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Cara Devries was first primordial, co creator of Portermount and first headmaster of Addermire Institution. Okay. So maybe it was co-headmaster. She liked the title of first though, and she took pride in the fact that she was technically older than her middle counterpart by a few seconds.

Normally Cara didn't hold meetings. She could get a bit lenient with her staff (which results in some insidious activity amongst their ranks) and so some of them hardly realized she existed at all. Which was a real pity, she thought she was pleasant company enough. Regardless, this school was in a state of emergency. The first people who needed to be made aware of the situation were the staff. If the students knew, there'd be an outcry. Some of them might even try leaving - and that'd be the most dangerous course of action.

She sat at the end of the table, hands clasped together over her lap as she calmly waited for members of the staff to arrive.

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Vespia immediate went home to grab her things and plans, these were the things that she dreamed about, but keep in mind that was not with any positive conotations, she was completely and utterly paranoid about that tremor, and it wasn't anything good. With her pearl white shoes clicking on the marble floors on the way to the meeting room, Vespia began thinking about all of the possible problems going on.

Throwing open the door Vespia immediately sat down at the center right of the table, setting down all of her maps and plans, routes of escape, and plans to go to battle. Things like this had happened before, but nothing that threw the entire school- no, the entirety of portermount off. Seeing Headmaster Devries there as well, she quickly said her greetings before speading out her plans, making no attempt to hide her concern.

"Where the hell is everyone else?" Quirking her perfectly penciled eyebrow, to match her on guard personality, Vespia asked the powerful deity sitting a little ways away from her.

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"I'm here," Leila commented, walking in after Vespia-a lot calmer than the younger staff member. Turning to the Headmistress-she'd met her and spoken with her some when she was growing up, but she'd always scared Leila. Though.... Leila had been a young girl, and now she was much more accustomed to everything. "Ma'am," the teacher smiled pleasantly, seating herself not too close to the girl with her plans are spread out, taking up room. She didn't mind, of course.

{{ Wolfgang }}

The warlock strode into the room, glaring red eyes burning with hell's fires. It was more than apparent that he was half demon, not to mention he reeked of demon magic. But, unlike some warlocks, Wolfe was much less evil in nature-though he did lean more towards chaos. But here he was, to listen about how some awful thing had happened, yadda yadda yadda.....

Opting to sit near and away from the other women, Wolfgang uncrossed his arms and turned to the Headmistress, "Never met you before, you're obviously an immortal." Her aura screamed immortal, screamed power and she reeked of goodness. Even more than most Sun influenced people.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason's schedule was pretty busy as is, and today was no acception. When he wasn't teaching, he was grading his class's work. When he wasn't grading, he was watching over.. Someone. He was a guardian angel, after all. However, even if he weren't a guardian angel, and he had met this person, he'd still probably watch over him.

Jason had entered, lightly bowing,"My apologies for being late." He had glanced up at the staff members. Only 4 so far? Well, 5 counting himself. Was no other staff member concerned about what was going on? Jason of course would, but the only person who knew that, was Jason. He kept to himself about this subject. Not that he didn't want to rant about it to the few he was close to, but he didn't wish to make others worry. So he didn't. Now, he was going to be allowed to talk about it. Or at least find out what was going to be done about it. He had walked over and sat down, setting his bag down before taking out a pencil and notepad. He had a horrible memory, so he usually wrote down whatever he heard. It was a good habit of his, though tiresome.

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Hyunwoo slid through the doors of the staff meeting room, more alert than usual. The book he had been reading before he came dangled in one hand, and he was wearing his glasses properly — for once. He pulled a chair from nearby and moved it to near the head of the table, flopping into it with a sigh. "I feel sorry for you," he said to Cara, by way of greeting. "Two annoying little brothers. How on earth do you cope with it?" He ignored the other teachers — to him, this was a personal matter, and notifying the teachers was simply something they had to do to keep people safe. His dearest brother was rarely considerate of other people's lives, after all.


Eunseo entered the room quietly, observing the people already arrayed there without speaking. He ducked his head as a subtle gesture of a bow to the Heads, seating himself towards the middle of the table. He had suspicions about the reason they had been called here, although he was not certain — he had been young when the knowledge of primordials became more myth than fact, and he had never really paid attention to the adults' discussions as a child.

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Cara's brow quirked to match Vespia's and she grinned, appreciating her enthusiasm as she watched others follow in behind her. She didn't answer, gesturing to them and tilting her chin up. She glanced at Wolfgang, tilting her head at him and narrowing her eyes. That was going to be a concern for her. She didn't quite trust him, especially if he didn't have a reason to remain on their side. Chaos loved to use people against her. Against everyone really. She nodded at Hyunwoo, a small smile meeting her lips. She was about to speak when the doors opened.

