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descriptionO H  M Y !description( what should i do? )
description characters & miscellaneous

hello! i'm cosmic, a dumbo that's been writing for a long time but is still a bit of an amateur. this is my trainwreck of a workshop. if you'd like to comment with a suggestion, then please do! (i'm open to any type of criticism.)  ━━  naughty boy

descriptiondescription     description     description     description     description

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(view spoiler)

description❝     U  R  I  A  H     H  O  N  G       :       T  H  E     N  E  W     K  I  D    ❞

description     resembles jeon jungkook + eighteen years old +
description     cismale and uses he/him + pansexual with demi
description     tendencies + transferred to ridgeview + a senior
description     + not affiliated with a gang + link to brainstorms

The son of a business owner that originally began their business in South Korea, Uriah has never known the concept of staying in one place for too long. His father felt that to ensure that one of his new company branches was running smoothly, he had to force his family to move to a new location. So, Uriah has never had a friend for too long, has never had a relationships, and definitely has not lived the life of an 'average' teenager.

Moving to Cape Camden was an adventure for the boy. For the first few weeks of school, he got to meet new people and explore the town. And then, the hurricane hit. For his first ever experience of a hurricane — and a category five while we're at it — he's surprised that he survived. Unfortunately for Uriah's father, his new company didn't survive, which meant that Uriah would be staying in town for a while.

Post-hurricane, Uriah has done as much as he can to involve himself in the community, whether it be through cleaning up a wreckage or donating supplies to the less-fortunate. He supposes it's a better thing to do than get himself involved in the gangs that have sprung up ever since it was declared that the government wouldn't be involved in restoring the town.

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      loading jung suji's gallery . . .description│   X
 description       description


description  NAME: JUNG SUJIdescriptiondescription  Suji is a member of the school's
description  AGE: SEVENTEENdescriptionsinging club.
description  GENDER: CISFEMALEdescriptiondescription  Her weaknesses are her lack of
description  ORIENTATION: BICURIOUSdescriptionself-direction and her aloofness.
description  GRADE: YEAR TWELVEdescriptiondescription  Suji brought a journal with
description  HEIGHT: 5'4" FT/162 CMdescriptionlyrics, chapstick, and a necklace.
description  WEIGHT: 103 LBS/47 KGdescriptiondescription  MOTHER: Kim Heejin
description  FC: LEE JI-EUN (IU)descriptiondescription  FATHER: Jung Jisoo

For a singer that's been in and out of singing championships and recitals since she was seven, Suji is really horrible at social interactions and making friends. She partly blames it on the fact that her childhood wasn't particularly normal. Her parents were drug addicts that ended up being taken to a rehabilitation center and did some prison time. Because of that, Suji was given to the government and put into the foster system.

She's been in and out of four foster homes, always being the good child, but always ending up in rough homes that couldn't keep her for very long. Ten years later, her parents were clean and sober, and they were granted the rights to their daughter back, so now Suji is back with her parents, but... it doesn't feel like a family when they're together, most likely because they were separated for too long.

It's needless to say that the school's auditorium is her escape, her safe-spot. Every chance she gets, she spends in that building and is either practicing her music or just simply working on the homework that she'll probably never turn in. Detention is her second favorite spot, but she doesn't like people to know that she get's detention as much as she actually does.

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description  DAISY LIN  description

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your templates are beautiful
am i able to request permission to use a few of them?

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oop thank you !
yeah ofc! any in particular?

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the ones you used for im hyejin, xiomara alonso, and monroe perez

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sure ! i'll pm you the pastebin links (:

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   DO EUNWOO  ∙  21 YEARS OLD  ∙  SOLOIST  ∙  BDE  ∙  (view spoiler)

━━   97/09/12   ━   Do Eunwoo is born in Ilsandong-gu to Do
Hansung and Hwang Sooyoung.

━━   00/11/24   ━   Sooyoung signs Eunwoo up for piano lessons.

━━   03/09/10   ━   Eunwoo begins taking violin lessons.

━━   04/05/16   ━   Eunwoo begins taking flute lessons.

