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Apollyon's Weapon Lab is situated between the Lower Precinct and the City Wall, on the east side. It is a huge, yet low slung stone building, with a multitude of chimneys constantly bellowing smoke. It is here that Apollyon - Redo's Chief Weapons Expert and Weapon Designer - creates and tests his weapons of destruction. Inside it is always at an uncomfortably high temperature due to the massive forge in the main room. The stones benches are covered in tools such as hammers and tongs and anvils just to name a few. Covering the walls are weapons of all shapes and sizes, those that Apollyon wanted to keep and display. There is always noise in here, whether its the clang of weapon forging, the boom of experimental gunpowder, or the off-kilter singing of Apollyon himself. Watch yourself if you dare venture in here, because Apollyon doesn't keep his work place very neat and no one knows what touching the wrong thing might bring (hint: usually explosions)

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía Stood before the Building in Question, Draped in Red with his Sword resting on his Shoulder. as much as he requested to go alone, he could feel the eyes of Moira's guard tailing him nonetheless. he felt like he should Apologize to the Messengers he sent here. and Judging by the Sounds of Dying Cats clawing chalkboards, Apollyon was home. Exousía Wanted to examine in person this new substance named 'Gunpowder' that this Smith had created, based on what he heard there would be many benefits. waltzing up to the Door, Wondering whether he would be heard as he knocked on the door.

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Now normally, Exousía would have been right and Apollyon would not have heard the knock or just ignored it (thus forcing people to wander into his lair mwahaha!). However, Redo had visited his 'Angel' early that morning to tell him that The Rose Lord would be paying a visit and to be nice, since it was he who ordered Apollyon's weapons and chose what to use in battle. As such, the weapon smith had been working close to the door today, anticipation making him bounce and hum his weird songs even louder. At the knock Apollyon carefully put away the sword he was forging....then raced to the door and flung it open, a manic grin on his face. If Exousía was surprised at the forceful opening and the strange young boy in front of him, Apollyon couldn't tell and didn't care. 'Hello!!!' He chirped, his blue eyes sparkling. Now, as anyone would tell you, there was a reason Redo called Apollyon Angel. The boy did indeed look like an angel, although right now he looked like a dirty one. His bleach blond hair was dusted with soot and he still had on his apron and forging gloves, one side of his goggles shoved hastily to the top of his head.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía was indeed a little taken aback with how quickly the door had been opened, and with his hearing recovering it was very clear that it had indeed been Apollon singing. His Gaze swiftly passing over the....... Child?....... in front of him, Sword still Resting on his Shoulder as he thought.

"so then, I take it you are the 'Angel of Destruction' that has been making the armies Weapons.................. I'm here to Enquire about your Gunpowder, and to evaluate its effectiveness. I trust you were made aware of this and got prepared to, 'Make things go Boom' to show it's effectiveness?" Exousía Asked Cautiously, Hoping that he wouldn't be put in any danger. he'd heard the rumours about how this 'Angel' acted, so he wished that Apollyon had made dummies or something. he didn't know how he'd react if Apollyon was using live targets........ or at least live for now.......

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Hearing his longer nickname, Apollyon grinned widely, showing straight white teeth. Oh how he loved that name!! True the name Apollyon meant destroyer (and was the name of an angel from an old religion from the east), but no one knew that. Having it in common was much better! The boy in question just giggled and smiled, nodding as Exousía hesitated, clearly unsure that the boy in front of him was the owner of such a title. The lord then pushed on, telling Apollyon why he was here (which the smith already knew but its always nice to confirm). Giggling Apollyon nodded again, blue eyes alight with an unholy glee. 'Yup! Re (Redo) told me this morning. I've got lots and lots ready! We'll have so much fun!' The boy said, cackling with glee before stepping back and opening the door wide, gesturing for the lord to enter. 'Come on in! Be careful where you step though and don't touch anything. Wouldn't want you to lose a hand now would we.' Apollyon said with a dark smile, looking excited at the prospect (Redo told him to be nice though so he couldn't blow the lord up - shame).

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía wasn't sure if he was or wasn't going to regret this, Walking past Apollyon and examining the Weapons that lined the wall. he could see the Detail and craftsmanship in each one, beginning to Understand why Redo had each Lord order a Custom weapon from this Smith to Signal their Position as a Lord. Exousía Didn't use his though. in truth, Exousía is the only one who hadn't put in the request for a weapon to signify his Rank. even Lordess Tentoria had ordered a weapon and the fact that she didn't return meant even she was satisfied with its quality.

Fortunately for him, he'd almost always avoided the Subject. though now that he was here in person, he felt the subject would eventually rear its head. as he further walked in, he was guided away from anything dangerous. Alithís was laying on the ground outside the Wall, using the World of Hua to tell Exousía what was safe and what to stay away from as he waited for Apollyon to display the Gunpowder.

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Apollyon trailed after the lord, watching as he examined the weapons on the wall. Something about this lord and how he was looking at the weapons tickled the back of the boy's mind but he couldn't figure out what it was. Ah well! He would remember eventually!

