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Playing with Fire (Magical Romantic Comedies, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. A bad-ass female unicorn (sth horsey) who works a supernatural expert for a local police force goes into a mission on an arson case investigating a building when it explodes with her in it. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Ratana (ratanareads) | 2 comments SPOILERS ahead

Genre: paranormal (ebook)
Year: I read it in 2017 but probably not published in that year
Cover: Fire is a big part of the cover with a female on it
About: A badass female unicorn (or something horsey) shifter works as a supernatural expert in a human polic force. She has a partner that she allows to ride her shifter form. Her shifter form is faster than cars and faster than most shifters, too. In one part of the story, she was detained by another county/state’s human police force in her shifter form (couldn’t shift because she’s tired) until her force’s captain comes to verify it’s her (she’s the only unicorn around that area) and takes care of her until she shifts back. The climax is the part where she goes onto a supernatural mission into a building reported to have suspicious leakings. The building exploded with her in it when she finds the source. She’s more than fine in the end. She actually ends up drunk on fire because her shifter loves and has an affinity with fire.

Thank you in advance for helping to find this book!

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Keith | 223 comments I don't recognize the book, which is a shame because it sounds entertainingly bonkers. I'm going to follow the thread in the hope that someone else manages to identify it.

CrazyUnicorn | 225 comments Playing with fire by R.J. Blain

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Ratana (ratanareads) | 2 comments Yes, “Playing with Fire” is the book! Thank you so much for helping me find it!

CrazyUnicorn | 225 comments You're welcome :)

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