

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