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Emily Mills (emily_a_mills) | 2 comments Mod
I'd love to hear what you have found helpful when learning to be a visual communicator!

- I took an in-person workshop from Mike Rohde shortly after I started working with The Sketch Effect, and that was awesome!
- I really enjoyed the BiKaBlo workshop and the visual metaphor workshop at the IFVP conference last year in Atlanta.
- Not really share-able for others, but I have gotten great training from The Sketch Effect staff meetings. Our people are so good at what they do and I can always learn from them.
- Sketchnote army podcast is always interesting!

My hope is that my book would take a complete novice through all the skills needed to be a good visual notetaker, and finish with the confidence to continue to practice and improve.

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Steve Silbert | 1 comments When is your book coming out and does it have a title yet?

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily Mills (emily_a_mills) | 2 comments Mod
Steve wrote: "When is your book coming out and does it have a title yet?"

It's coming out Jan 21, 2019! It's caled The Art of Visual Notetaking.

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