Oliver wasn't staff. Not technically. He was a house master. And... something else. Not a sibling of either Hyunwoo or Cara, he wouldn't consider himself that anyways. He had a very different origin. Nonetheless, he was almost intimately aware of what was happening - to an uncomfortable degree. He sat directly in front of Jason, glancing at him with a small smirk.

Derek had followed him, first to reprimand him for not being in class, until he realized that Oliver was a complicated person, he wasn't about that life. So he let Oliver lead him to the meeting room, considering he had no idea where it was. He slid into the chair beside Leila, glancing at her with slightly widened eyes. The tremor had hit him hard. It had him fidgeting and on edge, he was half animal after all.

"So I'm sure you're all aware of the tremor from earlier?" Cara spoke up finally, gazing over those who could make it.

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This was certainly unusual, but nothing that she was unprepared for. In fact, she had plans for just about every single thing. So the fact that this was something that could be considered dangerous to her, and the primodial goddess, and every other teacher in hmthis room made Vespia slightly paranoid. "Unfortunately so. Even as I was wander the halls, I saw the shift in the students. Something is going on here, and it hasn't happend for a long time. Am I right headmaster?" She asked, even though she was being respectful, everything she said seemed like a challenge.

"We need to teach them how to defend themselves. They cannot simply be left at the hands of, whomever this is." Things like this once again, were something that terrorized her in her slumber, and the prescene of Wolfgang did not make her feel any more welcome. Though Vespia normally was a calm spirit, and collected, this tremor had out her on guard. And as the lieutenant of the royal guard, that was not easily thrown off, that was never a positive sign.

"Nobody goes anywhere, not the students, not the staff, not even the small little butterflies that roam. It's a full lockdown." She said spreading out her blueprints of Addermire.

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Leila beamed at the newcomer, "Hello!" She said cheerfully, though there was still an air of seriousness around her-it was a... Strange combination. "Glad you could join us," Miss Jackson spoke with a joyful tone, though her eyes constantly flickered to the Headmistress. What were they about to learn? What was coming for the school?

Turning to greet the other Headmaster, Leila paused and shut her mouth. Okay... So... Apparently the newest staff member didn't really seem to care...

Turning to meet Derek's gaze, Leila smiled sympathetically, offering her hand to the Moon influenced teacher. Just because Derek and the other moon influenced beings were seen as evil or unsafe by some didn't mean they were, and Leila was determined to stay by her boyfriend's side.

Turning her face to Cara, Leila bowed her head in silent agreement. Everyone had felt it-even those who were sun and shade influence.

{{ Wolfgang }}

Sniffing the air, Wolfgang sensed the angel's presence before the guardian angel even stepped foot into the room. Red eyes flashing over to the newcomer, Wolfe slumped even lower in his seat, heaving a sigh. No one trust you Wolfe, so, why are you here? To kill time. Is that true, though? In his time at Addermire, Wolfe hadn't managed to find anyone to truly care about. So he really had nothing to stay on the "good" side for... But, hey, maybe it might be worth it-Wolfe didn't know. He wasn't clairvoyant.

Wolfe pulled himself out of his thoughts to listen to the Headmistress. "Hard to ignore," he muttered, sharp canines flashing as his lips peeled back in disgust. That tremor had been like a shock wave, and it had shaken many auras-which in turn had shaken Wolfgang quite a bit.

Chuckling, Wolfe leaned forward to eye the eager staff member's plans. "Hmm... Full lockdown? Are we sure it's an outside force? Maybe it's inside, maybe it's both-maybe it's all in our heads?" At that last part, the warlock let out a thin cackle that relaxed into an amused hum of more chuckling.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason would of commented at the demon, but he was too busy staring someone else in the face. ..A student? Here? Was this allowed? Why wasn't anyone trying to kick the child out? ..Why did it have to be Oliver, above everyone else? No. He had to be professional about it. There had to be a reason Oliver was here, right? ..What could that reason be? Why was it his heart was pounding? Was it fear? Confusion? Maybe both? He wasn't sure any more.

Jason had lightly coughed, coming back to his senses. He had turned his gaze to Wolfe finally, furrowing his eyebrows,"..They are children, not wild animals. If we were to lockdown the school, that would surely put more of a panic into our students. Do you know what happens when you try to lock up people for a crime they did not commit? They'll start to rebel against us, more so than usual. They'll fight out of fright, and for their freedom. They will end up injuring themselves. Surely, there must be some other way that doesn't involve locking up innocent students." He glances at Cara,"..We should keep an eye on them, along with outside forces." He looks back at Wolfe, continuing,"But I highly suggest we do not lock them up. They rarely have enough freedom as is." He points out, his eyes glancing back over towards Oliver.

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Hyunwoo had originally not intended to talk — but now, hearing what the teachers had to offer, he chose to speak. "A lockdown is a dangerous idea — a building full of sparked teenagers who don't know what's happening will be like a dry forest on a windy day. The slightest upset could cause chaos." He thought for a moment, then continued. "Let them draw their own conclusions, limit trips into the city, and most importantly avoid panic." Panic was Chaos' domain, and it would give him what he wanted. Continuing as though nothing had happened would hopefully frustrate him to the point of making a mistake or revealing himself.

