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Which one of my ideas are you interested in?

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Ugh not really good on role playing the guy but will try my hardest. I will do peter Parker. The character I know best.

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Okay! Here’s my girl, I’ll just do a basic profile:

Name: Alison Evans
Age: 17
Appearance: https://www.hairstylesgirly.co/wp-con...
Powers: Super-Speed
Family: Tony Stark (Cousin)

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She pretty. My question is this recent or the older peter Parker.

Basic the serious one or the funny one. Also do will we start before or after the bite.

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Recent, so funny. And after the bite

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Okay sorry I was busy and barely can role play I will try harder to reply.

Would you like to go first please!

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It’s okay, don’t worry! And of course I can!!

Alison finished up with her classes with her private teacher, wandering around Avengers tower when she was done. She absolutely hated that she was homeschooled, but that’s what happened when you were raised by Tony Stark after your parents died in a horrific accident. She sighed softly, wishing she could go out and use her powers like everyone else. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a voice. His voice. The cute boy. Spider-Man. Her uncle had been mentoring him lately and she had the stupidest crush on him, knowing that she’d never be able to even hang out with him.

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(( reminder :) ))

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((im so sorry right now im going throught all my rps and trying to reply. once again i so sorry))

Peter and another worker at the stark tower talking about something of a mission that was coming up. When they turned the corner his eyes look around and saw Alison he stop talking making sure she didn't hear a lot.

Peter wave at Alison, "Yo whats up? Class is okay? I hope they weren't that boring and putting you to sleep in class." He didn't mean to sound stupid or mean.

The guy he was walking with shove him gently with what he said.

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Alison frowned a bit. “How could they when neuroscience is one of the most fascinating topics?” She asked, scoffing lightly. “There’s so much to learn that I could never get bored of.” She muttered, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Any new missions?” She asked curiously. She was still in training, but she had been promised her first mission sooner or later.

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Peter and his buddy troy both look at each other and sigh, "Maybe? But, you should learn as much as you can. No worry about the mission me and this big boy Troy will no need helping hand. We are the A team of this tower!" He smirk softly hearing Thor near him and laughed his head off.

Peter smirk and reach his hand out with a finger up. Showing hold on one second. He took off running and went up on the cieling and jump infront of Thor, "Excuse me we are the A team. What you been doing? I get missions but, you haven't got any. Is the big thunger god crying like a baby."

Thor narrow his eyes and swing at him. Peter dodge it. REalizing that comment to Thor was a bit to far.

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