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LGandT | 55 comments A few more Summer reads reviews. Being so hot you can get alot of reading done, hope everyone who is in the hot part of the world keeps cool and those in the cold part keep warm :)

Ondine: Shannon Drake
That took a bit of a twist I didn't expect. This one is fun and takes you right back to 1680, even if you do put it down. Highly recommended. for an action packed sometimes erotic romance

Breakwater: Errin Stevens
Lovely summer read. It got a bit political for a while but since it had nothing to do with current politics then it was a nice distraction from real life. Definitely recommended

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Errin Stevens (errintevens) | 50 comments Thanks for the love! Mwah!

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LGandT | 55 comments Errin wrote: "Thanks for the love! Mwah!"


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