Apollyon led the lord to a small room in the back of his lab, watching curiously as said lord somehow managed to avoid all the dangerous things on the journey. It was impressive and just made Apollyon even more curious.

The small room was stone, like the building, and only had one window which let in a minimal amount of light. Still, it was easy to see that the room was bare except for one thing. In the centre of the room was a wooden crate, the kind that was used for long journeys. It was three to four layers of the strongest wood and had metal bars and rivets running across it for extra strength. It often took two or more men to move the box even when empty and it was pretty much indestructible. At the bottom of the box a tiny hole had been drilled and a strange looking length of rope came from it. Apollyon walked into the room, closely followed by the lord. The boy then closed the door behind him. 'Now!' The smith started, clapping his hands together once, a manic grin on his face. 'Time to get started!' At that Apollyon walked swiftly over to the box, gesturing at the lord to follow. 'Help me move this pretty please?' He asked the lord, his eyes going wide and his face sad, the perfect puppy dog eyes.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía Eyed the crate suspiciously when they happened upon it, as he recognised the Design and the Materials generally kept inside such boxes. his mode though moved to a more intrigued standpoint though as he contemplated why this Gunpowder needed such a reinforced method to carry it. removing his sword from his shoulder he leant it against the wall beside the door, the weight of the sword causing its sharp edge to sink half an inch into the stone before resting. Exousía walking up to the Box with a Brief nod of acknowledgement to Apollyon. Exousía wasn't weak to say to the average man, But as a Smith, it was Likely Apollyon would win in any pure strength based activity even if the Smith was a little eccentric.

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Apollyon smiled angelically in thanks as the lord (who's name he still hasn't gotten or forgot - oops) approached and grabbed the other side. As a team the two males lifted the box up and moved it slightly to the right. Whilst moving it Apollyon pointed out that a) the box was empty, and b) he had removed the bottom 'face' of the box, meaning that it could be placed on top of something like a cover. That caused the lord to frown slightly in confusion and caused Apollyon to giggle. 'Now now lordy lord, I promise there is a reason for this.' He said with a grin. Once the box was on the ground Apollyon straightened and reached for his belt, flinging the forging apron he had been wearing into the corner and revealing the odd red and black clothes beneath. The strangest thing about his ensemble was the thick leather belt wrapped twice around the thin boys waist and the huge pockets that hung from it. It was the sort of belt used in forging for shoving tools in when you were in a hurry but the smith seemed to have incorporated it into his normal outfit and dyed the leather black to match. Digging into one pocket Apollyon brought out a little metal container ((imagine a repurposed grenade looking thing but not a grenade obviously)). Unscrewing the cap he showed the black powder inside the container to the lord. 'Behold, my black powder. I call it Gunpowder.'

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Indeed, Exousía was confused as to what the box would be used for. growing even more confused at being shown such a small amount of Powder. from the reports and rumours of this powders devastation........ let's just say he expected a grander display than what he was being shown.

"and this is Rumoured to create a sound to Rival a Dragon's Roar and a Burst of Flame to match?" Exousía asked with the Curiosity mixed with disbelief evident in his voice as he examined what was Displayed. Holding out a hand and asking if he could examine it closer. if such a small amount of Substance could produce such a Result......... the possible uses in Conflict......... the Lord's Mind was already racing with the Tactical uses.

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Apollyon gasped then smiled widely, delighted at how his creation was being described. Even though it was obvious the lord didn't believe in its power, Apollyon knew that would soon be rectified. Giggling, the smith nodded. 'Yup! Though the amount of powder controls how big the explosion is and how much destruction is caused. I can show you!' He said racing over to where the box used to be, completely ignoring the lords outstretched hand. Bending down he poured half of the gunpowder onto the floor, then screwed the cap back on and put the rest of the powder, contained in his container, back into his pocket. 'I just poured half the powder out, see?!' He said to the lord, pointing at the little black pile sitting innocently on the floor. 'Now I take this,' Apollyon exclaimed, holding up a long strange rope which had been under the box when they first moved it, 'And I place it here.' Bending down again Apollyon placed one end of the rope in the middle of the black powder pile and stretched the rest of the rope out into a line heading towards the door. 'Help me put the box on top of the pile now.' The smith ordered, too excited/hyper to wait for the lord to say anything.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía Closed his hand slowly and lowered it as he was ignored, Watching as Apollyon began bouncing around like a Kid high on Caffeine. the look of cautious Doubt still on his face at the small pile of powder, His eyes following closely the Process the Smith was going through before being ordered to move the Box. although it was arrogant to Order a Lord to action, Exousía Made no comment and instead helped move the Box on top of the Pile. it was here, Exousía Removed a small tin saucer from his Garments and a Vial of Water. placing the Saucer on top of the Box before brimming it with the water. he wanted a slightly measurable method of examining its power and bringing weights would've been too difficult for his first visit. Returning to the Smiths side and awaiting the demonstration as he placed the Vial back into his pocket.

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((Hey Verian! Just thought I should actually explain what Apollyon is doing so you know. Basically, he has stretched one end of the long rope which is doused in a gasoline type thing towards the door. With the other end in the middle of the powder, when he sets the end closest to the door on fire and the fire eventually reaches the other end it will touch the gunpower and cause an explosion. The crate is over the gunpowder to show the destructive force of the explosion. It will be blown to smithereens. Just thought I should actually let you know)).