He stood, moving around the table to where the princess sat with her blueprints. "I'd say station a guard at the exit to every dormitory building, to report changes in the behaviour of those exiting and entering, but they're teenagers, so they'll probably just take the window to avoid being observed." Hyunwoo wasn't much of a strategician, nor a fighter — more a negotiator. But he knew from experience that the antics of teenage boys were timeless and when you threw magic into the mix it only got messier. Limiting the mess would make it easier to keep everyone safe — and if that meant letting them roam free via doors rather than windows, so be it.


Eunseo didn't speak. He had his suspicions, but he didn't want them confirmed — he would much rather just ensure that the students were safe rather than investigate further. He rolled his eyes at Vespia's comment, sighing slightly. He'd known that he wasn't the most memorable person around (in this guise, at least), but he'd thought that they might at least remember that there was, in fact, already a self-defence class. He should raise that point, he supposed, but he really didn't feel like speaking. There was enough noise already. Instead, he traced the patterns on the ring he always wore with his thumb, thinking about the advantages of letting the students rest a little today rather than having a full lesson.

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"I agree" Cara began, giving a curt nod to Hyunwoo, "In fact I'm not sure if any students should be allowed in Syracuse, a few citizens have gone missing, that's the first time there's been an upset in Syracuse in centuries. Which means the citizens are already agitated as it is. The last thing they need to do is mingle with a bunch of scared teens." she replied, glancing at Vespia and shaking her head, "And we shouldn't force the students to do anything they aren't already doing, if they catch drift of what's going on, they'll start getting antsy. The majority of them are fully capable of taking care of themselves as it is. But I appreciate your enthusiasm" she grinned.

Derek glanced over the blueprints and suddenly he stood from his seat, "My boys know there's somethin up. Everyone's on edge, how do we explain that? It's driving me nuts" he spoke through clenched teeth.

"We tell them that we're in a state of emergency of course, no use in lying to them. We'll blame it on the state of the political climate." She waved dismissively.

"Yet lying is precisely what that would be" Oliver spoke, still casting glances at Jason almost flirtatiously.

"Who the hell is he supposed to be?" Derek demanded, glaring at Oliver. He was on edge. It was clear. He was a dire wolf, more animal than man, and he was certain that those who were like himself would be most susceptible to the effects of the tremor.

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"If I may say, Headmistress Cara, Headmaster Hyunwoo, most of my guards are moon influenced, they've been a bit... on the fritz ever since the tremor. Most of them can't think straight, and they've been at each others throats. I care about the students protection, meaning that I cannot have my guards health put into danger either. Especially with my sister placed here." Vespia explained trying to figure out which guards she could spare without leaving the king and queen defensless.

As the man across from her sprang up, she could tell the moon influenced him as well, a dire wolf. She concluded, raising an eyebrow at his behavior. Still giving an ear to the rest of the conversation.

Yet the boy who was sitting at the table caught most of her attention. "You. You know something boy? Please share." She didn't say this to expose him, but rather add to her notes of things to consider.

Though she couldn't focus seeing as the man continued to shake her off. "Mr. Hale, please! I understand that you have been affected, but I have a feeling he is more important than he appears to be. No offense young man." She wasn't being rude, but she sounded quite stern as if she was commanding her guards.

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Staring at the student, Wolfe smirked, "Accepting students as part of staff now... Hmm...." The warlock shut his eyes, just barely open so that you cold see the thin line of consuming black. "Freedom is important," Wolfgang agreed, sitting up-yep, sitting up ((shocking, I know))-and bobbing his head in agreement. "Everyone needs freedom," the warlock muttered, remembering Arthur's controlling behavior, the feeling of being choked and suffocated by his father's inflamed ego and abusive personality.

Jerking out of his thoughts by the swell of dark energy, Wolfgang shifted his glare to Derek. "Honestly, can't you stay calm for five minutes? Yes, the tremor affected you-don't you have a bit more self control than that?"

Snarling under his breath, Wolfgang stood up with a bit more drama and flair than needed-if the tipped over chair was any indication... Whoops. "I think it funny you feel like you're able to boss around those who-in this room-are your equals. Even that guy," Wolfe added with a huff, jerking his chin towards the student who... Apparently was allowed in staff meetings. When did that happen again...?

|| Leila ||

Leaning towards Derek, Leila frowned, brows furrowing. "Wild animals don't like being locked up either," she frowned, disapproving of the idea-not the person.

Listening attentively to Hyunwoo's words, and watching him move to Vespia's papers. "Smart," Leila agreed, smiling faintly-though she was still a bit worried about what was to come.

Surprised out of her careful thoughts by Derek's sudden movement, Leila turned around to look at the coach. Wary of Derek's irritability, the pale skinned woman carefully tapped the dire wolf's wrist. "Derek, take a few breaths and calm down," she murmured, though she was getting a bit anxious herself from the rising tension.