━━   09/07/02   ━   Eunwoo leaves primary school. Sooyoung places
her in a secondary arts school.

━━   11/04/17   ━   Eunwoo opens a YT account (eunwoo sings) and
posts classical music and singing covers.

━━   13/03/11   ━   Two days after auditioning for BD Entertainment,
she gets a call for her training acceptance.

━━   15/12/20   ━   Hansung dies of heart cancer.

━━   15/12/25   ━   Eunwoo is caught at a bar (underage and drunk)
and is taken back to the dorms by a manager.

━━   15/12/27   ━   Eunwoo's debut is pushed back for a year.

━━   17/01/15   ━   BD Entertainment debuts Do Eunwoo as a

━━   18/04/29   ━   During a doctor's appointment, she is diagnosed
with mild alcoholism. Eunwoo calls her mother.
Sooyoung declines the call.

━━   19/01/20   ━   For the first time since her debut, she posts a
four-minute video on her YT channel to discuss
her excitement over the merger.

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NAMEdescriptionjeon chaewondescriptionWANDdescriptionalder wood with a
AGEdescriptionfifteen yearsdescriptionunicorn hair core, 10 ½ inches
YEARdescriptionfourthdescriptionblack sheepdescriptionPATRONUSdescriptioncalico cat

When Lee Siyeon and Jeon Minhyun, former Hogwarts students from Slytherin, found out they were having a child, they were thrilled to raise a future princess of Slytherin. After all, not only had they been Slytherins, but so had their parents and siblings, and so on and so forth. The day that eleven year old Jeon Chaewon had to force herself to send a letter to her parents, informing them that she was sorted into Hufflepuff, was one of the worst days of her life.

Her sorting had truly come as a surprise to her family, so much so that her parents didn't bother to send her a letter in return. Though she was practically disowned by her family, Chaewon easily learned that Hufflepuff was where she was meant to be, and adapted easily to life at Hogwarts. It was evident that she belonged in Hufflepuff with the way she carried herself, her demeanor one of innocence and genuine kindness and her smile shining through even the darkest of clouds. Though easy to manipulate and overly sensitive, she is still young and has plenty to learn and plenty more time to grow, or so she hopes.

Yet there was a period of time where Chaewon failed to find her place in the social hierarchy. She didn't have as many friends as she liked, and she didn't have the sense of assertiveness one needed to be involved in more clubs and student groups. She found her solace in Herbology. When not doing her studies, Chaewon is cooped up in the corner of her bed with her nose buried into textbooks upon textbooks about the subject.

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NAMEdescriptionmarlene mckinnondescriptionWANDdescriptionelm wood with a
AGEdescriptionfifteen yearsdescriptiondragon heartstring core, 11 in
YEARdescriptionfifthdescriptionprefectdescriptionPATRONUSdescriptiongrey squirrel


Characterized by her beautiful smile and her sense of responsibility, Marlene could be the kind of girl that you look at and think, "I want to be like her." However, she's also the kind of girl that looks at others and wishes for the same thing. Born as the third child of four, Marlene has always been hidden in the shadows of her two elder siblings, both who had been successful Hogwarts students and acquired jobs in the Ministry and as aurors. On the other hand, her younger sister takes the majority of her parents' attention.

Yearning to be more than what her siblings were, Marlene held a dream of becoming a Gryffindor. Gryffindors were courageous and spontaneous, and nobody in her family had ever been sorted into that house. She learned quickly, however, that Ravenclaw was where she was meant to be. No one other than a Ravenclaw would spend hours reading from a textbook that had no correlation to her homework, or spend hours sitting by a window, with her head held in her palm and her thoughts far off in a whimsical daydream about all things logical and cognitive.

It's safe to say that though she has knowledge beyond her years and nearly stellar grades, Marlene is rather dumb. For starters, if her head wasn't screwed to her neck, she'd most definitely lose it. She's the kind of student to be working on her homework an hour before class or during breakfast, all because she got caught up in a book or fell asleep, and still earn good marks. She's the kind of student to fall down the stairs or bump into a wall, all because her focus was elsewhere. Marlene is what you would call a disaster, yet she manages to hold her own.