Apollyon grinned when the lord came over to help and together they moved the box back to its original position, now with a pile of black powder under it and the strange rope exiting the small hole in the box's side to stretch towards the door in a perfect straight line. With a giggle Apollyon stared for a second longer at the crate, imagining the destruction to come, before turning and skipping back to the end of the rope (which was a few centimetres before the door). When he turned back though the red lord had not followed and was instead filling a weird saucer he had placed on top of the crate with water from a vial. Apollyon frowned, confused about why the lord would do that but waited patiently till he had finished and came to stand by the smiths side. 'What's with the water?' Apollyon asked, looking innocently up at the lord.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments ((as much as I know that, this is Exousía's first experience with it. he doesn't expect it to be that powerful, hence how calm he is.))

Exousía grasped his sword he had placed against the wall and returned it to his shoulders, keeping his free hand in his pocket as he closed his eyes and sighed. "personal experimentation and reference. can we get on with the demonstration?" Exousía asked as he waited, removing from his Pocket his own pair of goggles. his Wife had a member of the staff ordered them. as much as Exousía wasn't too concerned, he didn't want his wife to panic nor would he desire any eye Damage as he placed them on his head. what he did find concerning, however, was Alithís slowly backing further from the city wall.............

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((Cool! I just had the sudden panicked thought of 'what if I haven't explained it well enough and Verian is totally confused!'. I was worried! Glad it made sense though. Phew!))

Apollyon's eyes narrowed as the lord grabbed his sword and placed it over his shoulder calmly. The smith remembered every sword he had ever made and every one his parents had made and that sword was neither. Finally the boy realised what had bugged him before. Every lord was supposed to get a sword from Apollyon but one hadn't put in the request. It was this one. At the time Apollyon couldn't have cared less but now he was both annoyed and curious. The angel shelved it to the side of his mind for now (he had blowing up to do), but he wouldn't let this red lord leave without answering his questions.

Apollyon nodded at the answer, still having no idea what it meant but now he couldn't care less. This lords water was going to get vaporised anyway. Whilst the lords dismissive attitude irked the boy he knew he would be shocked out of his attitude in a minute. Apollyon reached up and slipped his own goggles down onto his eyes as the lord did the same. The smith was actually a little impressed the lord had thought that far ahead. Apollyon himself couldn't care less if the lord got hurt during this so hadn't offered goggles but it seemed the lord wasn't as stupid as most people.

Giggling the smith reached into another pocket and pulled out some matches, striking one and setting the tip on fire. The fire danced as Apollyon practically vibrated in excitement, grin so wide and eyes manic (though you couldn't see behind his goggles). 'Now my lord! I shall finally demonstrate to you the power of my black powder!' He said dramatically, cackling darkly as he leaned down and set the end of the rope at his feet on fire.

The fire raced down the rope, inching ever closer to the crate and the gunpowder within.

Just as it reached the sturdy wooden and metal box Apollyon whispered 'Boom!', grin was wide as it could be.

The fire reached the gunpowder within the crate...…

Then the crate exploded.

The crate, which required two men to move it when it was empty was completely blown to smithereens, the noise rupturing the eardrums of those within the room and creating a ball of fire and smoke so large it took up half the opposite end of the room. Apollyon screamed in success and laughed hysterically, jumping up and down in a dance. He was completely uncaring of the shards of metal and wood that were flying towards him and the lord as deadly projectiles. It had exploded and it was glorious!! He loved his powder!!!

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments ((yeah, I kinda knew what to expect when you started describing how sturdy the Box was. as much as I will realise things, I try to avoid changing how my characters would act in a situation or else I feel guilty))

Exousía Watched with Perturbed Curiosity at how the Smith was behaving, understanding even more why such Rumours surrounded this Kid. but soon, He'll understand why the Smith was the Angel of Destruction. following the Sparking Rope with his Eyes till it entered the Box. having braced slightly, it was still an astounding spectacle.

when his Senses returned to him the thing he first noticed was the fact that the Dragon's roar and Ball of flame were accurate. of course worse for him than the boy, Exousía having been hit by a second Burst of sound when it reached the enhanced senses of Alithís. deciding it wise to keep the Goggles on due to the smoke.

the next thing he noticed was the Numbing Pain from the Splinters that had struck his hand, Glad that he had his Garb made from the Silk spun from a Darwin Bark Spider. his hand only having been stung due to the instinct of bringing part of the cloth over his face.

third was the fact that the Shockwave had stunned him so that his sword was now embedded in the door to the Chamber, all the way up to the hilt. if he'd left it against the wall, it very well could've cleaved one of them in half.

the Final thing he Noticed was the Incoherent mumbling of Strategy and tactical use he was mumbling under his breath with a Giant smirk on his face. standing back up from where he fell as he looked at the Smith. "By the Dragon, that was Brilliant! how much can you Produce this Powder?"

of Course, his Wife made a request herself....... once she'd recovered from the impact of the explosion as well. the Royal Rose was so well organised became they always had their thoughts open to one another, Alithís Seconding the Query as he placed his fingers on his chin. "and I must also request the result of a smaller source, say how much a Pinch of this Powder would do?"