"Can we all just sit down and not talk over one another? How about we state our ideas and try to compromise?" Leila spoke steadly, hands clasped, but her face was pinched and lips thin white line.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason had tensed up lightly at the sudden shouting from Derek, blinking lightly in shock. Were all werewolves like this? Well, he didn't know much about Derek, just that he was part of a pack. The leader, in fact. So, he supposed any leader would react the way Derek was when it came to the safety of their people. Werewolves were always easy to anger. At least, that's what Jason has gathered from the few he worked with. Some more so than others.

Jason was having a hard time concentrating because of Oliver's stare. It was.. Well, Jason wasn't sure what it was. Was he trying to be seductive? Trying to flirt with Jason? Right here and now in this very moment? Jason was a teacher, and Oliver was a student. This was.. Well.. Illegal. He coughed lightly, looking over at Derek before at Cara. ..Would he have to step in to save Oliver's hide? Or, perhaps if he did, he may rise suspicions of their relationship. So instead, he kept silent.

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Eunseo looked up at Oliver's statement. "Is it lying," he asked, "or is it like one of your riddles? Politics is more than just a government or a monarch. I would have expected a student from your house to understand that." Perhaps the dig was unnecessary, but the amount of noise in the room was beginning to get on his nerves.

Hyunwoo returned to his seat, listening to the squabbling vaguely, but also blocking out some of it to protect his ears. "I agree with Leila. We're never going to figure anything out if we're this disorganised. Yes, there are difficulties, and yes, it was something of a surprise, but if we don't get ourselves together, the enemy wins." He closed his eyes, feeling the beginning of a headache forming. Really, his preferred solution to this problem would be to go out on his own, find Chaos and slap some sense into him — but Hyunwoo had always been the worst fighter of the three siblings, and Cara wouldn't approve. And although she was only a handful of seconds older than him, she still acted like a strict, bossy older sister.

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Derek felt his canines grow out and poke over his bottom lip as he glared at the demon, what was his name? What did it matter? Though when he noticed Leila was anxious he stopped himself from retorting, but he couldn't prevent the low, animalistic snarl from escaping his lips. He sat back down, heaving an enraged sigh.

Oliver glanced at Eunseo and his smug smirk was telling enough. He'd only spoken to the man a handful of times. They'd never really gotten along. His eyes, completely black, only glittering with the lights above as an indication of movement, settled on Wolfgang though, of whom he found more interesting. Ultimately he did answer, glancing back at Eunseo, "A more formidable question might be, is it telling the truth? Because I think that Cara, and Hyunwoo, and I, know full well what that truth is. It weighs heavy on her shoulders, slack, dead weight, a burden so bothersome it's something akin to dragging a body bag around with her every single day. Blaming politics on the actions of a select few is silly, and if you knew the truth then perhaps you wouldn't be sitting here right n-"

"Enough!" Cara took on a cross tone, glaring at Oliver and shaking her head, "I did what I had to- to protect everyone, to protect-"

"Yourself." Oliver interjected, glancing at Hyunwoo, "Chaos." he turned his gaze to everyone else. "The enemy is Chaos itself."

"Listen, could everyone just stop talking for five god damn minutes?" Cara demanded, having stood up from her chair, gazing down at each of them with an almost pleading look.

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The entire table had seemed to have already picked sides, even Headmaster Hyunwoo, who was the ultimate true neutral, seemed to be leaning more towards the Headmistress. Yet who could blame him? Though as Oliver began to speak, as cryptic as he was he was telling a story. One that clearly none of them knew about. He was stirring something up that was clearly causing trouble, another conflict that not one of them needed.

Though the next few words that came out of his mouth made her caramel complexion turn pale. They were battaling Chaos itself? "The idea? Or the being?" She causiously asked, knowing that it was clear as day why he was there. Her protective big sister side came out, her eyes ultimately fixed in a glare, and she went quiet, as if process all that had just happened even though she knew perfectly well what was going on. She sat down and became unnervingly quiet. Hyunwoo was right, if they wanted to fet through this, all had to calm down, and just as Cara had requested, a few minutes of silence had passed before Vespia spoke up again.

"So, lockdown isn't an option. Neither is placing the guards around the school, and we cannot lie to them. What about recruiting a few trustworthy students to work from the inside?" Vespia seemed to be so reluctant to share this idea, she hated the idea off putting anyone in danger, and anything too big would let the students know that something was absolutely off. "I know this is risky, but we cannot simply let them be, espeically because of the negative energy going around."

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Meeting the werewolf's glare, Wolfgang flashed his teeth in a silent challenge before the woman... Something with an 'L'... Anyways, before Miss Jackson managed to calm the ruffian down... A bit.