For the most part, at least. There's a certain boy with black hair that curls around his ears and a pink tint to his lips that clouds her thoughts when she least expects it. Regulus Black was once merely a close friend to her, and she still holds her friendship with him dear to her heart. However, his recent acquaintanceships with Death Eaters have brought a strain to their friendship (oh, how she wishes it was more), and Marlene fears Regulus will make the wrong decision in terms of his loyalty. While she herself has slowly begun to associate herself with the Order of the Phoenix, her biggest concern continues to be trying to persuade him to be more than the path his parents laid out for him — to be something good.

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blog dedicated todescriptionhan doyoung in the only drama episode he's ever appeared in
leader doyoung~description━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
info (view spoiler)descriptionposted on: 19/01/19 with 3,227 notesdescription↺  ❤
descriptionfiled under: # oh my neptune # episode 4 # bde let my boy
  searchdescriptionact more # this was such a blessing # jsbd # han doyoung #
descriptiondescriptionleader # main rapper # sub vocal # i hope he'll get to act b4
descriptionhe retires # he's 34 already # old hag # jk yknow i love him

As the leader of the top boy group in South Korea, a lot has settled on Doyoung's shoulders, and for years. Fifteen years ago, he was a scrawny nineteen year old from Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, fresh out of high school and less than prepared for his debut, no matter how many times he tried to convince himself that things would work out. He was going to be leading five other boys, with the eldest of the bunch being two years younger than him, and he couldn't mess up.

Through every new scandal, through every new expectation, JSBD broke through them all and continued to persevere, and Doyoung couldn't have been any prouder of his five boys, his family. Fifteen years later, six military enlistments, and two contract resigns, JSBD is still as strong as ever and have staked their claim on title of the nation's most legendary boy group. And really, they're everywhere. When they're not touring, promoting on variety, or working on another album, Doyoung is acting (well, he's only ever appeared in one drama and his screen time was less than five minutes) or modelling, and the other boys are surely doing their own thing to keep their presence on the idol world.

It's not the end, he hopes, and though it seems like it's slowly approaching on them, Doyoung will never be able to find it in himself to stop introducing himself as JSBD's Powerful Leader Doyoung, will never be able to stop calling JSBD his meaning in life.

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January 2019   7 Posts


KIM TAEYONG     24      JUPITER     S VOCAL     M RAPPER     MAKNAE     (view spoiler)

   |      tae cups, remember this video that taeyong posted on his instagram as a message to jupiter fans? now is the time for us to be with him. the merge with bd and tym may change things with jupiter, and we all know they're already going to be going through enough in the coming months. taeyong is still struggling to get back into order following his accident and we all know how much being an idol means to him. please continue to support our golden maknae~~ (b^_^)b

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NAMEdescriptionadelaide mcleoddescriptionSEXUALITYdescriptiondemisexual
BIRTHDAYdescriptionjune eighteendescriptionPROFESSIONdescriptionroyalty
GENDERdescriptioncisfemaledescriptionFACE CLAIMdescriptionlily collins


To be a future queen means to have the traits that constitute a good and fair leader. From a young age, Adelaide was tailored to perfection, knowing fully well that she had to be nothing short of pristine when she took the throne. With an authoritative presence and a grace in her footstep, she's bound to turn heads with her mere presence. Her eloquence and intelligence are unmatched, and her determination undeterrable. Adelaide stays true to her beliefs, only ever letting factual or influential evidence sway her opinions. Though rare, she knows when to release the tension from her shoulders and genuinely enjoy herself, indulging in dance or literature.

For the most part, however, Adelaide is far more than what meets the eye. Anxiety chews away at her heart, keeping her on her toes and stealing hours of sleep from her. At meetings, she has to spend a few seconds contemplating how to make her presence and voice known when she says something. She lacks close friendships and trust in others, and hiding her feelings has become a lifestyle, though her chocolate brown eyes tell all. Her happiness, sadness, and frustration reign free in them, despite her attempts to appear unfazed and stoic. Living in the public eye, she learned to pull of her regal facade at a young age, but it does not mean that Adelaide isn't stressed about the kind of queen and person she will be in the future.


