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Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10534 comments Mod
Nominations are now being accepted for our August 2018 Book of the Month.

Please note: You may nominate any book from the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller genre or from any one of the many sub genres, with the exception of books by J.D. Robb and Nora Roberts. We explore Robb's In Death series in Buddy Reads & other discussions in this group. And we read & discuss Nora Roberts books with our sister group, Nora Roberts Groupies. We encourage you to join the discussions any time.

Nominations open July 16-22
Poll open July 23-29

Monthly Book Nomination Guidelines:

1-Each member may nominate 2 books per month. Please include a link to the book that you nominate.

2-Please - Only nominate books that you intend to read and discuss with this group!

3-Nominated books must be from the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller genres or one of the many sub genres.

4-Nominated books must be the first book in a series unless the Robb group has previously read the preceding books.

5-If your nomination wins the poll, we would love for you to consider leading the Book of the Month discussion for that month.

6-J.D. Robb and Nora Robert books are not eligible for nomination. We invite you to join us as we explore the In Death series books in our In Death Buddy Reads and enjoy discussing the Nora Roberts titles in our sister group, Nora Roberts Groupies.

7-Should an issue arise that results in the winning book being disqualified, the book that received the 2nd most votes will automatically become the replacement Book of the Month.

message 4: by Lisa - (Aussie Girl) (last edited Jul 16, 2018 04:19PM) (new)

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 600 comments I've got two -

Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford, #1) by Kelley Armstrong Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong.

A friend leant me this - I didn't even know Stephenie Meyer was writing again. Thought it might be worth a read.

The Chemist The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

message 5: by Jo Ann (last edited Jul 16, 2018 04:24PM) (new)

Jo Ann (jojog) | 349 comments Splinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1) by Ashley Dyer by Ashley Dyer

A propulsive debut suspense novel, filled with secrets, nerve-jangling tension, perplexing mystery, and cold-blooded murder, in which a police officer on the hunt for a macabre serial killer is brutally attacked, and only his partner knows the truth about what happened—and who did it.

After months of hunting a cold-blooded murderer that the press has dubbed the Thorn Killer, Detective Greg Carver is shot in his own home. His trusted partner, Ruth Lake, is alone with him. Yet instead of calling for help, she’s rearranged the crime scene and wiped the room clean of prints.

But Carver isn’t dead.

Awakening in the hospital, Carver has no memory of being shot, but is certain that his assailant is the Thorn Killer. Though there’s no evidence to support his claim, Carver insists the attack is retaliation, an attempt to scare the detective off the psychopath’s scent, because he’s getting too close. Trapped in a hospital bed and still very weak, Carver’s obsession grows. He’s desperate to get back to work and finally nail the bastard, before more innocent blood is spilled.

One person knows the truth and she’s not telling. She’s also now leading the Thorn Killer investigation while Carver recuperates. It doesn’t matter that Carver and the rest of the force are counting on her, and that more victims’ lives at stake. Ruth is keeping a deadly secret, and she’ll cross every line—sacrificing her colleagues, her career, and maybe even her own life—to keep it from surfacing.

message 6: by Jo Ann (new)

Jo Ann (jojog) | 349 comments Missing, Presumed (DS Manon, #1) by Susie Steiner Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner

Mid-December, and Cambridgeshire is blanketed with snow. Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw tries to sleep after yet another soul-destroying Internet date – the low murmuring of her police radio her only solace.

Over the airwaves come reports of a missing woman – door ajar, keys and phone left behind, a spatter of blood on the kitchen floor. Manon knows the first 72 hours are critical: you find her, or you look for a body. And as soon as she sees a picture of Edith Hind, a Cambridge post-graduate from a well-connected family, she knows this case will be big.

Is Edith alive or dead? Was her ‘complex love life’ at the heart of her disappearance, as a senior officer tells the increasingly hungry press? And when a body is found, is it the end or only the beginning?

Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams (goodreadscomcookiew1801) | 1382 comments How about book 1 in the Woman Murder Club by James Patterson "1st to Die"

message 8: by Agnieszka (new)

Agnieszka (agnieszka7) | 222 comments I nominate: The Ranger The Ranger (Quinn Colson, #1) by Ace Atkins by Ace Atkins

Northeast Mississippi, hill country, rugged and notorious for outlaws since the Civil War, where killings are as commonplace as in the Old West. To Quinn Colson, it's home - but not the home he left when he went to Afghanistan. Now an Army Ranger, he returns to a place overrun by corruption, and finds his uncle, the county sheriff, dead - a suicide, he's told, but others whisper murder. In the days that follow, it will be up to Colson to discover the truth, not only about his uncle, but about his family, his friends, his town, and not least about himself. And once the truth is discovered, there is no turning back.

message 9: by Christine (new)

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan (cruelshoes) | 526 comments I nominate again Rag Doll by Daniel Cole because it looks really good
Ragdoll (Detective William Fawkes, #1) by Daniel Cole
William Fawkes, a controversial detective known as The Wolf, has just been reinstated to his post after he was suspended for assaulting a vindicated suspect. Still under psychological evaluation, Fawkes returns to the force eager for a big case. When his former partner and friend, Detective Emily Baxter, calls him to a crime scene, he’s sure this is it: the body is made of the dismembered parts of six victims, sewn together like a puppet—a corpse that becomes known as “The Ragdoll.”

Fawkes is tasked with identifying the six victims, but that gets dicey when his reporter ex-wife anonymously receives photographs from the crime scene, along with a list of six names, and the dates on which the Ragdoll Killer plans to murder them.

The final name on the list is Fawkes.

Baxter and her trainee partner, Alex Edmunds, hone in on figuring out what links the victims together before the killer strikes again. But for Fawkes, seeing his name on the list sparks a dark memory, and he fears that the catalyst for these killings has more to do with him—and his past—than anyone realizes.

With a breakneck pace, a twisty plot, and a wicked sense of humor, Ragdoll announces the arrival of the hottest new brand in crime fiction.

message 11: by Charlene (new)

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 734 comments Rosina wrote: "The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway, #1) by Elly Griffiths The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths"

Rosina wrote: "The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway, #1) by Elly Griffiths The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths"
I have read several of the Ruth Galloway series, and I really like them!

message 12: by Namita (new)

Namita  (-namita) | 204 comments I nominate: Stealing Shadows (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #1) by Kay Hooper

message 13: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 12 comments I nominate Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

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