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The Magic Anatomy Book
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book about a kid's journey inside the human body. [s]

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Daniel Moshinsky | 2 comments I read this book as a child in Russia around 1990. It was most certainly a Russian translation of an English book (though it's possible it was translated from another language).

This is a colorful picture fiction book -- it involved a couple of kids rummaging through their grandma's attic, finding a magic chest, inside the chest was this book. They start reading the book and they fall into the book -- which is a book about the human body. The kids fall in through the mouth, and travel through the rest of the organs.

Along the way they get into adventures and learn about what all the body organs do. In the end I believe they get sneezed out.

The book had rich illustrations. It's similar to Fantastic Voyage in its premise but it was not a sci-fi book like that, it was a childhood adventure book.

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Mai | 1276 comments The Magic Anatomy Book by Carol Donner. Copyright 1987.
The first reader's comment is very informative and she added pictures too! This is part of her description:
The Magic Anatomy Book follows the adventures of twins Max and Molly (and their orange cat Baxter) as they stumble upon a strange book in their Grandmother's attic, and are suddenly transported into its pages - smack in the middle of a working human body

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Daniel Moshinsky | 2 comments This is it!!! Thank you! Amazing.

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