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Protecting Patron Privacy: Safe Practices for Public Computers
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18 Protecting Patron Privacy > Chapter 3: Patron Education

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Sonnet (sonnetireland) | 64 comments Mod
Comments, questions, and discussion about chapter 3.

Sonnet (sonnetireland) | 64 comments Mod
This is a tricky one, and a topic that I'm very invested in. It can be hard to find balance between informing patrons and communicating on their own level. I'm currently working on a class that will discuss the balance between privacy and convenience. Not all privacy settings are the same...and you may want Google to know your location (because you get lost all the time like I do), but you may not want Facebook to know what you're watching on Netflix. So I'm hoping to create a kind of "informed consent" privacy class to give patrons more power over their information.

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