Wolfe stomped his foot, temper flaring, "What are we even talking about anymore?! I thought we were debating what to do about our imminent death!" The warlock barked out, deadly canines bared like the half-dog he was. "Obviously we can't work out our problems, too many small plots are getting wrapped up in this one." Most people together or in a group supporting the same cause had some kind of connection in their auras, these people-beasts, idiots... Whatever!!! They had only a tangle of string between them-but they still had a common goal... Somehow?

Oblivious to Oliver's gaze, attention locked on Cara. "......." Moving forward, a hunter's expression on his face, poised-as though considering attacking. But he didn't, no, this bitch was screaming powerful-and Wolfgang wasn't in the mood to die in some dumb meeting. If he died, it would be epic-explosions, excitement, blood.... Anyways, getting carried away here...

"Chaos? You mean to say, you did something with a Primordial-namely Chaos-who probably has his eyes set on blood and our dying remains?!"

Now, being immortal, Wolfe had seen a lot. He knew, a lot. He knew something had happened to Chaos-all the moon influenced beings' auras had changed one day with no explanation. This... This crazy change of events put everything into light.

Leila blinked gratefully at the co-Headmaster before returning her attention to the mess in front of her. There weren't that many people here, but they somehow were louder than her own classes-filled with animals that wouldn't stop shrieking! How does one get louder than shrieking animals?

Letting out a breath she'd forgotten she'd been holding, Leila wrapped her hand into a fist under the protective dome of Derek's. But that did little to ease the knot of fear that continued to get tighter and tighter.

When the dire wolf finally, finally, sat down, Leila nudged his shoulder gently. "Deep breaths, calm down." She whispered quietly, eyes still focused on the scene before her.

Turning to stare at the student, Oliver, was it? Leila's interest was peaked, and the nervousness from before was pushed down by her fascination at this new information"A... Chaos the... Primordial?" Leila's face scrunched in confusion, and horror, and fear. But there was a small flame of anger there, "So he-assuming it's a he-is going to... What... Kill us? And, does the Royal Family know about this? What's their take?"

Gaze flicking over to Vespia, Leila tried to calm herself for a moment, "The Primordial, I believe." She said, directing her response to the other staff member.

Leila listened to Vespia, slowly nodding, "That... That's... That sounds okay.... We could find people to sniff out those who may be siding with chaos-or might in the future and then we can get a general list of people." Because it can't all be moon influenced... The teacher thought, hand warm from where it was tucked beneath Derek's. Surely it's not all Chaos influenced beings...

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason had blinked at everything going on. ..Oliver. He was acting differently than he normally did. Sure, Oliver was always sort of a know it all. Someone who often had an ego-problem. But Jason never thought Oliver would act like this. What all did Oliver know that Jason didn't? He didn't tell Oliver about today's meeting. He never told him anything about this, for he didn't want to frighten him. But now, seeing Oliver here, he didn't feel as bad about having a secret. But to Jason, this secret of Oliver's seemed bigger than his. But, that was for another time.

Jason had glanced over. ..Chaos? Someone must of been pretty stupid to upset someone as powerful as the chaos. He wondered what it was that happened, and how they were going to fix this. He kept quiet, however, looking at everyone except Oliver. His heart always sped up when he did. He needed to focus during this meeting.

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It took a lot to anger Hyunwoo. But Oliver's tone, and the way he was handing out facts so easily, infuriated him. He rarely used his abilities — but in an instant, he was standing at the boy's chair. He pulled Oliver to his feet, holding him by the collar. "I'm sure you think that the truth is more important," he spat, "But this discussion is about the students, because this is a school. So make your accusations all you want, but if you have nothing to contribute about the safety of the students, you can leave. And perhaps you should avoid provoking further argument, lest we begin to suspect you of working with him." Without warning, he released him — but not after lifting him far enough off the ground for a fall to be uncomfortable — and stalked back to stand beside Cara. "Now, if you could all please shut up, perhaps we could get back to the important conversation."

Eunseo had slid his ring off and was holding it tightly in the palm of his hand when the arguing escalated. He was unsurprised by what Oliver had to say, and uninterested in the outburst. He did his best to block out the noise, but said and did nothing else. He hadn't expected his words to bring this result, and he certainly hadn't wanted it. It seemed as though only a handful of those in the room were as they appeared to be — he wondered what would happen if they knew who he was. It wasn't something he talked about, and he hadn't known anyone here last time he had revealed himself to anyone. But then again, if Oliver knew the circumstances of Chaos' disappearance and reappearance, perhaps he knew more than just that as well. Eunseo hoped not.

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Oliver stumbled faintly but otherwise his expression didn't change. "Careful there Hyunwoo, that isn't very neutral of you, now is it?" he spoke up as he was held there, shadows licking at his very presence as though he were tugging at them. From afar they looked like tendrils snaking up behind him from the abyss itself. But when he was dropped everything dissipated and he rolled his eyes. Sibling rivalries. So much fun.. He didn't care for either of them. This was bigger than the students - of whom he also didn't much care for. Except for perhaps the residents of Void.

