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SOLVED: Other > New Adult, College - Academic, Sports, romance, Contemporary - college football player meets heroine with beautiful purple eyes in a bar

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Scarlet012 | 2 comments Hero (I think he is a football player) meets heroine in a bar and falls head over heels in love with her upon seeing her and buys her a drink. I think the hero calls him angel and the heroine has beautiful piercing eyes (purple color maybe). The hero pursues the heroine but at first the heroine doesn't want a relationship and the hero misunderstands the relationship between the heroine and her bestfriend. The heroine has a bestfriend who is a swimmer and the bestfriend of hers secretly loves her from the moment they took swimming lessons when they were young. the heroine ends up with the hero and he introduces the heroine as his fiancee to a famous football player to whom the heroine has a crush I think his name was austin from a new york team? It is published in america and uses english

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Duplicate thread deleted. Please, only post your query once and bookmark it so you don't lose it.

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Scarlet012, I notice your thread is marked Solved. Just to confirm, did you find your book?

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