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message 1: by RAE (new)

RAE Sunshine (WordSlingingRAE) | 4 comments Hello, I am working on a new book called The Gospel of Uriah and I am in need of another beta reader. I am experiencing a bit of writer's block so I need a little help with that but I would also love to hear someone else's thoughts on this book. If you are interested please get back to me as soon as possible.

message 2: by JaVone (new)

JaVone Bentley (allforthebooks) | 2 comments Hello. Can you please tell a little bit more about the book?

message 3: by RAE (new)

RAE Sunshine (WordSlingingRAE) | 4 comments Hi, well its about a young girl who has been abandoned her whole life (or so she feels) her life seems to nothing but pains and heartbreak because she has lost her only family at a very young age. She experiences abuse both physically and emotionally etc. Am I making any sense?

message 4: by Asha (new)

Asha Fields | 2 comments Hello! Did you still need a beta reader. Feel free to send me your first five pages or a five-page sample. I do free, beta reading samples, so I'd be happy to be look over.

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