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Bookworm with Kids The spoiler thread is now last!

Barbara (bdegar) | 4626 comments I will repeat something I wrote earlier about the problem with choosing a book that is part of a series, and certain genres. Most crime novels/mysteries are series these days. The problem with a group read in this genre is you are almost forced to choose the first in a series. In the case of many series, I've already read the first and some series are dozens of books past the first. The first in a series can be "so-so" as the author finds her way into the character. I don't participate in any GR crime novel/ mystery groups and this is a reminder of why I am not well suited to that kind of group and v.v. There is one author, who I have repeatedly expressed extreme dislike for, the pseudo-Irish poser, Tana French, who doesn't write crime novels as a series - only occasionally repeating characters. But even before I detested her, I didn't like this series that lacked core characters readers could come to know.

I also said earlier that this writer may have gotten published because she is "OK" (I did give the book 3 stars) and publishing needs to diversify with various kinds of characters - in this case a bisexual PI.

The character herself did the things I often complain about after reading a PI novel. PIs have no authority but intrude on people and expect them to talk. Some do it in clever ways, but many are clumsy and Roxanne Weary is in the clumsy category. Her relationships are not particularly "interesting" - one with a woman she's known since high school who is manipulative and just not nice, and the other with a man who is her dead cop father's former partner, who is seriously dating another woman. These are destructive relationships but because I haven't come to really care about this character, I just see it as one more reason she is not interesting.

Train wrecks can be interesting characters, but so far Roxanne Weary isn't. There is a second book but I have so many books I want to read I won't read that one.

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Donna McCaul Thibodeau (celtic_donna) | 1143 comments I agree with Barbara. Roxane was such a damaged person, I found myself shaking my head at the situations she wound up in. For example, going to that party, ending up drunk and waking up in some stranger's apartment? Professional behaviour, that. And the relationships she was involved in? Couldn't get more unhealthy. I won't be reading any more in this series.

Bookworm with Kids I finished this book yesterday and I have to admit that I found the story quite good. I think that Roxane is looking like she might get her life together a bit at the end of the book. I would read another in this series to see if she does get things back on track.

Bookworm with Kids I had a look at the second book in the series, What You Want To See and while the storyline looks good, Roxane is back drinking too much again. I think I will give it a miss.

One of the reviews of this book that I looked at questioned whether Roxane going to the party and blacking out from drinking too much was just a bit convenient and was not really in keeping with the drinking she had been doing beforehand., that the author was just being a bit lazy as such. What does anyone think?

Barbara (bdegar) | 4626 comments Bookworm with Kids wrote: "I had a look at the second book in the series, What You Want To See and while the storyline looks good, Roxane is back drinking too much again. I think I will give it a miss.

One o..."

Maybe the author is taking the easy way out having her drink and have blackouts. That way she doesn't have explain the characters behavior in depth. If I am not captivated by a character in the first of a series, why bother. Development of a strong character from the starting gate is essential.

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