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the sea side leading off into the riven sea, a direct trade route to valacore, the northermost tip of portermount. the water is warm and almost completely translucent, a hot spot for addermire students to hold bonfires and camp out.

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Hammie Of course Braxton was the first one here. He was always the first one here. His siblings couldn't be bothered with the world around them as it continued to turn, but as he felt the sand between his toes and the water around his ankles, he knew. There was a great storm coming. Not in a literal sense, no, but he could feel it in the air. His influence was growing in power, and a civil war had broken out, the school he never went too was in a state of complete emergency. Leave it up to the royals to try and fix everything they could, no? What a joke. He was being left out of things again, and this time not just because of his age, not just because of his slight inexperience compared to his brothers and sisters. No, it was for his influence, too.

The Moon had a price to pay, it seemed.

So he stood there, feeling at the sand with his shoes discarded where the low tide wouldn't reach as he stared off into the water. Those tremors yesterday hadn't just been nothing. And he was here to figure out what they were.

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Following his brother with quick and easy steps, with each long glide of his long legs. Just behind his younger brother, the hybrid stared at Brax. Staying in dragon form, the wingless creature walked up to his younger's side, "Grab the books, love," Casey murmured in his lilting British accent, motioning a single purple talon to the leather satchel of books slung over his back.

"Those tremors, they were something. Were they not, Brother?" Casey may act like he cared nothing, or little, for his siblings-maybe he was just numb to emotion? But Casey could tell Braxton was irritable and obviously not too happy about being left out. "Darling, tell me something. How did that tremor feel? Was it a shock wave or was it like an earthquake...?" Turning his long head to Brax, the dragon sat straight and tall, "Brother, these books contain history about the primordials... It... It is limited, I'm afraid-it seems these are all second hand accounts I managed to scarp together. You need to read them." Not, "you deserve to read them", but "You need to read them". There was a thin line that wavered between the two, one that Casey wasn't interested in focusing on.

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damn i feel bad for Braxton

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As soon as the meeting was over, Vespia wasted no time in rushing to her brothers at the shore. It wasn't safe to be there at the moment, and clesrly the two were ignoring that. Transforming into the graceful, yet powerful Winged Unicorn that was graced to her at brith, flying from the windows of Addermire, and over the roofs of Syracuse, until she safely arrived at the beach. The past couple of days, Vespia had failed to check on any of her siblings, both younger and older. Yet the one she was most concerned about was Braxton. She knew that he was under the influence of the moon, and the rumors she had heard whispererd about him.

The moment she had landed, her quick metamorphosis to her human form had left her looking slightly drained, and weary, though it was worth it when she found not one, but two of her family members. Immediately rushing towards Braxton, she eveloped him in a full body hug, not caring that her wings weren't even fully tucked away. "Braxton! Are you alright? I haven't seen you in days, and this entire shockwave has had everyone on a tizzy, and I, my Gods." As she pukked away, quite disoriented, she had tears in her eyes. For the first time in her life, Vespia had looked disheveled. While she had been keeping a collected outward look, nothing had prepared her for the dangers that were coming, no matter how much she wished that it had.

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Hammie Brax seemed surprised at the sudden affection from his sister, having taken his brother's satchel and thrown it over his own shoulder before she managed to pull him into that hug. He just stood there for a moment, blinking at her, before finally speaking. "...I'm fine, thank you. But who are you and what have you done with my sister Vespia?" A slight joke, but this wasn't a joking matter. He had the time to pull out some of the books and read over them hands just a bit letting themselves turn to his stone form. Claws, talons, or whatever you'd like to call them grew in out of nervousness.

For a long while he just looked over the pages of them all, flicking through quickly, trying to get a once over on something Casey had said he needed to read. Often when his brother said he needed something, he really did need it, so he was obliging to the request. Managing to finish up, he took note of the growing stone in his hands, forcing it to stop and beckon before it again turned itself to flesh.

"I don't see why I needed to read that as if it were some dire situation- Which it is- And could you stop with the nicknames? I'm not your lover, Casey."

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Standing in one graceful movement, the purple skinned dragon stretched and turned to face his younger sister. Hmm... Should I be hurt she forgot about me? Then again, you are technically older than her by... Decades.. Thinking for many long moments, Casey shrugged and decided to just sit and watch Vespia have a miniature heart-attack. "Having a heart-attack already, Sister? Here I thought you were fairly healthy and young." Casey's fake eyes,t the blind ones, seemed to stare at his siblings while his seeing eyes were narrowed with amusement-even if his lips were unmoving and still.