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((Phew! Good! Sometimes I don't explain stuff well so I'm glad you got it. And yeah, that's something I try for as well. It can be difficult because sometimes you can get carried away and before you know it they are acting more like you than like them. But sticking to your character is a sign of a good writer!))

((Also, I love Apollyon so much!!!! He is so fun to write!! He is so crazy! BOOM!! Hahaha!!))

Apollyon was still laughing wildly, feeling so much joy at the destruction. He didn't notice the lords sword, or his injuries, or his mumbling, to caught up in his own joy he was. He did however hear when the lord spoke up, his voice filled with awe and glee. Seeing the older male's smirk and hearing his words made Apollyon grin back and spin in circles, arms straight out horizontally, laughing and whooping. 'I know!!! I know!! So good right?! Boom!!' He said as he started to cackle again. Finally he stopped spinning and calmed down enough to answer the lord. 'I can make lots of lots!! I already have about 4 and a half barrels ready and waiting!!' The smith replied, walking right up to the lord and smiling. Apollyon decided he liked him. Anyone who let him make his weapons and approved of his amazing gunpowder was good in his books. Yes the smith would still question him later but for now he was in Apollyon's good books.
Humming he thought about the request, absently reaching up to the stinging pain in his shoulder. It was then the boy realised he had a large shard of metal stuck there. With a shrug Apollyon unceremoniously yanked it out, causing blood to start flowing freely down the smiths arm (Apollyon doesn't care about pain, his or anyone else's). 'Well, it wouldn't be enough to do this sort of damage.' He said, casually handing the bloodied shard over to the lord. 'However, it would be enough to blow up locks on doors and hinges and what not. Small scale stuff. You need more to do any real damage. Though I was thinking that I might be able to change the powder and add a few things so that a pinch of the new stuff would be able to make a flash bang. All light and sound but no proper damage. Not much fun but Re requested it so I'll try.' Apollyon added absently, smiling innocently up at the lord, unaware of how not innocent he looked(smoke and fire and blood, yeah, not innocent).

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments While he was listening to the Smith's Answer. Exousía was doing as his wife requested, after of course removing his sword from the door. grasping a sealed pipe used for Scaffolding and a few Ball bearings, returning and pouring the ball bearings into the pipe before looking for the hole used to pin it near the sealed end. noticing the wound on Apollyon and without Hesitation he removed the loose cloth that hung over Exousía's Shoulder, Grasping a Firepoker from the Forge and pressing it onto the Smith's wound and tying the Cloth over the wound.

"I heard you didn't have common sense, and now I see what they mean. as much as you won't react to the pain......... if you take too many wounds, you won't be able to make any of your tools anymore. and I can tell you enjoy this, so take better care of yourself or else you'll never be allowed to use your powder again." Exousía warned before standing and grasping the pipe once more, resting the sword against his leg as he placed both hands onto the Pipe.

"though from the sounds of it, these small bursts could be used for Espionage or Raids. and These 'Flashbangs' would be useful in Apprehending people easier. though, could I Borrow a little more GunPowder to test something?" Exousía mused before holding his hand out towards the smith. hoping what his wife was requesting didn't blow him up......

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Apollyon watched curiously as the lord grabbed a pipe and started to build...something. However, he was confused when the lord suddenly stopped, noticing Apollyon's wound for the first time (confusion shown by the frown on his face). It took an embarrassingly long time for the boy to work out why the lord had ripped his clothes and grabbed the fire poker. By the time he had figured it out, it was too late. The smith barely had time to gasp, eyes wide, before the red hot metal was pressed to his shoulder to cauterise the wound. Apollyon screamed, the pain causing tears to stream down his face as he grabbed at the now bandaged wound. After all, there was a difference between the types of pain and this one was much worse. The boy skittered away from the lord, glaring through the pain. Just as he was about to ask the lord why he did that (or rather, scream at him), the lord started speaking. The boy just blinked at that, his sudden surge of hatred washing away quickly. 'Oh...that makes sense...Ok!' He chirped, smiling again, everything forgiven. Whilst the smith hadn't cared about the pain or his wound, he had been angry the lord had hurt him. However, with this new information that the lord was just trying to help him keep working, everything was forgiven. Straightening up and dropping his hand from his wound Apollyon walked over to stand by the lord, his curious expression back. The smith nodded in agreement at the lords words then nodded again at the request and dug into his pocket to find his gunpowder canister. Opening the cap he held it out to the lord. 'What are you doing?'

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "after seeing your Gunpowder, my Wife had an Idea. in War, the Advantage is given to those who can kill the other Quicker. Swords require close range, and Arrows often lack both Power and Accuracy. if this Works......." Exousía trailed off after having put a Little amount of the Powder in behind the Ballbearings. Standing at one End of the Room as he Flicked a Match into his hand, Igniting it and Holding it above the hole aforementioned in the Pipe.