The eldest child to King Benedict Richard McLeod and Queen Madeline McLeod, as well as the eldest daughter, her birth was cause for a joyous celebration throughout the United States. With wide brown eyes, fine brown hair, and a delicate aura, the future queen was welcomed wholesomely by the nation.

Growing up, Adelaide learned how to survive in an environment where any mistake could be held against her, and not everybody was as trustworthy as they seemed. As a young girl, she was raised and taught how to give out commands, solve problems, and any other skill required to run a country. She grew up faster than most children her age, as her parents and instructors groomed and prepared her for the day she would take the throne. Adelaide was considered a child prodigy, always learning faster and comprehending more topics of discussions than what a "normal" three year old should know, which brought high hopes for her future reign.

When she turned eighteen, she had to open herself to hours-long meetings on the daily, constant public appearances and words on when she intended on having her coronation, or when she planned on getting married. For six years, Adelaide endured far more worry that one could ever feel, and with now mere years until she takes the throne, she's not sure if she is prepared. Every pair of eyes will be watching her every move, and though Adelaide stresses that she's only human, she's worried that she will fail her country.

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descriptionMagnum Members Profile:

descriptionStage Name: Kana ( 阿部 )
descriptionBirth Name: Yoshiki Kana ( 淑輝阿部 )
descriptionPosition: Leader, Lead Vocalist
descriptionBirthday: May 26, 1993
descriptionZodiac Sign: Gemini
descriptionHeight: 163 cm (5’4″)
descriptionNationality: Japanese
descriptionBlood Type: O

descriptionKana Facts:
description- She is from Shizuoka, Japan.
description- Moved to Seoul when she was 10 and is fluent in Korean.
description- Known for her hair, which she cut when Magnum started their girl crush concept.
description- Resulted in the popularized meme phrase, "Where's my hair?"
description- Likes making the members feel comfortable and happy.
description- Wore braces in Magnum's first year.
description- Used to have Instagram, but deleted it.
description- She can play the piano.
description- The members say she is more of the dad of the group than the mom.
description- A video surfaced last year of her being affectionate with a female staff.
description- TYM released a statement saying her and the staff were just friends.
description- Has four cats back home.
description- Owns a collection of cat plushies.
description- Ranked a four in vocals, one in rap, three in dance, four in visuals, and five in charm.
description- Kana's ideal type: "Someone that can carry their own style and doesn't mind being
descriptionthemselves and are easy to talk to. Has to like cats."

description(view spoiler)

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Statement Date: 12/03/2020 Incident Reference: BVIYV68649


Incident Date: 12/01/2020 Incident Time: 11:34 PM
Name: Elspeth Wright Date of Birth: 02/18/2000 Age: 20
Address: 11 St NE
City: Atlanta State: GA Zip Code: 30309
Home Phone: (404) 823 - 7893 Work Phone: (404) 215 - 2400 Cell Phone: (404) 631 - 2198


(Start from the beginning.) The beginning? Do I introduce myself or- No, you probably already have all my information anyways. I'm sorry, I'm really nervous. (Why are you nervous?) This is really... really scary, and I've never been in trouble before, especially not like this. You should've seen my parents faces when I told them I was going to be questioned. I thought this only ever happens on TV, like those old re-run episodes that they play at 2:00 AM when you wake up from accidentally falling asleep on your couch- (Ms. Wright, please focus.) Oh, right. Sorry. I was rambling.

(Where were you on the first of December, 2020, at around 11:30 PM?) 11:30... I was headed home from the library on my university campus. Finals are coming up and I really needed to study for my European History course — that class is way harder than the high school class. (How long were you in the library for?) It must've been like four or five hours. My shift at Target ended, and then I hurried to the library to study. I even skipped dinner. (Which Target are you employed at?) The one on Caroline Street. (Were you in Downtown Atlanta at all in the duration of the night?) No, I wasn't. I don't like to drive too far from home without my parents. Driving's scary.