"Mmh... I'm not a seer, but there's something coming and we all ought to know more about it." Casey responded easily, smirking at his brother's next comment. Using his unusually long tail to gently swat his brother's head in a reprimanding way, the prince grabbed his book with his dragon toes and pulled it away from his brother. "If you don't wish to read it, don't."

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Of course Vespia hadn't forgotten about Casey, it was indeed hard to when the man's hair was a bright purple, but Braxton was her main focus at the moment, though she did place a loving kiss on his forehead. "At least, I'm not an old geezer dear brother." Vespia retorted still quite used to his teasing. She knew that Casey wasn't exactly the most expressive person, but she knew him well enough to tell when he was joking or being serious. It was all in the eyes, even when he said differently.
"Thats enough Braxton. I can deeply concerned for you. I'm not as much as a lrude you take me for."

As Casey once .ore began to speak, Vespia listen carefully before directing her gaze to the books that were on the solidified sand. Swiping the books from underneath his feet, Vespia read the titles before turning to look up at her brothers. "Are you to tell me that you do not know about the primordials?" She asked thumbling through the book before calmly closing them back and holding them tightly.

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Hammie "Ow-" Brax hissed softly at the battering of his head, rubbing at the wound when the book was pulled away, "I read it Case, you can't say I didn't. But why show it to me, is the question I posed. But no... That thing yesterday was by no means normal. And of course I know about the primordials, what do you take me for, someone who never studies?" He paused for just a moment, and then shook his head, "Don't answer that."

He rolled up his pant legs further, wading out into the water so that he could focus- And momentarily get away from his elder siblings. Maybe he needed to be more alone than he'd thought in the first place... Whatever had done this was messing with his head, and heavily so. Brax's arms crossed over his chest as he continued to stare at the waves, wondering what might be beneath, what could be out there further beyond the deep. Past his siblings, past even himself.

Such a terrifying thing, the ocean, and it was where terrifying things had come from in turn.

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Eyes narrowing, Casey snarled, "I, do not, need your help. I know plenty about the primordials, I know they dictate the influence of the good, chaotic, and neutral." I can do this on my own... Casey thought, stubborn as ever as he glared at his younger sister. Ignoring his brother for a moment before he realized Brax was on the move, Casey sighed and pulled his books back into his satchel. Baring his teeth, Casey's much more irritable side showed, "Vespia, I'm aware you like nosing into business, going where you're unwanted and doing what is needed. And I know you know about what's happening because you're on the staff for Addermire-but please, don't sound so incredulous when I tell you I don't know something."

Shoving his satchel away, Casey returned to human form, dressed in a purple suit jacket with a white shirt and white skinny jeans. On his feet he wore purple heels, which Casey kicked off so that he could follow after his brother.

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she was talking to Braxton... not Casey

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"My. Gods. Casey. Can you see from that view? Your head is so far up your ass that you can't hear anything from that view. I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Braxton. While that certainly wasn't the best way to adress the fact that he misheard, but she was still a bit skittish as well, and the fact that he wasn't listening to her made her a bit agrrivated. "Because Brax, it has to do with the tremor. A few have disappeared from Syracuse, and all under the moon's influence. We don't know that cause, but it certainly has to do with this disturbance.

Watching over her two brothers as they continuously stared at the ocean, Vespia couldn't helo but to wonder, what would be ins store of the royal family. A disturbance like this hadn't happened in years. So for there to be one like this, surely someone would try and blame it on them.

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Hammie "Well at least some of us can actually think then, huh? Of course I know what's going on in Syracuse, I can feel it. Do you forget what they call me, Vespia, or have you completely forgotten I'm one of them too?" Brax kept his voice low, despite the distance between himself and his siblings, though he certainly noticed when Casey made his way up closer to him. Normally neither one would head into the water. Though he could admit, it was still making him weary and far less level-headed than he'd like to be.

"Nice shoes, Case. And nice clothes. Like normal." Well, that was rare. A complement, an actual complement, coming out of his mouth and directed at his elder brother. God he might be going insane. He still couldn't think right- And he knew those under the Moon weren't thinking right as well- So he knew he wasn't alone in that sense. It wasn't a pure royal sort of thing, this was a danger to everyone and anyone. A danger that they would have to stop.

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"I suppose I am deaf, then," but it wasn't a submissive response, even then, Casey's lilting accent was heavy with leftover anger and pride. "Maybe they disappeared, but our brother won't," Casey snarled, eyes-with their weird, changing colors-flashed to meet Vespia, "He'll be fine because we'll protect him. Bob will protect him, I'll make a legion of weapons creations to protect our family," the prince snapped angrily, thinking of his little bot made of blades. A tiny but fierce robot Casey had made at age thirteen-39 in human years. "What we need is to calm the fear, an act so huge and brave it'll prove not all under Moon's influence is evil..."

