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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments Only Princess Emilia can post here.

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 319 comments  Full Name: Grace Lily Price

Age: 16

Gender: female

Role: student

Interests: creative arts

Appearance: Long, curly blonde hair and big, round brown eyes. She has soft innocent looking features.
She's 5' 3" and average weight.
Her clothes style is classic and clean. She doesn't wear a lot of prints, but makes an exception for floral prints during the appropriate seasons.

Personality Type/Description: Grace is pretty good in school, usually gets low As, but what she's really good at is playing piano. She has a couple of close friends, but when they're not around she keeps to herself because she's shy and awkward. Even around her closest friends she's quiet and pensive. She's really thoughtful and nice and seems pretty optimistic, but her thoughts can be more cynical than people would think. She has a lot of trouble opening up to people, even the people she's most comfortable around.
She gets embarrassed so much that she's actually getting used to it. Awkward situations seem to follow her around everywhere she goes.

Fears: shame, embarrassment, people disliking her or being mad at her

Strengths: she's really good at making things and finding many different/interesting ways to make/fix/use something

Weaknesses: she hates to admit it, but she's inwardly boy crazy. Her brain knows that having a boyfriend won't make everything better, but her heart believes otherwise.

Dreams/goals: she wants to own a boutique with her own fashion designs. It was always one of those dreams that people told her she'd grow out of when she was kid, but she never did.

Job/hobbies: she makes her own clothes and jewelry and sells them on etsy, but mostly she just keeps them for herself. She loves art and has been playing piano since she was 3 and also loves to sing. Writing a slightly more recent passion of hers. She's been wanting to start a blog, but she's been putting it off because she doesn't think anyone would be interested.

Background: she's the 4th out of 5 kids, so she's always felt a little overlooked. All siblings, in order from oldest to youngest, are Becca(21), Mila(20), Matt(18), herself(16), and Alexander(11). She has no friends in school because she's new.

Friends - *((open to building a friendship with another character))
Her parents are Adam and Emma. Her dad is an engineer and her mom is a nurse.

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 319 comments Name: Elena Sala

Age: 26

Gender: female

Role: Piano teacher


- odd
- quirky
- intense when talking about something she's passionate about
- giggly
- super nice
- easily excited
- motherly
- has a slight Romanian accent
- she likes to think the best about people, so much so that she prefers to remain ignorant about people's downfalls. That applies to a lot of things in her life. For example, she has a box of her mom's old diaries that could reveal not only who her dad is, but what he was/is like(if he's still living). But she's never ever read them because she'd rather imagine in her head that he was wonderful and awesome and basically perfect in every way.

Fears: being let down/ letting people down. She has an extremely irrational fear of waking up one day and finding that she's lost all her musical abilities

Strengths: amazing at playing piano, good at singing. Likable, and strong

Weaknesses: compliments. Especially if someone compliments her piano playing. Also she cares a little too much about people, to the extent that she cares about them more than they care about her.

Background: Elena grew up in Bucharest, Romania with her mom and little brother. She never knew her dad or even who he was. She started to teach herself piano as a kid whenever she'd visit her favorite aunt in the U.S., until she convinced her mom, a single parent, to pay for lessons. After graduating high school, she attended National University of Music Bucharest. After university she had many opportunities and could have become a concert pianist, but she had to give all that up when her mom died in a car accident and she became legal guardian of her brother, Marcus. He was 14 at the time, and she was 24. She turned down a couple of offers because she wanted to be a good sister. Leaving Romania and teaching at BLA seemed like the best thing for the both of them.

Relationships: her brother, Marcus(16)
Currently single

Teaching style: doesn't have much trouble being assertive, often gets frustrated when a student doesn't seem to be taking lessons seriously. Sometimes can't fathom when they aren't as into it as she is. It takes a lot of effort, but she tries her best to be patient.

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 319 comments Name: Marcus Sala

Age: 16

Gender: male

Role: student

Interests: Technology


Personality Type/Description:
- sad, doesn't smile much
- goofy like his sister Elena, but only underneath his grumpy exterior and he pretends Elena's goofiness is embarrassing in public
- pushes people away, doesn't let them close
- not rude, but it takes a special kind of person to see his true personality, which is actually really warmhearted, he just hides that part of himself
-slight Romanian accent, definitely less obvious than Elena's

Dreams/goals: wants to become an engineer.

Hobbies: likes to make things. Anything. His favorite thing he's ever made is a little robot that doesn't really work, but it's still his favorite cause his mom loved it.

History: He grew up in Romania with his mom and sister, Elena, until his mom died and Elena got a job as a piano teacher at BLA. Elena always said it was a blessing that they BOTH got accepted at BLA. Neither of them know who their dad is, and Elena never let him try to find out.

-authentic Italian pizza

-too much noise, crowds
-deep dish pizza
-sports, really doesn't get why people love watching them so much

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 319 comments Name: Malachi Cohen

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Role: Student

Interests: Language (Spanish, Hebrew, Latin)

-Dark, curly hair
-brownish-hazel eyes
-olive-toned skin.

Personality Type/Description:
- subtly funny, it usually takes people by surprise
- devoted
- loyal
- has high expectations
- quiet, but not shy. He simply doesn't feel the need to talk just to fill the silence
- protective
- intentional
- he can speak Latin, but nobody knows it

- etymology
- football
- poetry
- movies

- anyone who messes with those he loves
- disloyalty

He has a dad and 4 younger sisters. His mom died 5 years ago after an off-and-on battle with cancer, which brought his family even closer than they were before.
Football was always the way he and his dad bonded, even more so when his mom died. Whenever they needed to get out of the house and "feel like men" they'd go out and play football. And then they would go back to reality, in a house ruled by 4 girls.
Malachi started to feel a little trapped at home and after some convincing, his dad agreed to enroll him into BLA.

Relationships: set up with Jessica Knox

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 319 comments Name: Deiana (pronounced Dey-ana) Lewis

Age: 17

Gender: female

Role: Student

Interests: Botany


Personality Type/Description:
-impatient/easily annoyed
-used to getting what she wants
-doesn't care what anyone thinks (actually she does, but puts on a careless facade)
-says what's on her mind
-sticks up for her friends
-fun to be around, when she's had enough sleep, otherwise she's a grump
-proud tree hugger

-caramel everything
-black and white films
-classic rock
-country music (secretly)
-classy guys
-telling people what to do

-anything strawberry flavored
-rules/being told what to do
-people who don't recycle

Background: Deiana's dad, Jason, was sentenced to 3 years in prison for money laundering and is coming up on his final year. It was a pretty big deal, it made national news and everything. They still did alright financially as her mom, Selena, is a successful businesswoman, but it greatly damaged their reputation. Deiana believes the only reason she was still accepted into BLA was because she's a legacy. Her older brother, Gavin, graduated from BLA, as well as her mom, dad, aunt, grandparents, and so on. She comes from a long line of BLA graduates. 2 years ago she dropped out of school for a year because she got pregnant and, to keep it a secret, her parents had her live with her aunt, Roni, who lives near BLA. Once she delivered, she went back to school and her family told everyone she dropped out because of health reasons. Nobody at school knows about the pregnancy; somehow her family managed to keep it a secret. Now she's back, and she's a year behind so will be graduating late. Her aunt is taking care of her now 6-month-old daughter, Evelyn. Deiana visits Evelyn almost every weekend.
Deiana's relationship with her dad was always really strong, even through all the scandal. She can't stand her mom because she was always cold and indifferent.

Relationships: ex-boyfriend/secret baby daddy, Eli Leopold (Santi A's character)

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