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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Modern romance, woman owns a temp agency returns home for a wedding. Spoilers ahead.

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Weirdredstreak | 53 comments Hi,

I'm looking for a novel where a woman returns to her hometown and stays with her parents while someone is getting married. It's set in America in a relatively recent timeframe.

She lives in a city and owns a temp agency that had a different way of working to normal temp agencies. Many in the town weren't happy to have her come back and visit.

From memory the woman had left the town as soon as she graduated and had a lot of enemies in the town. She wasn't a good kid and got into trouble.

Something I remember distinctly was that she and one of the other girls were in a car accident- they crashed into a Bronze statue of someone important in the town. She took the blame when it was the other girl who was actually driving. I think the other girl may have been the bride.

In the end she ends up together with the brother of the girl who was driving in the accident. I also think there was some form of upset when the sister actually confesses that she was the one driving it was part of the turning point to their relationship because he hated her for possibly injuring his sister?

Any ideas?

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Kris | 36516 comments Mod
Weirdredstreak, around what year did you read this book?

How is this temp/employment agency different, what type of jobs does it offer?

Can you tell us more about her romantic interest - his job, skills/interests, personality, etc.?

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Weirdredstreak | 53 comments I read it sometime in the last year as an ebook which doesn’t help much.

The temp agency is different in that from memory it was more of a community thing in that it offered small one off jobs as well such as cleaning someone’s windows, or book keeping

The romantic interest question sparked a thought in that the woman has come back for a wedding. I have a suspicion that the bride was the same girl who crashed the car into the statue. So the romantic interest’s connectionf to events is being involved in the wedding party and not wanting her to cause trouble because he believes she is nothing but trouble. I don’t remember much about him other than that he was well thought of by the town, and possibly a couple of years older than the woman.

I doesn’t seem like many new details but thankyou for asking the questions and making me think

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Weirdredstreak, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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