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SIDETRACKED: The Betrayal And Murder Of Anna Kithcart
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Lady ♥ Belleza (bella_foxx) | 3435 comments Mod
As the sun rises over the quiet city of Kingston, New York on July 12, 1988, a local transient discovers the remains of 19-year-old Anna Kithcart. She was strangled and beaten to death, with the letters “KKK” carved into her thighs.

While her heartbroken family mourns, and the police work around the clock to uncover the truth, the investigation is complicated by the entrance of the Reverend Al Sharpton who insists that a racist killer is responsible. As investigators struggle to find evidence, Sharpton and his supporters denounce the entire area as a “Klan den” and make public pronouncements that a “racist cult” is operating throughout the area.

Published November 22nd 2017 by WildBlue Press

Kristin (savannahjan) | 62 comments I just read this. And it was really good. The trial writing was incredibly done. The author did a great job of telling how both sides did and where they slipped up.

My main problem with the book was the lack of info on the victim. She was pretty much a name and body. The lack of detail about her made her just a generic death. And if you care enough about a crime to write a book about it, I’d think we’d get a bit more focus on the victim.

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Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 178 comments I would like that book

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Fishface | 14140 comments Just the sentence "the trial writing was incredibly done" sold me!

Kristin (savannahjan) | 62 comments Well now I hope I didn’t oversell it! Eep!

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