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message 1: by Max (new)

Max Berger | 156 comments Mod
Discuss your thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan with us here! If you see the movie adaptation hitting theaters this month, you can talk about that here as well! :)

Adriana (Mea) Gutierrez (adrianamea) | 129 comments Mod
Movie is coming out august 15th! Have you read the book? Did you like it? What are your expectations for the adaptation?

Adriana (Mea) Gutierrez (adrianamea) | 129 comments Mod
Here is my book review:

Crazy Rich Asians follows the typical "poor" girl (Rachel Chu) meets prince charming (Nicholas Young) storyline, but with a few added twists! I will gladly admit that I found this book hard to put down. The experience can best be described as eating spoonfuls of ice cream knowing fully well you aren't doing yourself any favors. Nevertheless, we must live a little and pick up the sappy book once in a while!

The book is spent with Rachel and Nicholas in Singapore. Rachel has the (un)fortunate luck of spending numerous hours socializing with Nicholas's high strung, wealthy family. Throughout there is DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA: divorce drama, cheating drama, money drama, model drama, ex-drama, mama drama, grandmama drama, the list goes on.

This drama is due to the ongoing theme of outsiders vs insiders within the intricate family dynamic. There is the older generation with their strong cultural values vs the younger generation who want to spend and show off, the Singapore "natives" vs the mainland Chinese, and of course the Crazy Rich vs the not so, but still Very Rich. Everyone is trying to reach the top of the food chain and in this book it seems like everyone is groomed from birth to get to the top. Poor Rachel Chu seems to have no chance!

Negatives: First, the characters became caricatures of the people they started out as. I believe this is due to the shopping list length of characters. Second, Rachel and Nicholas's relationship felt overwhelming and near the end they reminded me of over-infatuated Romeo and Juliet types. Third, I am not a soap opera type and the sheer amount of catty drama was at times unbearable.

Positives: First, the beginning was very strong, especially the first chapter! Second, I enjoyed the footnotes defining Singapore slang and explaining cultural references. Third, there are several eyebrow raising twists that I appreciated and kept me reading.

Final thoughts: This is an easy book that you can breeze right through while relaxing by the poolside, beach, traveling, etc. Do I recommend this book? Yes, if you want an easy book that's not hard on the noggin and keeps you entertained throughout. Will I read the sequel? Probably not, but who knows maybe I'll pick it up down the line.

3/5 Singapore Slings

Lee at ReadWriteWish (leeatreadwritewish) | 2 comments I just finished this book. Was super disappointed in it. I'm struggling to understand its popularity. I still think the movie version looks good. Looks like they might have changed quite a bit and I'm actually okay with that (for a change). Anyway, I probably wouldn't recommend reading this and only gave it (a generous) 3 out of 5. Review here if anyone is interested

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine Esser | 1 comments I started it but couldn't finish it because it did not hold my interest. I'm relieved to hear that I am not alone.

Lee at ReadWriteWish (leeatreadwritewish) | 2 comments Christine wrote: "I started it but couldn't finish it because it did not hold my interest. I'm relieved to hear that I am not alone."

I think I only finished it because I'd paid more than I usually pay for ebooks for it. If anyone is eager, I would recommend trying to find it at a library or op shop.

Katie (thexfilesvixen) | 7 comments I really really loved the book and just saw the movie! Has anyone else seen the movie yet?

message 8: by Susy (new) - added it

Susy (susysstories) | 64 comments Katie wrote: "I really really loved the book and just saw the movie! Has anyone else seen the movie yet?"

Not yet, it's on my TBW

Summer (paradisecity) | 4 comments I read the book and watched the movie with my local book club recently and I was a bit disappointed in both. The movie was a bit worse than the book and suffered mainly from the same problem: So many of the characters are unlikable. It's hard to be invested in their lives and hope for good things for them when I'm not feeling much empathy or investment. (And honestly, if were Rachel Nick's actions would have had me running for the hills, but that's another ball of yarn entirely.)

I'm definitely glad to see better representation out there, though, and I'm definitely glad both the books and the movies have become a hit.

message 10: by ROBERT (new)

ROBERT | 60 comments I read reviews of the book and decided not to read it. It sounded like a YA rom-com. Same with the movie. The movie is doing great at the box office.

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris S | 48 comments I haven't read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I can't decide if I should read the three novels now, or wait for the movie versions, which will undoubtedly be made due to the success of the first one.

Adriana (Mea) Gutierrez (adrianamea) | 129 comments Mod
I watched the movie as well! I thought it was a great adaptation of the book, parts were changed, but not nearly as much as I thought. Having read the book and watched the movie, I would recommend just sticking with the movies.

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