Cara shook her head, watching, "That's what I'm getting at here, Leila" she spoke up, casting a glare to Oliver who only tilted his head in response. Meddling cryptic little shit. She only kept him around because of those born under his influence, a select few. A very select few. She was beginning to wonder if it was even worth it, keeping him as a house master. She didn't like unknowns and he was an enigma. She hardly knew much about him herself. Once things had quieted within the room she took a deep breath, "I've gotten information from some of the royal brookers about a group calling itself "Defacto." They've been the cause of about sixteen deaths outside of Syracuse and possibly the release of Chaos himself - and now they're here. In Addermire. And they're quickly gaining traction within Portermount." she glanced over each of them and swallowed, running a hand through her hair.

"Now I know it might be tempting to point fingers at those under the moon's influence but paranoia only divides us further and that's exactly what he wants. Put people into boxes and eventually they'll start believing that's where they belong. So it is your job as faculty and staff to keep the students safe." she opened her folder, a series of pictures lining her view. They were crime scenes of each of the sixteen victims - little spades drawn around them in blood.

Oliver opened his mouth to speak but stopped himself. Fine. They'd all just rest in their blissful ignorance, this argument was destined for the utterly destitute, not worth his time. Not worth trying. Cara was great at that, silencing the voices she didn't like to hear.

Derek listened and seemed to have calmed down, if only a little. "What do we do then? If they are in the gang, Depacto? Defacto? How do we discipline them?"

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<< the world is ending
this is so sad
alexa play despacito >>

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Wolfgang settled back down, his temper being shoved away for curiosity. Hyunwoo, attacking a student? Well... Perhaps "attacking" wasn't the best word, but he definitely wasn't being as.... Distant, as he often was.

Wolfe rolled his eyes, "Discipline sounds like such a harsh word," actually, Wolfgang despised such words. "I'm sure we need to make sure they don't get out of hand, but no violence or threats should be encouraged. We should try to.... Reason with them? If they want to be idiots, at least it was their decision and they know what hell they're throwing themselves into."

Leila smiled up at Derek, tension released a bit as Derek seemed to relax a bit. Perking up at Cara's word, Leila tapped her chin, "And now they're finding their way here? Or are they just getting recruits from our students?" Leila knew that students who weren't driven by anything could be easily swayed to choose something... That wouldn't be good.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason had tensed up more as Oliver was picked up. If Oliver wouldn't of spoken up, and Jason wouldn't of noticed the rather.. Dark aura around him, he definitely would of done something. But, before he could, it was over just as quick as it had started. It was probably for the best. It wasn't his place to stand up towards them. Especially towards someone they seemed to know more than Jason did. He lightly swallows, drawing his attention away from it again.

Jason had blinked at Leila's words, furrowing his eyebrows,"..You think some of the Defacto gang are here? Among our students?" He looks over at Cara,"Is that possible?"

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Hyunwoo flopped into his seat, listening as Cara spoke. At Wolfgang's remark, he sighed. There would always be that one person, he supposed, who just had to suggest going the peaceful route. "They're a hate group," he said bluntly. "A hate group that's murdering people. And you want to reason with them. I'm not saying it's impossible, but given that they're probably working with Chaos... He's not the most reasonable of people." Sure, sometimes he preferred diplomacy, finding a middle route that made everyone happy — but sometimes people just needed to have their noses broken to take them down a few notches.

Eunseo listened to the discussion, the questions, rolling his eyes a few times. But he didn't speak. Shooting down others' comments would only make the situation worse, and he had as much information as the rest of them. How much the Headmistress wasn't telling them, he wasn't sure, but there was probably a lot that she didn't know either. After all, she'd said that she got the information from another source.

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Oliver had seen this play out far too many times, and was currently seeing it play out over and over again. So he interjected, growing a bit bored. "Have you possibly considered evaluating the motives of their actions before making assumptions and coming to unfounded conclusions?" he asked calmly.

Cara glanced at Oliver and her gaze flickered away as she shook her head, "Doesn't matter what their motives are, if they're killing people they're in the wrong. Nothing justifies the death of an innocent, especially if their death was to prove something - I don't care what they expect to achieve. I care about stopping them before they achieve it." She said firmly, casting a glare at the "student." She took a deep breath, gazing over the others, "I think they're likely going to try and sway the minds of the easily molded and directionless, yes. I think-"

"The mundane are swine, powerless cattle to be herded away from one edge of the field to the next grainy pasture, fattened and milked for all of the little worth they actually have - that is what their train of thought is. Essentially, they believe in a social hierarchy. Chaos has always aimed to reign supreme. But I suppose you and he did have a lot in common, right Cara?" he glanced at Wolfie.