".....Please, Dragon's. Let this Work!" Before placing the Match through the Hole and igniting the Gunpowder.

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((Sorry, I'm not the best at visualising stuff. What's Exousia doing? I just want to clarify in case I post and its totally wrong!))

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments ((A very Crude shotgun basically. Placed the pipe against shoulder and lit it similar to the first gun designs. The powder will explode and either propel the ball bearing out, or greatly wound his shoulder. I left it up to you to decide.))

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((Ohhh! Ok, cool!! Don't worry, I would never hurt someone else's character without permission so it works))

Apollyon frowned at that. His wife?! Who was this person and how the heck had she come to see his gunpowder?! Apollyon had only shown it to a few people (and the odd test subject). This was another thing the smith would have to dig into but for now, he was too curious about what the red lord was planning to ask (after all, the analysis of the aforementioned weapons was true, and if this lord had a plan to minimise those weaknesses then Apollyon was game). The boy watched closely as the lord finished his weird contraption and, smith and weapon expert that he was, he quickly worked out the lords plan. Oh. My. Goodness. If this worked it would be AMAZING!!!! Apollyon gasped and beamed, shoulders tense with anticipation and excitement as the flame was lowered into the hole in the pipe.

Then it touched the gunpowder.

And BOOM!!!

When the smoke cleared and Apollyon could hear again the boy quickly looked over to the lord, wanting to see if the balls had been projected out like hoped or if they had destroyed the lord shoulder. Although he wouldn't have cared should the lord be injured it would be better if it worked because then Apollyon would get to make more of them and make them even better. The dragons answered his prayers!! The lord was still standing, smoking pipe on his shoulder, and the wall which he was facing had a few small holes in them, the exact same size as the ball bearings.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exousía didn't quite realise how much this would inflict on him, it felt like his Shoulder had been removed from his Shoulder and replaced backwards. now dropping the Pipe onto the Ground as his less numb hand grasped the shoulder he'd rested the Pipe against. also Admiring the damage inflicted on the Opposite Wall.

"Well then, seems I have a request to make then. though I Think you already know what it's going to be?" Exousía Mused as he rolled his Shoulder to try and return some feeling to it, Walking back to his Sword to grasp it with his non-injured arm. looking back at Appolyon.

"though, this still lacks accuracy. if you could make a single, larger Ball Bearing......... but a sphere would be easily spun off course by Wind resistance........... more than anything else, you'd need something to Cushion the Impact it was on its user or else it's only good for one shot........... think you can manage or do you need an assistant?" Exousía asked as he stood there, though he felt as though someone was watching them...... no, not them......... Exousía Looking at Appolyon with a slightly new found Curiosity, Did he already have an Assistant none knew of?

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(Gotta go make myself dinner. Will post after dinner)

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments (Please note; this is not meant to be insulting but to be taken as a joke)

Damn, how long does it take to have dinner?

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((OMG I'm soooo sorry!!! I'm house sitting by myself right now and its got me all over the place. I had planned on eating dinner then posting but for some reason I got it mixed up in my head and thought I had posted. I'm so sorry! Please forgive this humble Heather!!))

Apollyon whooped when the lord said he had a request to make. Yay!! He could make more things that go boom!! The blond boy just laughed and grinned, watching as the lord rolled his evidently sore shoulder and picked up the red sword. As the lord spoke, or more like mused out loud, Apollyon just kept quiet, nodding along. As experts in weapons their thoughts were identical and the lord was just saying out loud queries that Apollyon himself had thought of mere moments before. The smith had a lot of work ahead of him and the thought was exhilarating!! 'No! I don't need an assistant!' Apollyon chirped, slightly annoyed that the red lord didn't think he could do it. 'And anyway, if I did need an assistant, which I won't, Mai will always help me.' He said with a casual shrug, wandering back to the holy wall to casually examine it.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments (Ah yes, the 'thought i did it' virus. It has plauged me too. almost failed one of my Uni courses because of it, but managed to pass by some miracle. )

Let it be clear, as experienced as he was Exousía is by no means an expert in weapons. He is an expert of Strategy, aware that a weapon is faulty if it can only be used once or that accuracy can make the difference between a Wound and a fatality. As Apollyon became annoyed at Exousía's Question, it seemed he had his answer. Looking down at the floor before the smith continued.

"Who is Mai?" Exousía asked as he looked back at the smith, though now a small girl stood between them. One that wasn't there a moment ago and literally Surprised the lord more than the impact to his shoulder, he was an experienced warrior yet she had entered without so much as her presence being noticed. What's worse, was how her behaviour further confused him.

"Hiya, I'm Mai! I help Apployon when i can, and he doesn't need any other Help. Okay?" And as innocent and cheery as the girl sounded, Exousía's survival instinct was already sounding. Clearing his throat as he quietly accepted her introduction.

"Well, if that is the case i assume you have plenty of work to do. Is there anything else you need me for or should i be on my way?" Exousía asked as he placed his Sword on his shoulder once more and looked at the Smith.

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((It is indeed a terrible virus that strikes people unawares. Glad it did not cause you too much damage. What are you studying at uni?))

