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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Erotica: a woman wears red for her first day at her new job and stands out because everyone else is following a dresscode

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Yasmin | 2 comments So about 4-5 years ago, I read and finished the Fifty Shades series and I wanted to keep reading similar books with that same genre, so I came across this book and I don't remember if I read this in the synopsis or the first couple preview pages, but a woman, who I think started working in some company or firm(she was a new lawyer I think?), she wore a red outfit and stands out because everyone else was following a dress code she was unaware of(I think it was white.) And the guy of interest is her boss or something like that but he is married or has a thing with someone else, but I think he's attracted to her. To be honest, I think that because I've been searching high and low for so long, I might have the details of this book wrong, but FOR SURE, she wore a red outfit and stood out a lot while everyone else kind of blended in. Please help!! also, I think the cover was like black and white(with contrast) and it may have been a chess piece or something similar....or maybe not and my mind is just making stuff up... :( Anyway, thanks!

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Yasmin is still looking for this.

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