Shutting up to listen to the low hum of Braxton's voice, Casey nodded slowly, "You are a Moon influenced being." Casey agreed, not bothering to deny it, "And you are, probably, having some mental shut downs from all this... Whatever it is." Again, blunt as can be, "But you need to get your shit together-because you're stronger than this. I know it, you know it, I bet our darling Sister knows as well." Completely brushing off the compliment-Brax never complimented Casey... He never complimented anyone...

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"That's simply the thing Casey! I DON'T KNOW! I DON'T KNOW AND IT SCARES NE. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY DAMN LIFE, I DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Clearly even though not under the Moon's influence, it was somehow getting to her, she backed away from the ocean, trying to calm herself before turning to look back at Casey hearing the pride in his voice. "Casey, whatever the hell this is it wil devour whatever thing you build. It is relentless."

After getting all of her anger and frustration out, all that was left was a feeling a sadness. "We know that you are moon influenced. And I don't give a damn about what people say, if they have a problem they'll have to go through the royal family first." As Casey gave him that wonderful little pep talk, Vespia sighed, before turning to look at her feet, embarrased of her little display of emotion. "As much as I diskllike to agree with our brother, he is right when he's right. You are touger than diamond Braxton."

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Hammie Brax actually flinched when Vespia started to yell, his arms tightening as he waded further into the water to get away from it all. He didn't even seem to care that it was hitting his pants now, a simple pair of black leggings that he'd matched with a gray t-shirt with- Ironically- A design of the full moon on the front. He'd been trying to show solidarity, but all it had gotten him was ridicule, even though he was from the royal family himself. His skin was turning to stone again, almost like he was trying to protect himself from his very family members, the stubs of horns starting to protrude from his forehead.

"Neither of you know what's going on inside my head. You're aware of it, yes, but you don't know. And you never will know. I am of the influence of the Moon, and I am a powerful being, this I know. But whatever caused this? Whatever needs this to happen?" Brax bit a his bottom lip, shaking his head, "It scares me too. Even though I have a feeling it's targeting us of the Moon in particular." Trying to keep up that persona of his, calm and collected, but there was something under the surface. There always was.

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Oh splendid... Am I the only one in character today? One might wonder how the tremors might affect a shade influenced being, someone who could be swayed either way. Answer! Casey has dealt with enough shit to know how to flick it off and ignore it.

"Mmhmm, destruction-I think we got that." Casey agreed, nodding slowly, "Well, they'd have to go through some soldiers, handful of guards, and then us," the hybrid pointed out, twisting one of his many rings on his fingers.

Maybe she's been affected too.... Should I experiment on her..? But, alas, Mother had constantly reminded Casey not to use his siblings like guinea pigs. Ugh. "Diamonds are actually one of the toughest things on Earth..." Casey mumbled to himself, "A bit below graphene..."

Backing up into the water with Brax, Casey offered no physical support, but he did give Brax a hard stare. One that voiced his thoughts, which were as followed: Get your act together. Okay, by that I mean physically. Emotionally and mentally would help, too.

"Well then, love, explain. Sister dear will be perfectly happy to cut off her stream of pinned back emotions for a few minutes, surely." It wasn't a question.

Sitting, criss cross apple-sauce, right in the middle of the ocean, Casey met Brax's troubled gaze. Making a, "go on" motion with his hands.

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Vespia sat on the sand, staying away from the ocean itself. She was overly protective of things like her family, and cared not only about her family but the students, and Portermount as well. It was her home, and she loved it dearly. Letting her hair out of the tight bun it always seemed to be pulled back in, straning her hair, she allowed it to flow to the ground, miniscule streaks of pure gold embedded into her stands. Allowing it to flow in the marine layer's breeze, looking sunkissed even with the cloudy skies.

Finally with a little of bit of silence having passed, Vespia was relativeky back to her normal self. Her seemingly silver eyes looking like their regular calm before the storm. With this you could always seem to remember who her mother was, the pure breed unicorn, her magic superior to many others. Closing her eyes, she waited for Brax to begin to weave his tale into her mind.

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Hammie "...I'll take that as a yes, then." Brax muttered the words while looking over to Casey, surprised that the man would even bother with him. Instead his look only served to make his skin turn faster, even as it was clear the younger boy was trying to stop it. Which didn't help an already stressful situation. He had to take off his shirt before his wings sprouted, otherwise it'd be ruined like the last time something happened, and he wasn't interested in that happening again. So he slipped it off, tucking it into his waistband before shaking his head.

