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Good morning, afternoon or evening!

A few commemts questioning the significance of feminism have been writen over the last weeks. It is not the first time in OSS I suppose. Just like several members I am curious to listen to those point of views which think that some aspects of Feminism (or other great cause related to Feminism) are not of great importance.

Of course, no need to write that before "jumping" into a discussion it is important to have in mind that questioning myself is as important as challenging the other otherwise no healthy discussion could persist.

Anyway, some people had some opinions to share, so please expose them here so that the other threads will be relieved.


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Andrea Rodrigues | 1 comments Hi Florian,

Good day to you too. The feminist movement is still very much important today because even though it has been centuries since the movement was first started, women are still not treated equally. The below blog by Oxford is a good basic history about the feminist movement.


If it weren't for feminist activists, we wouldn't have had the right to vote and the right to inherit property among other things. I live near Bombay in India where women make up only 15% of the organised labour force/employees. As the ratio of female employees increases, feminist activists are fighting to ensure that we are properly able to exercise our right to work by demanding equal pay and laws to make the workplace environment safe for women. This is just one example I have given. But we wouldn't have been able to voice this right if we weren't allowed to vote in the first place.

Many men and women still think that the current social construct of man being the breadwinner and the women being the household is the natural and proper way of life. However, throughout history, especially I can give examples from my country, this has led to many people thinking that women are a burden. We have had practices like "Sati", where if the husband died, his widow would voluntarily or be best to commit suicide because there would no one to financially take care of her afterwards.

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I would also say that it important to unify as many people as possible so that other issues can be resolve by having more solutions and more ideas.
Divide or discriminate humans is not only not right but also a waste of potential. More opportunities, more people to work with and to figure out problems.

Thank you for your comment Andrea :)

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