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Hillbilly Elegy

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Hey everyone, I'm excited to be back and eager to meet with you all again. Thank you so much to Zach for filling in during my absence.

We'll be reading Hillbilly Elegy, and while I know some of you have read it before, I think it'll be an interesting discussion in light of our past titles and how economic depression can affect peoples and families.

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The book was written before our current administration, but here is an interview where he tries to explain the appeal of Trump to poor white voters. It's a lot to unpack and the discussion is far larger than he's able to articulate.

message 3: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 146 comments Very interesting interview, tho' Vance repeats many of the points he makes in the bk. I really enjoyed the comment at the end from the Haitian immigrant who still believes in the Amer. dream -- that this country rewards 'individual agency', a person's ability to change his life for the better (or in the case of the people Vance writes about, for the worse). Should be a great discussion tomorrow, no matter what prejudices we each bring to it.

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Readridinghood | 54 comments love the relationship between Vance and Mamaw. Mamaw’s hilarious take on life had be continually laughing and rolling back the digital recording of the book to listen again. The first time I tasted Perrier, I thought it tasted like Alka-Seltzer! In time, my opinion changed and I now really like it! The first time I sat down to a formally dressed dinner table, I had the same inner dialogue Vance had about utensils. I don’t think that’s a hillbilly thing, I’m sure we all have experienced this. See you tonight

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Anne | 85 comments Seems pertinent to our discussion last week. I’m NOT sorry for getting political 😬

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