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Ever since this afternoon, and the small tremor, Ulysses had been acting a bit off. He had been feeling unusually hungry, but not for food. Already have had eaten the lunch he has made himself, he headed towards the cafeteria and immediately took anything and everything he saw as edible, leaving very little food for others. Though it felt as though his stomach wasn't actually registering the things that he had consumed. He wanted more than simply food. He knew what his nature was lusting for. Yet, he also understood that he would never give into those instincts. He had to find somewhere to calm himself down. Rushing towards the art room, Ulysses sat down in the chair, knowing that the class wouldn't start until an hour or two.

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Curled up into a tight blueish grey/brown and white ball was a familiar Japanese bobtail. There were some who knew this cat, since he was part of the House of Elderlocke. Indeed, this was Kiyoshi Ito-a neko who would usually be found in cat form sleeping ((because that was somehow more comfortable than human form))

Large eye opening and peeking out at the boy who'd plopped himself down beside Kiki, the Japanese boy scrambled to his paws and felt the fur along his spine bristling.

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Ulysses wasn't aware there was even another being in there. His eyes began to act up, turning into a blood red, before back to brown, as if it was glitching. He hated with all of his soul being an inccubus, he hated being sparked. It included hurting people, even the ones he loved. Though as he finally calmed down slightly, he looked at the cat next to him before giving a soft smile. "At least I can't hurt you." He mumbled taking in deep breaths to pace himself.

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Seeing the change in the eyes, the Japanese Bobtail shifted nervously. Vampire or some kind of demon... Kiyoshi noted, leaping up onto the table to inch his nose towards Ulysses. Sniffing him, he recoiled a bit and tucked his paws under him. Maybe I should stay as a cat.... Kiki always felt safe in cat form...

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As the cat recoiled, Ulysses couldn't help but feel awful, even the animals knew to stay away from him. "Heh, yeah, I don't blame you. I don't trust myself right now." He shrugged resting his head on the table while glancing at the art work on the walls. "God, I wish I had my guitar." Looking over at the cat that looked so skeptical of him he shrugged. "So, come here often?" He asked not actually believe that he was talking to a cat.

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Kiyoshi sat up, moving forward again-feeling a bit bad for the look of disppointment and... Well, this guy just seemed so depressed.... Shrugging in response to his question, Kiki took a moment before nodding slowly and letting out a loud "mew". Yes, and with that, Kiyoshi leaned his body forward a bit so that he could touch his nose to the stranger's hand-a sign of uneasy trust, if his still raised fur was any indication.

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Now that was kind of strange, either a coincedence, or on purpose. He wouldn't be surprised if he actually knew what was happening. "Can you... understand me?" Feeling a small and surprisingly soft nudge on his hand, Ulysses smiled, and made eye contact with the cat and tripple checking before rasing his hand. "May I?"

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Kiyoshi shrugged, jaws stretching into a yawn as he curled back up in front of Ulysses. Doing his best to relax and let Ulysses pet him-it wasn't as if this was new, plenty of Elderlocke members enjoyed stroking the pretty feline. And, really, Kiyoshi didn't quite mind-actually liked it.

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Seeing as the cat didn't answer and merely yawned, he merely suspected that it was him going insane. Seeing as the feline actually got closer, he slowly pet Kiyoshi, and he wondered if this was as soothing as it felt on his soft palms and calloused fingers. Closing his eyes, he slowly calmed himself, feeling his eyes go back to normal and his lust start to subside.

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A cat knows, and Kiyoshi felt that tight rubber band of tension release the moment the stranger shut his odd colored eyes. Kiki, too, thought it fit to rest his head on his delicate paws and allow himself some rest before class. After all, he was quite comfortable this way.

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end? I really have no idea how to continue this

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That was an awesome roleplay, lol

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