(Were you familiar with Nadine Volkov?) No. I remember my brother mentioning her once, but I never met her. (Were you familiar with Leo Medina?) Oh, not really. I think... He was my brother's friend, right? I don't know his friends really well, and especially not since he moved away for college. I think I met him once, but that's it. (When was your encounter with him?) It was at Max's birthday, two years ago. He didn't... didn't really invite me, but our parents had a gift for him, so they asked me to drive to his apartment and give it to him. I remember his friends were there, and I think Leo said hi to me. But that was it. (You weren't present for your brother's birthday?) No. I'm sorry, but are... are we done?

(Yes, we are. Thank you for your time. If we have more questions, we'll call you in. Keep in touch.) I will. And, um, I'm sorry for not providing more information. Have a good day!

You do solemnly swear that the evidence you shall give in this matter shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and may be presented to a magistrate or a judge in lieu of your sworn testimony at a preliminary examination. Any false statement you make that you do not believe to be true may subject you to criminal punishment as a class "A" demeanor.

SIGNATURE: DATE: 12/03/2020 TIME: 11:09 AM
WITNESS: DATE: 12/03/2020 TIME: 11:09 AM

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Statement Date: 12/02/2020 Incident Reference: BVIYV68649


Incident Date: 12/01/2020 Incident Time: 11:34 PM
Name: Augustus Vega Date of Birth: 10/31/1997 Age: 22
Address: 708 Vine St NW
City: Atlanta State: GA Zip Code: 30314
Home Phone: (404) 775 - 1680 Work Phone: (786) 990 - 3156 Cell Phone: (786) 990 - 3156


(Start from the beginning.) Leo had this hella — sorry, really — cool idea to get us all together at his parent's beach house for spring break. Everyone was totally wigging out over exams, so we all just kind of needed a brain break, y'know? Leo and Max pretty much planned everything out, and then a huge group of us went. I don't remember how many of us but I know it was a lot. (What happened while you were there?) Damn, what didn't happen? It was like a party the entire day, going from the beach during the day to parties at night. (Were there substances involved?) Oh, I mean... alcohol, for those that were legal. I was. I am. (Drugs? Marijuana?) No, sir. At least not from our group.

(What was your relationship with Leo Medina?) ... (Mr. Vega?) What... What does Leo have to do with this? Did you guys find him? Is he dead? Wait! Did he murder Nadine? (Mr. Vega, please answer the question.) Fine. Um, I was close with Leo, I guess you could say. He was the first guy I met after moving from Miami. He was a really good guy, easy to get along with. He was one of the only dudes that took my music seriously. (Can you recall what happened the night of March 13, 2019?) That's the night he disappeared, right? (Yes.) Shit, um, I know we all went to some bar. I remember meeting up with some old high school friends so I wasn't really around my own group for most of the night. The night is kind of hazy, honestly. I drank way too much. I think I even drunk-called my girlfriend, haha. (Do you recall seeing Medina at all that night?) Not after we arrived. I heard some shit about him arguing with Max and Xavier and I think Angel was involved, but I was so out of it.

(Were you familiar with Nadine Volkov?) Well, yeah. She was part of our group. She reminded me a lot of my little sister, so I was pretty cool with her. (Do you recall if Volkov had any issues with someone?) Um, no, not really. She seemed pretty chill with everyone in our group. I don't think anyone hated her.

(Where were you last night, at 11:34 PM?) Oh, I was at home. I hate going out at night if I don't need to. The cold is a bitch. I was born and raised in Miami, and I've never really adjusted to how cold this place gets during the winter- (You were home?) Yeah. I was working on a new song. My band and I do a couple of gigs here and there, and I had this new song idea. (Did you leave your home at all that night?) Nope. Stayed home.

(Thank you for your time. If we have more questions, we'll call you in. Keep in touch.) Cool. See you.

You do solemnly swear that the evidence you shall give in this matter shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and may be presented to a magistrate or a judge in lieu of your sworn testimony at a preliminary examination. Any false statement you make that you do not believe to be true may subject you to criminal punishment as a class "A" demeanor.

SIGNATURE: DATE: 12/02/2020 TIME: 2:50 PM
WITNESS: DATE: 12/02/2020 TIME: 2:50 PM

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