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Imador (someoneoncered) | 104 comments Name: Katherine Fuchs

Age: 16

Gender: female

Job: none

Role: Student

Interest: Advanced writing

Extra-curricular activities: horse riding.

Appearance: She has long and dark-blonde hair. Her eyes are brown and she has a few very light freckles on her face. She’s not tall, generally on the shorter side of the spectrum at five and one feet.
She tends to dress without much flare, although sometimes she puts a bit of extra effort. Almost never though. Some people would say she has a natural beauty to her, generally looking good without much effort. She never wears makeup, finding it stressing and most time’s unnecessary. With exceptions, of course. Some people tend to call her “cute”, but she doesn’t like it (most of the time).

Other markings: she has a very small piercing at the top of her ear and sometimes dyes the tip of hair hair red.

Personality: she’s a cheerfully naive person. Generally see if everyone as a good person, she is easy to get along with. However, she also doesn’t know if someone is not the good person she sees them as. She tends to smile a lot and goof around. She can get serious when something happens to one of her friends and gets mad on very, very rare occasions... but when it happens it feels as if the air around her vibrates with her anger. However, she’s very patient and has a lot of tolerance, so getting mad is almost impossible for her. She has a fear of rejection and strives for acceptance from her friends, and that sometimes can bring her to do not very clever things.

History: she was born to a wealthy family in a german town in Texas. Her dad, a german immigrant, married her mother and moved to America since she was from Texas. Katherine was born with two languages, English and german, and later on went on to learn French. This made her really like languages and writing in general as she could see it from different perspectives. Soon, she was writing her own novels and stories that she plans to publish sometime in the future. Her almost perfect family and town did not prepare her for the real world, though, as she is too quick to trust and befriend everyone she meets and this has brought her some problems. When she went to a boarding school in Germany, she was bullied by her “friends” and afterwards, deep down, the need for acceptance and a fear of rejection started to grow in her. When she returned, her life went back to normal. Now, she was admitted to BLA and is very excited about it, but her fear seemed to have grown after receiving the news...

-movies (animated movies especially)
-animals (her favorite is the fox)
-horror movies
-pessimist people
-being alone
-having nothing to do

Relationship status: single

Family at the academy: none

Friends at the academy: none yet

Horse: Sturm

Other: nothing

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