Apollyon turned around from looking at the wall to answer the lord but suddenly there was someone between him and the lord. And that someone was very familiar. Apollyon grinned at Mai's back as the lord jerked back slightly in shock. The smith always did find it funny when Mai did that. Apollyon giggled and nodded at Mai's words and went to stand beside the girl, leaning casually against her as she shifted to take his weight without missing a beat. Apollyon had known Mai for ages and for some reason, he never really tired of her unlike everyone else. Maybe it was because she was like him....ah well! Whatever!
Apollyon hummed at the question and pretended to think for a second even though he already knew what his answer was. Straightening up he moved away from Mai and moved to stand right in front of the lord, a bit too close for comfort as he looked at the lord silently. The he backed up and grinned, innocently yet unsettling. 'Actually, I do still need you. I have a few questions. Mai, make sure he stays until I have my answers.' Apollyon ordered casually, still blinking innocently up at the lord and smiling.

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Exhousía didn't even feel like testing whether this girl could stop him, as innocent as both acted he felt less and less safe in their presence. Moving his grip on the sword so that it's tip was resting in the ground again. "What is it you wish to ask of me?"

"Want some coffee?" Mai asked as she held a tray of cups towards the Lord. when did she........ where did she........ Exhousía thought before taking a cup and taking a sip of the bitter beverage. Waiting for Apollyon's question.

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((Oh! Cool!! I have a funny feeling I've asked that memory is rubbish though so I'm not sure))

Apollyon always loved having Mai with him. Although it was easy to make people fear him and be uncomfortable around him, it sometimes took a bit of time for them to do as he ordered since he didn't have the skills to back it up. For some reason, Mai's presence was always more feared so together they made a great team. Apollyon loved using her that way!
And she made the best coffee!
Grabbing a cup the smith sighed happily at the warm beverage. Then, after a long sip, turned to look at the lord. 'Ok, first question! (I have a few). What's your name?'

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"Lord Exhousía Erimítis, Married to Moíra and Rider of Alithís." the Lord replied, Subconsciously shifting his stance away from Mai though still refusing to show his back to her. as much as Apollyon liked destruction and cared little for other, Mai was one much more feared for a simple reason. Mai examined people as one who was actively hunting. while Apollyon doesn't care what happens to people, Mai exudes an Aura of someone who would Actively and likely enjoy killing you if you step out of line. the Exhousía expects that Apollyon has never felt that side of her, Drinking his coffee as he waited for the next Question or series of them.

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((Oh yeah!! Told you, rubbish memory. Ask Amanda. I am a goldfish))

'Lord Exhousía Erimítis hmm...' Apollyon hummed, rifling through his memory to see if the name sparked something. 'Oh! The Rose Lord!' He finally said, remembering that he had heard the name from a few soldiers months ago. Smiling the smith stuck his hand out to shake like he had seen his father and other men do. 'Well, its nice to meet you Exhousia! I'm Apollyon Barnet, Chief Weapons Expert and Forger, Royal Weapons Designer and Angel of Destruction. You can call me Apollyon or Angel, I don't mind!' The boy chirped, completely uncaring of how odd it was to introduce oneself after spending time with each other. He did have other questions but introductions were important!

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "yes, I am often called that. Greetings Apollyon." Exhousía replied as he shook the man's hand, though his gaze was Naturally drawn to the Girl at The Smiths side. he was unable to identify where or even if he knew them. the Girl seeming to anticipate his Question and performing a little Cuertsey.

"I am Mai ƙauna, A Simple Girl who helps Apollyon from time to time. not much else to tell." even if that's what she said, the underlying tone was that's all she'd be willing to say. there was likely more to her story, but he doubted she'd be easy to talk to. looking back at Apollyon, Exhousía Asked what it was the Smith wished to ask of him. His Wife now looking into the name of the Girl.

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Apollyon grinned and shook Exhousia's hand firmly and a bit to vigorously, only letting go when the rose lord tugged at his own hand a little. The smith watched as the lords gaze then went to Mai, equal parts curious and wary. Everyone did that around Mai and whilst it sort of annoyed him, the boy had learnt just to deal with it (since it was subconscious by everyone and couldn't be easily rectified). And now it kind of amused him too because he could tell that no one really believed Mai's words yet no one knew why they didn't believe her. Unfortunately, this also counted for Apollyon, though he knew more than most. Mai had told him before after much begging (actually it was more like ordering but meh) that she wasn't just a simple girl and that there was a reason she had unexplainable skills, but she refused to tell him any more, citing his safety as her primary concern. Whilst Apollyon was still curious and wanted to find out, his pestering hadn't worked so he had now changed tactics and was playing the long game in the hopes of finding out.

