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READ ALONG // p. 106-206

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message 1: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments To avoid being spoiled anything concerning the pages mentioned above can be discussed in here.

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimkienzle) Keep meeting new characters, I love how she inserts humor and the narrator’s voice from time to time. Hard to find a likable character...Frances Carver is despicable! Poor Walter Moody - all he wanted was a quiet evening.

message 3: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments that's something i really like ! that it's sort of hard to find someone to like ? because it makes them all so ... human ? they aren't idealised it feels.
i was struggling at first with all the names but i think i got into it more ...
i also find catton's way of introducing the characters quite interesting. she always gives a brief, yet quite in depth analysis of their deepest traits/fears/strengths/weaknesses. normally i prefer to be "shown" a characters personalities through their actions rather than being told what to think about them and how to interpret their behaviour, but i can see why that would be problematic/impossible with so many characters and i find it very intriguing too !

oh yes, carver's a beast ! i fear for the missing suitcase ! i wonder where that went !

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimkienzle) I also love the way she introduces new characters, I get the feeling of them as people. All of them are flawed and have to make moral decithat have consequences...

I know what happened to the missing suitcase!

message 5: by nicky (new)

nicky (nickysamira) | 47 comments aaah i need to focus and get on with the book already ! i'm so curious ! 🙊

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