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Arisawe Hampton | 24 comments Mod
The review group is the most successful group for peer reviews on goodreads. It hosts non-reciprocal reading/review rounds of ten authors with a variety of themes and genres, as well as ‘general’ rounds where any book is permitted, from many fantasy subgenres When a round has ‘now forming’ in the title, there are places available, you can sign up. If it doesn’t, it’s full – look for another round.

The Amazon rules state that authors/publishers are not allowed to specifically supply published books in return for reviews on Amazon. To comply with this rule, we insist books are purchased at promo rates (free or 0.99). However, we are all in the same situation, we want reviews.
When sorting out groups, I prioritize those members who have fully participated in previous groups and don’t have multiple review connections with the other participants.

This is an 'Out of this World' round
Fiction books classified as fantasy only.

If you are only willing to review your own preferred genre, make sure you join a genre round. Allocation is entirely random and there will NOT be any rearranging of the listing to accommodate personal preference. The ONLY circumstance in which you may duck out of giving a review is if YOU provide a stand-in reviewer.

Let’s be honest here – we don’t all like the same things but we all want reviews. The only way this group can function is if we trust each other to behave honorably. And it IS perfectly possible to give a fair-minded review of a text that does not coincide with our normal choice of reading matter.

Now for the boring stuff, but please read it, it saves a lot of time if everyone is on the same wavelength.

Before signing up below with your Goodreads author and Goodreads book link in the thread below, please ensure that:
1. You have enough time to read and review 4 books within the time allowed.

2. Your book is currently available for sale on Amazon (not pre-order) and it complies with the individual round theme, if there is one.

3. Your book is fit to be reviewed. If it is not, due to editing or other issues, you risk poor reviews. This is your problem, not that of the reviewers or the groups. For a small fee, the group admin will look at the first few pages of your book to advise. The number one error new authors make is not having their book beta read and edited, by non-family members.

4. You can submit reviews to Goodreads and Amazon. Amazon allows only those people who have spent $50 in the last year to leave reviews in each of their stores. If you are unsure about your Amazon reviewer status, try posting a ‘test’ review before signing up. If you are unable to post reviews on Amazon, please do not sign up.

5. You can provide (and accept) at least PDF files. Many authors can also provide mobi and epub files. You are not expected or required to buy the books you are allocated to review. Some authors borrow books via KU and others provide smashwords coupons. This is their choice. International Copyright laws apply. You cannot sell, or give away material you have received without the author’s express permission.

6. It is up to individuals what disclaimers they place in a review concerning receiving a book in exchange for a review. Note: reviews that state you received a copy ‘IN RETURN’ for a review will probably be removed/not allowed by ‘I received a free copy from the author without an obligation to review’ would be more acceptable if you feel the need to add a disclaimer, but it is not necessary to give one.

7. You have completed your reading if you are currently in another review round in this group. You can be involved in the ‘one for one’ list whilst you are in a round.

8. You have an author profile set up before you join.

9. Your Goodreads profile allows people to message you, i.e. your profile is not set to private.

10. You declare any relationship you have with another member in the round. Amazon will not allow reviews from the same household on the same book or if you are an editor, relative or close friend of another member.

11. You agree that your reviews will be unbiased and honest, whatever the star rating, and you will try to avoid ‘spoilers’. i.e. giving away the finale of a book.

12. You will not ask a fellow author to change a review of your book because you don’t agree with it. If you think you have a legitimate concern, talk to the mod of your round, NOT the other author. Personal attacks, or pressurizing other members WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in you being blacklisted.

13. The review guidelines do not allow for free books to be supplied in return for reviews. Therefore, you are not obliged to review on Amazon, just on Goodreads. We all want reviews, its why we joined the group. It is bad taste to expect other people to review your book and then not do the same for other people in the group. People that DNF and/or don’t post reviews will find it difficult to get into a subsequent group.

14. Your Goodreads details and the rounds you participate in will be recorded by the admin mod on a database. We do not retain details of email addresses etc.

The founding principle of the group is honest, non-reciprocal reviews, so please help maintain the integrity of the group by letting me know as you sign up if you have been reviewed by, or have reviewed another author in the group. Usually places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
I will do my best to fit everyone into the group they request, but occasionally, particularly in the case of our more prolific good standing members, I may have to decline a member request to fit the maximum number of people into a particular round. I will always endeavour to start another round as soon as possible with that member in mind.
It is permissible to review an author more than once if a different book is available.
If you need anything clarified please ask, either by goodreads personal message to me or on the thread below, before signing up. It’s a pain to have to keep rearranging the list because people haven’t read the above.

Your group moderator will be:
Arisawe Hampton

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James Maxstadt | 2 comments I'd love to join up for this round. My book is called Rejected Worlds and it's a fantasy anthology. Links are below.


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