"Discipline is dealt by those with the power to suit them and the moral authority of the masses. Diplomacy might be an option, but you'd also have to provide incentive for them to not fall into the ranks of a revolution. You'd have to depend on the goodness of a bunch of highschool students who have been shunned by the societies they've come from - and in some cases, their own families. What incentive do they have to not take a cause like this personally?" he spoke leveled, though there was a fluctuating sarcastic tone to his words.

Derek watched a felt an odd stir within him. He thought back to all of the times he'd been given strange looks in public, how he fled around the mundanes even though he could have easily killed those who spited him. Those who knew about his "condition" thought he was cursed or diseased, lesser. He looked away in deep thought, biting his lip as his expression hardened.

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Vespia had purposely stayed quiet during part of the ideas being thrown in, listening in on all aspects of the conversaion. Not weighing on any of them yet, leaning forward on the table, and folding her hands to hold them in place and for a moment. Those who looked could see the resemblance between her and the king. Taking a glance at each person, she noticed simply how different each of them were, and what they brought to the table.

The Headmistress was correct. Murding those who had commited no wrong doing against the situtation was simply evil. There was not debate about that, yet here Oliver was giving her the oppertunity to think differently. As they two negotiated, or to put rather simply, listed the facts that the ememy had most likely already considered, Vespia started to think about her siblings. Would they be able to round up a few 'good' students whom they would trust with their lives?

"My brothers and sisters have already faced enough discrimination being under the moon's influence. You are right Oliver, they certainly don't have a reason not to take this personally, and I don't see an incentive for them not to. Yet, do you have a solution that involves not lying to them, keeping them safe, and somehow stopping the power of Chaos himself? Does anyone else? I cannot even trust my own guards to go out to protect the people if they cannot protect themselves. So tell me, anyone please tell me, what else do we have to rely on?" She asked, still thinking back to the day on the beach with her siblings.

Braxton had explained it as though someone were trying to convince him, and his willingness to say no became slightly weaker everyday. Every second. "While the mundane are usually not the open-minded creatures they believe themselves to be, they are still are not meant to be killed off like cattle."

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"If they don't listen to reason, that's they're decision," he responded, shrugging-once again, while putting on a face of apathy, "And if they do happen to choose Chaos, let them get screwed over-why not give them another choice before that, though?" Wolfe sighed, the warlock already weary from this meeting, "Ugh... Can this be over now?" The warlock grouched, of course, he knew the answer. They could be here for hours before they came to a solution.

Wolfgang's eyes finally flicked over to Oliver's, a small smirk forming. "My, my, my, Headmistress Cara. What's this I hear?" And then that smirk became a full fledged grin, eyes sparking with amusement and... Something else.

Keep an eye out for that one... Wolfgang noted with a pleased smile, this student had guts-he could respect that, he made the warlock laugh. "True enough, and I'm sure not only the Moon influenced beings are affected." Shade influenced people could also be swayed from Sun to Moon or just in the middle. Wolfe himself didn't care either way-unless an oppurtunity, or money, was offered. It's why few wanted to talk to him... Hmm. Might need to face that problem, meh.

Leaning into his chair's back, arms settling behind his neck, Wolfe chuckled as a memory arose from his jumbled up memories, "Y'know, back in Medieval Times, my King would just send us out to get our necks chopped off in every war he decided to throw our kingdom in." It'd gotten boring and troublesome after awhile...

"Everyone has a motive-what I want to know is yours," Wolfgang suddenly said after a moment of silence, directing this response to Cara. "Of course, you could be doing this for the good of the people and the school-but why?" Why did people care so much? Why did mundanes care so much? Why did Cara? Everyone had a motive, no matter how good they seemed or how honest their auras were-there was always a layer of darkness beneath the good.

Leila sighed, resting her head in her right hand. "Why don't we make a list of what we know?" She was getting a bit turned around by all these words being thrown around left and right.

Turning to Oliver, Leila offered him an agreeable smile, "That sounds good to me," she spoke up again, turning to meet everyone else's opinions.

Feeling, rather than seeing, Derek's sudden distance and seriousness-which was a change from the moment of irritability that'd happened seconds ago. Looking towards the dire wolf, Leila leaned again him, just as a reminder that he could talk to her later-she was always happy to speak to and with him.

"One another," Leila said steadily, turning to Vespia. "Why is it that those under the Moon's influence have suddenly had such a surge of power-but have also been... What, called to, by this primordial? Maybe the tremors are because their Primordial has returned from wherever they were? Or perhaps the primordial is... Calling them, or trying to control them?"

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Hyunwoo groaned. "Can both of you shut up?" he snapped at Cara and Oliver. "It doesn't matter who's in the right and who's in the wrong. We're trying to stop people from dying, we can worry about morality later." He hated dealing with the other primordials — all either with no interest in keeping the peace or too busy moralising everything to just shut up and get on with life. "Perhaps when we find students that have joined them, or are at risk of joining them, we find them a reason to listen to us," he suggested idly. "They're teenagers, it can't be that hard to manipulate them." Obviously there was the ethical issue of manipulating children into believing what they wanted them to — which, okay, sounded worse than it had originally, but comparing the possible murder of hundreds, even thousands of mundanes to convincing a few kids that joining a murderous revolutionary group was bad, the decision became more obvious. At Leila's question, he thought for a minute. He could explain it — or he could just leave it for Cara to explain, which would be a lot less work for him.