At Exhousia's next question the boy beckoned the rose lord to follow him and they left the experiment room and wandered back through the smithy, finally making their way back to the wall of weapons near the door. It was here the blond haired boy stopped, blue eyes fixed on the swords of his creation.
'I remember every sword I have ever made and every one my parents have ever made. Your sword was made by neither me nor them. That's strange though because Redo ordered every one of his lords to request a sword from me. As a lord, you should have one of my swords. But you don't. Now, I also remember that there was one lord who did not do as ordered and did not put in a request. That was you, wasn't it? My question, is why?' He asked simply, blue eyes finally leaving the weapon wall to lock onto the lords eyes. Although Apollyon's words and body language was calm and unassuming, he was like a frozen river. The surface may be flat and calm but you didn't know what was underneath or how thick the ice was so you had to tread very carefully.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exhousía followed the Smith when directed, opening and closing his hand a little now that he had confirmed Apollyon's greater natural strength. his eyes trailing along the details of the weapons as Apollyon spoke again, his gaze lowering to the Smith. "I simply don't need a new one." and that was the Lord's Answer, Holding his sword between the two of them. showing the intricate carvings that showed on the side of the sword.

"this Sword is named 'Diago-Tettei', but it wasn't it's Original name. the sword was First denoted 'Satori' and it was a masterpiece. It survived Generation after Generation, even as weapons improved it remained invaluable. eventually, however, time did catch up to it and Satori was shattered in a Dragon's Maw. when the dragon was defeated years later, the Fragments of Satori had remained embedded in the flesh."

"the Pieces were recovered and from them, a new Smith crafted two new swords. one who was known as a Sword that could Protect anything, and the other intended to Destroy everything. for the next few generations, those swords performed as expected. their Legends grew, but eventually, their Wielders were forced to clash. what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable one? Both Swords Legends ended there with their Final clash. fading into Obscurity."

"My Family was Gifted this Sword and its story by a Man who acted older than he appeared, he left with nothing to remember him by other than a Red Cloak. my Family passes down the Sword and story to each new Generation, most of us Believe the Red Cloaked man was the one who crafted Satori and keeps repairing her when she breaks. this Version she is named Daigo-Tettei, and eventually, she will break. she will be repaired and be given to someone new to start the next chapter in her Legend. so I can't abandon Her, I want to be the one who creates the Climax for this Chapter."

And thus the Lord concluded his Explanation, and to prove his point of the swords Quality he once again released it, the Tip once again Piercing the Stone floor by its weight and gravity alone, let alone if an experienced user were to swing it as a weapon. one thing that should be noted was that of the Blade's two edges, one side was blunted despite the Tip Remaining sharp. The Lord raising the Sword again, placing the blunted end against his Shoulder.

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((OMG I love that story!!! Well done!!))

Apollyon inched closer when Exhousia held out his sword, eyes going wide at the intricate design of the beautiful weapon. Now, whilst the smith was annoyed that the lord preferred his own sword over one made by him ((he hasn't heard the rest of the story yet)), he can still appreciate the excellence of another's work and this sword was truly divine. An exquisite piece of workmanship.

As the rest of the story was told, the blond haired boy stood rapt, attention never wavering as his expression took upon one of childish wonder. As a weapon smith he prided himself on knowing all their was about weapons and hearing a story he had never heard before was a gift from the Celestial Dragons themselves!! And it wasn't any old tale, it was a brilliant one!!
'Amazing!! Daigo-Tettei...' The smith whispered as he squatted down the examine the blade even closer, blue eyes wide and sparkling with joy and awe and wonder. 'Can...can I hold her?' He shyly asked the lord as he stood up once more, puppy dog eyes in full effect.

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now the Question is, should I make this ancient smith or leave them as a Legend?)

"I do not see why not, you are a Smith and clearly appreciate the blade." The Lord replied as he placed the tip of the blade in the ground and held the handle out towards the Smith. Exhousia, after all, wasn't a Tyrant, he enjoyed indulging people despite his wife's Protests. it was one reason he was a Lord followed by Loyalty instead of Fear. and while Apollyon examined his sword, Exhousia was examining the tools and materials in the smithery. contemplating things to request other than a weapon for himself.

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((So cool!!! I would say leave them as legend. Makes it more mysterious and we could maybe use that later on - I had a cool idea but need to double check I can do it before telling you))

Apollyon squealed and laughed in delight and eagerly took the sword, running his hands all over it and marvelling at its craftsmanship. 'Say....Exhousia…..if you don't have any one else in mind, when Daigo-Tettei breaks I would be honoured if I could repair her, like the smiths in the story.' Apollyon said, words hesitant and hopeful and sincere in a way the boy almost never was. It was such a marvellous tale and the smith really wanted to be a part of it.

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Exhousia stood up and turned to the smith, looking at the Boys Ecstatic Reaction with Hesitance before Sighing. "I can make no Promises, but if it was within my power I will be glad to Bring Daigo-Tettei here so that you may Start a Chapter in her Story." Exhousia informed the Smith, placing both hands on his hips as he smiled at the smith. though he would likely be different if he noticed Mai's eyes begin glowing.

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((That's cool! Keep the template in case my idea doesn't pan out but if it does, I think you will like it!))

Apollyon giggled in sheer joy and smiled up at the lord, pure and honest and happy. In that instant he was indeed the angel others called him. 'Thank you!' He chirped, then whirled around to the female that had been quiet for a while, wanting in his childish joy to share it with the one person who was also relatively interested in his work and would understand. 'Did you hear that Mai?! I can reforge Daigo-Tettei when she breaks!' He laughed, not noticing and not caring about the girls glowing eyes (or any of her feelings really. He was a sociopath, what did you expect).

