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The Character of Elizabeth Bennett ?
Ann Manning Ann Jul 15, 2018 05:32PM
How do you feel about Elizabeth's Bennett's character as compared to the women of today?

Oh boy, do I have some thoughts on this!

First of all: Elizabeth is intelligent.

She has a discerning mind and a judgement that isn't perfect but is nonetheless critical and observant. Being intelligent, she respects truth, and is as honest as her other principles will allow her to be, which is honest almost to the point of blunt. Her intelligence contributes to her famous wit, which is another quality many admire in her.

Elizabeth is decided.

She's confident and tenacious in her pursuit of her own happiness, and is definite in her wants and needs. Her certainty in herself lets her speak her mind when she feels it appropriate and keep silent when she doesn't, without feeling slighted or offended.

Elizabeth is sympathetic.

She easily feels for strangers or near-strangers, such as Miss King when Wickham sets his sights on her, and Georgiana Darcy once she learns what Wickham did. This is one of the qualities Wickham preys upon in her; he plays on her sympathy to encourage her dislike of Darcy and her favor of himself.

However, she has flaws, flaws that are addressed by her character arc in the book. First, Elizabeth is defensive.

Likely because of her family's status in life and improper behavior, and despite her confidence in herself, Elizabeth is very quick to jump to their defense when they're spoken ill of, even when it doesn't concern her specifically. As we see during Darcy's terrible first proposal, this is a particular sore spot for her, and yet again and again we see her jump to justify her family's actions to other people despite criticizing them to herself.

Elizabeth lacks self-awareness.

Because she trusts herself, she tends to be very quick in passing judgement, without enough self-awareness to see that sometimes she doesn't use her intelligence to form those impressions. Do you notice that she decides that she dislikes Darcy first, and then specifically why later? She decides she likes Wickham, mostly because he justifies her dislike of Darcy and soothes her defensive urges - and only then does she come up with more credible reasons to be partial to him.

That's about all I've come up with since my last reread, so I'll just leave this here.

Elizabeth es definitivamente uno de mis personajes favoritos. Es una mujer inteligente, audaz, me encanta el hecho de que difiere muchísimo a como eran las mujeres de su época. Con códigos de comportamiento, vestuario, gestos, etc. Es un personaje de admirar.

She's great: a thinker and a questioner. She's a precursor of the modern woman.

I like her zest for life and her sense of humor.

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