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READ ALONG // p. 206-301

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message 1: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments To avoid being spoiled anything concerning the pages mentioned above can be discussed in here.

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimkienzle) More action here,wondering what really happened in Anna’s bedroom with the gun? Characters are manipulative, weak or both. Lydia Wells and Frances Carver? Is poor Anna being used...but by whom??

message 3: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments anna is quite the enigma isn't she! she is a connection between all of them and the gold in her dress ! aaah ! they are all playing dirty somehow but i hope they manage to properly unite against carver ...

and i'm still curious to see how moody will come into play .....

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimkienzle) Yes, Walter seems to represent us, the readers, for the introduction of all the characters and setting the stage. I wonder if he will develop a larger role. Anna does seem to be a central character...

message 5: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments oh yes that's quite true ! it would be so cool to see him switch from just being an observer to playing a central role ! or maybe there'll be a plot twist and he is actually involved somehow already ! who knows if the story he told is true ....

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