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When Apollyon Addressed Mai she smiled Warmly, here Eyes cooling as she was happy that he was happy. "Perhaps we should Create some Plans for when that day comes as to the shape and form her next chapter shall take?" Mai Suggested. Exhousia meanwhile had returned to examine the smiths Tools, though not aware he would be glad that Apollyon unconsciously calmed Mai down.

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((Possibly....send it through to me and we will see. My idea is just an idea and if you don't like it we don't have to do it. Its a free world and we can choose anything! Will let you know what my idea is soon then we can chat about yea, nay, or merge))

'Ooo!! Yes yes yes!! Lets do that!' Apollyon cheered, delighted at the idea. 'Good thinking Mai!' He tacked on at the end absently, patting the girl on the head briefly before turning to face Exhousia once more. Now that all that had been sorted he wanted the answer to his second last question, though it would probably come out of left field a bit after this conversation. 'Exhousia, who is your wife and why does she know so much about my gunpowder? Have I shown in to her before?' Apollyon asked, blue eyes curious as he watched the lord.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "My Wife and I Are Riders to the same Dragon, as such we are aware of the others actions as much as a Dragonseye is." Exhousia Replied in such a Quick and Monotone Manner it is clear he receives such Questions Regularly. after all, most Dragons have a Single Rider. Exhousia also Retrieving his Sword and placing it on his Shoulder, now Curious if there was a Rider with Multiple Dragons (and whether it should be made) as he turned to face the Pair. Mai was in the Background already collecting and preparing the Paper and tools to start Brainstorming Schematics. "is there anything else I should answer before I leave you two alone?"

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Apollyon's eyes widened at that and he hummed in new understanding. Ok, they could read each others thought via dragon, that was cool! At the lords question the smith gasped and cried out Wait! Mai frowned and looked around, as did Exhousia. 'I want to meet your dragon!' The boy said, grinning widely, full of excitement.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Exhousia stood still for a moment before Sighing and Signalling for the Smith to Follow as he exited the Smithy, and in the time it took for them to Exit Alithis had Climbed over the Wall and now had her claws and Tail Carefully holding onto the Chimneys. Resting along the Roof so that her Head peaked over the Eave of the Smithery Roof. as the Stood there Alithis looked at the Lord and Gestured at the Pair, her Gaze returning as he spoke.

"Apollyon, Mai. this is Alithis-" The Dragon looking at him sharply once more. "Alithís, the Rose Dragon." Her Gaze returning to Apollyon and Mai, Giving a brief node of her head as the Light reflected off of her Red scales.

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Apollyon squealed and jumped when Exhousia sighed and nodded, very excited. He followed on the lords heels closely (almost tripping the older male), eager to see the dragon. After all, the only dragon Apollyon had ever met was Redo's dragon, since they weren't a common sight in the City now. They got outside and suddenly there she was, in all her glory, red scales resplendent in the sun's light. Exhousia introduced them and Apollyon nodded back, blue eyes wide with shock and wonder, smile big and child-like. 'Your pretty dragon is on my roof.' The boy murmured, unable to say anything else as he grinned. 'I have a dragon on my roof!' He exclaimed louder then laughed, bright and free. 'Hello Alithis!! You're very pretty!!' He called up at her, still laughing and spinning around with joy.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Alithis Looked at Exhousia Smuggly if it was even capable for a Dragon to pull that kind of expression. Alithis turning her Expression to one of gratitude as she faced the Smith. "She says to 'Thank the boy for the Complement and to ask the Little Girl to calm down." After all, Apollyon had never acted this way around Mai, so she was becoming more than a little Jealous of a Dragon.........

"she also states that if you wanted to talk properly with a dragon, Lordess Tentoria is herself a Dragon that has no rider."

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Apollyon grinned, happy that the dragon was happy even though he hadn't been looking to compliment her necessarily. He had just told the truth after all. If she had been ugly he would have said but she was pretty so it was fine. Still, he was pleased that she liked him cause this meant she wouldn't kill him and she may come around more, which would benefit Apollyon in the long run (and he just wanted it). At the mention for Mai to calm down he frowned in confusion. Was Mai so excited she was going to faint or something? That would be stupid. Still, what she did wasn't his problem so he just shrugged it off, he didn't care if she fainted or something. At the last sentence Apollyon just pouted and shrugged, eyes still on the dragon since that was who he was addressing. 'Nah! Redo says I'm not allowed to talk to her. Apparently I would annoy her into eating me so Redo says not to go anywhere near her. I don't care though, you are much nicer than her. And prettier. She's ugly.' Apollyon said simply, brutal in his child like honesty.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "I can understand why," Exhousia commented quietly as he moved a little closer to the Smithery walls, and a little further from Mai. Alithis though wasn't too scared, there wasn't much a lone person could do to her after all. but she did adjust how she lay on the roof, her tail trailing off and curling slightly around the Lord.

"as much as I appreciate it, that is a shame. I heard she enjoyed the spear you made her." Exhousia informed of Alithis's thoughts.

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