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Am I the only one who doesn't see the appeal in Mare?
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She may have a strong power but it's nowhere near the strongest, who she is as an individual is pretty weak ,she's not independent (despite what Aveyard wants us to think), she's not resilient, not relatable, has a horrible attitude, boarderline narcissistic (in my opinion) and honestley she's just an unlikable character all around.

Mare is terrible.

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Kayla Exactly
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Moreover, she is one of the worst character in YA novels. It was the first time while riding the book i hated so much main protagonist. All that you wrote is so truly: Mare was annoying, stupid and facetious. unlike Cal, she couldn't blame anyone and complained for her fate and life because she created it. Cal were ripped of own ,,family'' and had nothing in the end. She had everything; family and friend. I think too that this book might be better without her.

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Kayla I'm glad you agree with me ...more
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I thought she looked more human with her imperfections 🤔a little realistic..as if they added more depth to the character. Like when I compare her to others like Celaena from throne of glass, I think Celaena looks somewhat rigid and wooden...though I like both of them😅

With all of my respect for the autor and her work.
I really liked these books but I ended up realising that I don'l like Mare, she is selfish , she does what she does not because that's the best for everyone but because it's the best for her. I love the rest of the characters but she is really boring, even tedious. She says she is powerfull but I don't know if her power is for that much, it's my opinión that other charactera have much more power than her are the aren't as arrogant as she is.
And that leaded me to think if if the reason why Cal choose Mare was because of her personality or because she seemed a Little bit needy, because, to be real, she came from a world where she and her family had nothing, and maybe Cal liked the feeling of doing good acts for someone, or maybe he liked her because of her personality( idk for sure) and her physic. Well I think that this has lots of interpretations and each reader can make his or her own of Mare's character.

Finally someone else who dislikes Mare, I really don't get how people think she is so great

But Cal loved her and that is so typical about men. Often, women don't understand what it is that men see in certain women. He may have been attracted to her neediness. Also, she may have been really cute. We never got a good objective description of her.

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