"Whatever it is, it's prime-evil. It's setting everything on edge, giving me reason not to trust, not to feel; to do anything, really. I can't say for sure how or why, I simply know that it is. It exists, and it is more powerful than any of us could imagine. It crushes resistance to it's claims, it's a fickle thing, needing offerings and wanting victims to lay it's stakes on. Something, anything, to give it power. And I've no idea what it will do next... It makes deals, you need to know. It offers you your heart's desire and I can hear it-" His voice broke just a bit, and he was for once the scared little boy that shouldn't have been thrown into this so soon. "I can hear it. It's telling me to join, to kill, to hunt, to harm, to give in to primal instinct. To become what I am, what it truly thinks I am. A monster."

It was then that his form decided to show it's colors, skin completely stone and pupils dissipating to a milky white as wings cracked and sprouted to life. He was in a defensive mode now.

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Saying nothing the entire time, Casey listening to his brother's words carefully. "Well, darling... Just... Tell him..." Shifting a bit, the soft sand squishing beneath him, "Or it, fuck no." Offering a cold grin, Casey's gaze was sharp, "I've been alive for such a long time... Fifty four years... But maybe... I've never tried looking through my own memories-but whatever this thing is, it's old and may've been around before us.. When magic was new." Casey was actually pretty sure that he wouldn't know, but his memories were always being pushed aside for new memories-so, why not check "the archives" ((as he called those old memories that are shoved in his dusty mind))

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As she listened to his tale of woe, she felt her heartstings being pulled at, the emotion of guilt weighing heavily on her shoulders. Brax was feeling like this, and she couldn't do anything about it. Hearing Casey give such crass advice she rolled her eyes. "Braxton. You are not a monster. You are a prince. Someone who simply happens to be influenced by the moon. I cannot begin to try and understand how you feel, but surely I will do everything in my power to protect you."

Reluctantly and cautiously, Vespia stepped into the water joining her brothers in planting their feet in the waves. "If course it has. It's a premordial. They've been around before magic even existed. They are what one would call, ancient. Yet even so, I am afraid that they do not know what to do." She added

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Hammie "I'm fairly sure it's old as this world itself, Case. As V said." V. How long had it been since he called his sister V? Even he couldn't remember anymore. Though Brax was trying to bring himself back under control, it didn't seem like it was going to work this time, and it was pissing him off just a bit. "You two have been restating the same thing over and over like you think I'm some ignorant child. Is that what I am to you? To both of you?"

Again, his arms tightened. He didn't wade out further, even though he wanted too, even when his instincts told him he should get away. Instead his wings joined in the lock his entire upper body had already started, curling outwards before they snapped closed like a trap around him.

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Casey shook his head in disagreement, "No, Sister, I'm afraid I must disagree with you." He wasn't afraid, that was apparent enough in his flat, apathetic stare, "Braxton is a monster-so am I, so are you. Monsters, creatures, leviathans-whatever you call it, that's what we are." Casey eyed his flashing gold and silver rings, "We may wear crowns, we may call ourselves royalty, but darling. We are nothing more than what we are borne to be, we can change the small details but we can't be anything other than monsters-" Raising a hand to stop any arguments that might rise, Casey continued quickly, "However, our ability to choose our own future can change whether we are monsters or simply beasts-of which there's a blurred line." In Casey's mind, a beast is a monster who's misunderstood-as were monster, though monsters tended to be darker in nature. "Look at us, dearest Sister-a gargoyle, a dragon, and a winged unicorn. We are monsters in the eyes of mundanes, why should we take offence? Why shouldn't we be proud of what we are?" Maybe it's hard for them to understand? After all, Casey had had a much longer time to grow used to the idea of being a monster-and the calls and insults, of which were fewer than Brax's but still plentiful, now had nothing on Casey. They fell on deaf ears.

Falling silent at his sister's next words, Casey leaned back into the water, allowing the waves to rise up and over his face. His nose just barely poked above the waters so that he might be able to breathe.

The dragon sighed-causing bubbles of salt water to rise up to the surface, and his mouth to fill with ocean water which he quickly spat out. Casey continued to listen to his brother, even as he was partially choking himself with ocean water.

Hmm... Human emotions are such a pain.... It seemed that everyone around him was so much more emotional and empathetic than the dragon himself-who leaned more towards being warm only to his mother, and maybe to his siblings on occasion-but that typically backfired. Like now.

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