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Sarah Duval The book is 18 Chapters and is completed. It has been edited multiple times for grammar and format. Looking for beta readers who read science fiction to see if it reads well for an audience. It is the first book in a planned four book series.
The series synopsis would be:
The universe is dying and as such its planets and peoples are in the midst of many wars. The song of the universe has been forgotten, but one space crew stumbles across the knowledge that fixing the song is the only thing that will keep their universe alive. The Seven Hearts follows the lives of this crew, their many allegiances through the wars in their part of the universe and their journey to reunite the song.

The first book is called: Seven Hearts: A Song in Discord

It introduces the nine crew members of the Dnanleri and the idea of the twelve sectors of space the crew interacts with. It starts the serial off by revealing secrets related to the song. The story is seen through the eyes of the entire crew so it is not a one person perspective. It is broken down into an Intro Myth, Part One, and Part Two. For Part Two each chapter is preceded by a varying flashbacks covering 10 solar turns (10 years) showing how each member came to be a part of the crew or an important moment to them as crew member.

The crew acts as a family and covers a varied age range and species.
Each crew member is given their own symbol which differentiates each character section.
This is the crew:

L’nia Sakarana: Captain and Engineer
Gender: Female
Species: humanoid Seer/Unknown
Age: Adult
Height: 5”7’

Peshta Ironheart: Bridge Crew
Pilot and Weapons
Gender: Male
Species: humanoid, Catari Coalition
Age: Adult
Height: 6’5”
Family: Ospen, cousin

Ospen Ironheart: Bridge Crew
Communication and Life Support
Gender: Male
Species: humanoid, Catari Coalition
Age: Adult
Height: 5’11”
Family: Peshta, cousin

Shevan: Bridge Crew
Gender: Genderless
Species: avian humanoid, unknown
Age: Pre-Adolescent
Height: 4’9”

Caspen Metan: Bridge Crew
Weapons and Sensors
Gender: Male
Species: aquatic humanoid, Esthia Survivor
Age: Young Adult
Height: 5’8

Tisha Senja: Engine Crew
Gender: Female
Species: aquatic humanoid, Esthia Survivor
Age: Teenager
Height: 5’4”

Corrigan Shlei: Doctor, Science Officer
Gender: Male
Species: humanoid, Seshte Coalition
Age: Adult
Height: 5’6”
Family: Kai, twin sister

Kai Shlei: Priestess Healer
Gender: Female
Species: humanoid, Seshte Coalition
Age: Adult
Height: 5’6”
Family: Corrigan, twin brother

Junkai: Supplies, Cook, and Horticulture
Gender: Male
Species: Kelman, Sechia Survivor
Age: Geriatric Adult
Height: 5’9”

One other character is not listed on the crew manifest but does have 2 small sections and that is Tilly, Ospen's sister who will join the crew in the second book. But for now the sections are more to introduce her to readers ahead of time.

I have 200+ university credits in history, anthroplogy, and linguistics. As well as a background in astronomy and teaching STEM to kids. So my book is not only space but has details that build back stories with culture and complex social issues. The book creates one language that is used sparingly but is not just made up words thrown out there. Again linguistics background that took into consideration creating an actual language for use in the book.

Possibly considering having an index in back for small things like defining solar turn versus turn.

Solar Turn: Standard time increment used in trading tongue to measure the passage of time. 15 turns is one solar turn. (15 months equals 1 year)
Turn: Standard increment used in trading tongue to measure the passage of time. (Month)

If anyone is interested in a serious beta reading please let me know.
Thank you!

message 2: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 69 comments Hi Sarah,

This looks intriguing. I'm a professional engineer with some amateur astronomy behind me.

At first glance your description makes it look somewhere between fantasy and 'soft' sci-fi, but your background suggests there might be a 'hard' edge in there. And I like sci-fi that is a vehicle for cultural and social examination rather than space opera.

I'm willing! To discuss, my email is

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