Eunseo felt his eyes change, and closed them quickly, acting as though he was simply frustrated with the train of conversation, hoping nobody had picked up on it. He rarely had trouble hiding it, but clearly the tremor had shaken things up more than he'd thought. It wasn't only the Moon influence who were affected, it seemed — he'd initially thought the rest of them had only been slightly unsettled. But only a lot of stress or anxiety could trigger it, and he'd thought he was reasonably good at recognising his emotions.

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There was silence for a few moments as Cara struggled to recollect her composure, gazing over the table, furrowing her brows. "I want to keep everything that we've built together from crashing down. That is my motive" she nodded at Hyunwoo, "But he's right, we've got to put the majority over all else in this case. If we have to lie to them to keep them safe then so be it, it's better than ruthlessly telling the truth and throwing everything into disarray." she glanced at Vespia, "And we rely on ourselves. The moon influenced certainly aren't the only ones being hit by this, but it's effecting them more so than everyone else. So from this point on, the disciplinary committee and the overseeing council will be on the lookout for Defacto members and you should all be vigilant as well. We should gather with the house masters here soon to talk about all of this and inform them - this can't get out. This conversation stays between the staff and faculty" she explained.

Oliver found that ironic considering he was technically a student. She'd made him one. He stopped himself from speaking up against her. The tremor had effected him immensely. He found himself irritable, more sharp tongued than usual. He glanced at Wolfgang, noticing the contemplative look on his face. He found the man amusing. Though his expression seemed to soften when Leila briefly interjected to speak to him. He nodded respectfully. She was always very sweet to him, she was sweet to most people, he admired her for that.

Though his gaze flickered over towards Eunseo when he noticed the change in expression. His eyes narrowed faintly and he tilted his head. Perhaps it'd be best to let things simmer down before continuing. For the sake of those here under the moon's influence.

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Leila wincing, the white witch felt much like a cornered animal. "Can we all just, uhm, calm down?" She asked, leaning away from the unraveling chaos.

"Why is lying the best choice we have?" Leila asked, frowning at such an idea. "These students are people, they need to know. Knowledge is power, so ignorance is weakness-won't that make them more vulnerable to... Outside voices?"

Wolfgang sighed heavily, "You wanna know why our students might pick Defacto?" Wolfe plowed on without pausing, "Because their face value has been marred, and no diamond should be any less than what they're worth. Because people, mundane and sparked, think they know us." Warlock didn't delve into the reason for why he included himself, or everyone else, part of that "us", "They don't know a thing. They think all witches are bad, every warlock is selfish, and all angels are good-but they have no idea, they see a broad picture but inside of these picture are small technicalities they can't possibly make sense of. We've become foolish and arrogant, and it's all very hilarious to watch, but the dumbest thing that I've seen in my entire life-of which has been long and painful."

After making this speech, Wolfe scrunched up his face with disgust, "And, ew, now I have to do more work?" There were about... Two, three? Disciplinary Branch members, including himself, and the hardest part about his job was... Nothing! All he had to do was scare encourage the students to behave properly-it was fun, and it was easy. Now he had to do real work-blech.

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Hyunwoo slid down in his seat, until his face was level with the table, then sat up again. "Knowledge is power, sure, but truth is a double-edged sword and we don't want to cut our hands." He didn't like many sayings, but 'truth is a double-edged sword' had always resonated with him. It made the point so eloquently, without all the stumbling that a plain explanation might cause. "People are flawed. Giving them the truth will scare them, and scared people don't act rationally. Think of the Roman mob. Think of the Salem Witch Trials. Think of the willingness of the German people to believe the Nazis when they accused the Jewish people of being the root of their poverty. And teenagers — especially teenage boys — are particularly susceptible to this. We don't need a riot. Confused is better than scared."

Eunseo opened his eyes — no longer dull brown, but silver — and glared at Wolfgang. "You accuse others of making generalisations, yet you are doing that yourself. Humanity has changed for the better significantly in the last few decades, and your arrogance in claiming these things is the reason people act this way. As the Headmistress said, if you put people in boxes they become what you claimed they were. And that is what separates people — those who can set aside their differences, break through the boxes despite the pressure from others, and do good; and those who cannot." Even within the school, there were these people — those of moon influence who persisted with being kind and gentle despite the stigma around them; those born into a different influence than the majority of their species, who faced hate for being different. And it frustrated Eunseo that in the thousands of years he'd been alive this stigma had not changed. "And nothing excuses murder." He breathed out heavily. He shouldn't get angry, he knew — it would only make it harder to hold back. But he had stayed quiet too long.

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